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From time to time, I like to go into a restaurant totally devoid of any idea what is being served there. Last weekend was one such occasion. Haze and I were near Leisure Mall and hungry, we drove around a bit, parked the car, and decided to head into Restaurant K.T.L – which stands for Kwong Tau Lou (光头佬, bald guy)

steamed tilapia and steamed egg are the must order items
steamed tilapia and steamed egg are the must order items

The reason we chose this particular restaurant was that it looked cheap, almost unfurnished, and yet filled with mostly older diners & families. To me, these are a sure sign that good food is available, and it won’t break your wallet.

After seated, we asked for recommendations from the wait staff and ordered a steamed tilapia with tao chio (beans), steamed egg, and a plate of vegetable. Total dishes to choose from was very limited, there’s 2 types of fish (other being haruan), always steamed but with a few different variations, eggs, steamed ribs, and a few types of vegetables. Just as well, makes ordering quite a lot easier.

check out how smooth is the steamed egg, slurps!
check out how smooth is the steamed egg, slurps!

Dishes didn’t come quick, and you have the pleasure of seeing them catch the tilapia that’ll end up on your table.

But when it does, boy, the fish was great! The tao chio sauce was very flavorful and quite a bit spicy too, they even stuffed it full in the fish’s cavity too, a nice touch for sure.

The steamed egg was on a big plate but very thin, and very very soft. Imagine the softest chawanmushi, and this was 3 times softer. It tasted very simple yet awesome, with soya sauce and a hint of sesame oil on it. (I tried to replicate the steamed egg at home the other day and failed miserably)

map to K.T.L at Taman Segar, Cheras

The only let down at the place was the vegetable. Well, it wasn’t bad, it was average, but after the fish and egg, this was slightly disappointing.

The dinner came to be slightly less than RM 20 per person including two Chinese tea. For fresh fish and excellent dishes, it was a steal. Definitely will go there again.

Restaurant K.T.L.
Gerai No.3A, Jalan Manis
Taman Segar
56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.088250, 101.743231
Tel: 017-872 7567, 012-308 7311, 014-322 3613

Jalan Peel has always been a place where the locals go to eat. The area has some of the most old school traditional eateries one can find outside Pudu area.

A few weeks ago I went there for the first time when we visited the Sunway Velocity showroom. It was the good people from Sunway who actually treated us lunch at Kar Kar Lai (家家来). Thanks!

Edit: According to Aaron Lim – They have since then shifted to China City Restaurant and renamed to Yoong Char Siew after their stall at Jalan Peel is demolished.

Kar Kar Lai 家家来 at Jalan Peel, KL
Kar Kar Lai 家家来 at Peel Road

The set up at Kar Kar Lai isn’t much. An inconspicuous stall with plenty of meat on display, with make shift tents over a dozen of so tables by Jalan Peel. Not very different from Thim Kee at Pudu, 10 points for old school feel, 1 for weather protection.

We ordered steamed chicken, siu yok (roast pork), char siu (bbq pork), steamed tilapia, and vegetable to go with rice for lunch, but did not try the yummy looking pork knuckle or chicken feet, unfortunately.

steamed tilapia, steamed chicken, char siu
steamed tilapia, steamed chicken, char siu

The steamed tilapia with thai sauce was pretty good. The meat fresh and tender, the sauce packs a kick, goes well with white rice but probably too strong to eat as is.

Steamed kampung chicken was yummy too, slightly tougher than normal chicken, but quite a bit more flavorful. After all, Kar Kar Lai’s signboard shows that this is a chicken rice stall.

My favorite of the day though, goes to the char siu (bbq pork). The caramelized meat was tender, sweet, and positively delicious, don’t miss this out if you come here. This is on par with some of the better char siu in town, like Meng Kee at Glenmarie and Famous Seremban Favorites at Aman Suria.

siu yoke (roast pork), vegetable at Kar Kar Lai
siu yok (roast pork), vegetable at Kar Kar Lai

The siu yok (roast pork) was what our host kept telling us about, but to be honest, while it was good, I couldn’t say that it is exceptional with a straight face, an off day perhaps? (Our host swore it’s better on other days). I would definitely give it another try.

