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Last weekend BPL took a break as international football took stage for World Cup qualifiers. England beat the Kazakhs’ team 5-1 thanks to Ashley Cole’s mistake.

Remember the mini league I set up on the Tiger FC Fantasy? We now have a very auspicious 21 teams in my league, and up to a week before, I was on top with the most points. But when I logged in to check on my status, look what I saw!

Tiger FC Fantasy League

Latest league-mate Cheng Leong ( came in on the top with 161 points, and ShaolinTiger overtook me with 1 point (probably something to do with the fact that he is a Brit). In fact, second to sixth place are all separated by only 1 point each!

This is going to be pretty interesting in the next few weeks, very close fight for the second place. However, judging from how fast that Brit caught up with me, Cheng Leong’s position isn’t secure at all either.

Tiger FC Fantasy League

There were a few non performers in my team, so I did a few transfers as well. Ashley Cole is since left and right backs usually has a higher chance to get assist points. Sagna wasn’t doing the team any favors either, so I put in George McCartney.

Tiger FC Fantasy League

This is how my current squad looks like. After these transfers, I have only 500,000 left in the bank. Ronaldo seems to be in form, but I don’t know if I can justify him by removing probably 3 decent players for him. We shall see how it goes.

Wish me luck, games are back on!

OK, I must confess that I have playing with myself, it is an incurable habit, an addiction of sort. It all started with the banner on the site, promising a world of fun and excitement, I couldn’t help it, I clicked on it, and got myself into this… Tiger FC Fantasy League, and now I have my own fantasy football team! 😀

Tiger FC fantasy football
Tiger FC Fantasy Football

Some of you already know that I follow the Barclays Premier League quite a bit and play futsal regularly (so don’t ask why I don’t gain weight with all these food), and it was actually from my futsal buddies that I started out with this whole fantasy football thingy last season.

For those of you who are still wondering what on Pete’s world is fantasy football, it is basically a game where you assemble a football team of your own from real world players. When they score or perform well, you win points. You also get to buy and sell players as their value changes from week to week. The goal of the game (pun intended) is of course, to get the most points. Game rules here.

I registered and log on to the site and started to create my team, the first thing I noticed was the avatar for the team manager, and I couldn’t help myself but choose this one. Can you see the resemblance with a certain famous ex BPL manager? It was a no brainer I chose him. Hahahaha

Tiger FC fantasy football
my handsome football manager

To start out, each team is given 115,000 pounds to buy 11 players and a manager. With some players costing over 20,000 pounds, it