As usual, we also ordered a vegetable dish to make sure mom approves.

Nic Gan, Kim, Gareth, Haze, KY
Nic Gan, Kim, Gareth, Haze, KY

Overall, Kar Kar Lai is a place definitely worth visiting even just for the char siu and steamed chicken, I’d also like to try their pork knuckle and Chinese sausage next time. Price information is absent since lunch was bought by our generous host from Sunway, but I have a feeling it’s pretty affordable.

map to Kar Kar Lai at Jalan Peel

Kar Kar Lai 家家来
Jalan Peel, Cheras
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS:  3.12865, 101.72488

A couple Fridays ago my buddies Terence and Horng made a trip down to KL and bought me birthday lunch. Since it was a little too early for the best roast pork at Wong Meng Kee (they only start serving at 12:30pm sharp), Terence suggested that we head to Thim Kee Steamed Fish, a place with the best Tilapia, according to Mr. Goh.

Thim Kee Steamed Fish at Pudu
Thim Kee Steamed Fish at Pudu

As with anywhere in Pudu, parking is always a challenge, Pudu plaza car park is an option since the stall is situated just directly opposite the old mall. The hawker shack itself isn’t exactly the most comfortable of all dining places, but it’s largely sheltered, and relatively clean.

The three of us were joined by Sean, so four of us ordered up a total of four dishes to share.

delicious deep fried tilapia
delicious deep fried tilapia

First to come was their famous deep fried tilapia that was so crispy on the outside but still has its meat fresh tasting and tender (must be fried with really high temperature, check out the gas canisters on top collage). The fish is served on top of a sauce that carries a hint of sweetness and fermented bean flavor, unique and in a very good way.

This is a definite must order, I’ve never tasted tilapia so good, it’s even better than Sister Lan’s tilapia at Rawang.

butter squid, herbal steamed tilapia, fried chicken
butter squid, herbal steamed tilapia, fried chicken

The butter squid here is served in a clay pot and comes with butter in liquid state, which results in soft and tender squid but one that doesn’t get as much flavor from the butter/spice/curry leave. Still a dish worth ordering though.

Herbal steamed tilapia is another fish we ordered, since this place is famous for tilapia, so why not? I couldn’t find any fault from this dish except for the fact that there’s only so much you can get out of tilapia, I think this would taste much better if only it was a siakap (barramundi) or pomphret.

Fried chicken is another must-order dish. This tastes like a cross between Vietnamese style lemen grass chicken and traditional Malay pandan chicken but deep fried. The sauce that came with the chicken was sweet+spicy and definitely flavorful. I wanna have the whole chicken drumstick by myself next time!

map to Thim Kee Steamed Fish, Pudu
note: GPS should be 3.136585, 101.713824

As with most hawker stalls at Pudu, price is rather reasonable. The total bill for four of us came to some RM 60+, we left with really satisfied stomachs. Will definitely return, thank you guys for treating!

p/s: By the way, do call and make a reservation to make sure fish and more importantly, seats are available!

Thim Kee Steamed Fish
Jalan 1/77c, Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.136585, 101.713824
Tel:  03-3986 3097

Two weeks ago, I had to go to Tun Hussien Onn National Eye Hospital to get my left eye checked after being hit by the ball during futsal (now pretty much fully recovered.)

Barely a week after that, having been making too much fun on my injured eye, Cheesie too had something on her left eye. So I took her to the same hospital located near Asia Jaya to have a look. As suspected, it was due to allergy to those colored contact lenses she was wearing.

Moral of the story: 1. Karma is a bitch. 2. Love to appreciate your own eye color

gerai satay cina thoo yuen at PJ old town food court
Pork Satey at PJ Old Town food court, Gerai Satay Cina Thoo Yuen

After the whole eye opening experience at the hospital where we also met a reader who came up and greeted us, it was time for dinner. Since this part of PJ is quite notorious for its traffic during weekday rush hours, I suggested that we head to PJ Old Town for for some good old cheap and traditional food that also happen to involve my favorite meat – pork.

We ended up at the food court.

Appetizer was 10 sticks of pork satay from Thoo Yuen stall at RM 0.80 per stick. It was quite juicy, and tasted pretty good with the accompanying peanut sauce. I just wish they serve  pork intestine satay too, but they don’t. Bummer.

Gerai Thong Kee at PJ Old town, steamed fish, bitter guord with ribs
pork ribs with bitter gourd, steamed tilapia fish with lard at Gerai Thong Kee

To fill our stomach properly, we ordered two dishes from Gerai Thong Kee to go with rice. The stall next to Thong Kee serves umbra juice  with dried sour plum (kedondong in Malay) at RM 2 per glass, nice!

Our first dish was bitter gourd with pork ribs. Quite flavorful with the brown sauce, red chili, and ginger. However, we didn’t have very good cuts of ribs, could have been better, but I’m not really complaining here.

KY and Cheesie at PJ Old Town food court
KY and Cheesie at PJ Old Town Food court

Our second dish was this steamed tilapia with spicy sauce as suggested by the owner. The paste tasted a bit like tomyam, and went really well with the fish. However, the secret ingredient that made this otherwise very normal dish good was the lard on top.

Adding lard (be it raw or fried lard) on steamed fish gives the fish meat a softer and smoother texture, and of course, that pork fat flavor. I do that too when steaming pomphret fish (hey, I cook too ok)

The two dishes with rice came to RM 28, that’s fish, meat, and vegetable in a balanced meal. Now both of us needs to put eye drops, *drips drips*

Intersection of
Jalan Othman & Jalan Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.087519, 101.645948

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With horny’s awesome driving skill, we somehow arrived at Sungai Buloh, when we had initially wanted to go to Puchong Kepong for bak kut teh. Since we were already pretty much half way to Rawang, we decided to go the extra mile to sample the famous Steamed Tilapia fish at ‘Sister Lan’ (Lan Cheh in Cantonese) road side restaurant.

check out my pro way of eating a fish!

The fish was really good, it was the best tilapia I’ve ever had. They steam it with alot of diced garlic, very finely shredded ginger, and some chopped chili padi. The sauce is a very light blend of soya with some other sauce. All these is topped with some parsley and sliced spring onion.

now look at suan‘s noob way of annihilating her lunch

The ingredients, especially the strong aroma of ginger, garlic, and parsley, were especially effective in doing away the undesireable smell that is often associated with fresh water fish such as tilapia. The fish is steamed just right, properly cooked and yet not overly done, which left the meat still very tender. The sauce was just the right taste that I hardly have to reach for the soya saucer.

we had something else going together with the fish too

Other than the fish, we ordered 2 dishes of vege and a prawn entry to complete the meal. The salted prawn was excellent, fried baby kailan was passable, but do avoid the kangkung belacan as it was not even average.

Overall, this is definately a place worth visiting if you do not mind t he half hour drive from KL. The tilapia is a must-eat and the salted prawn was also one of the best I’ve had.

omg my mad skillz in map

I am guessing most of us aren’t very familiar with Rawang, so here’s a slightly in depth direction.

  • From KL, using the PLUS highway, take the Rawang exit
  • After pay toll, go straight till you find a T junction, take a right to Rawang
  • Go straight, pass a few intersections, till you are going up a slope, turn right at the traffic light on top of the slope (which is also an overhead bridge)
  • Go straight for almost a kilometer or so till you pass a pedestrian bridge overhead
  • The restaurant will be on your left just about a hundred meters or so after the bridge
  • Enjoy the fish!

Business hour is 11am to 3pm for lunch, and 6 to 10:30pm for dinner, closed on Tuesday.

Lan Je Steamed Fish
27-28, Block C, Jalan Rawang
Gerai MPS, Batu 16

GPS: 3.306057,101.591134
Tel No: 012-227 0037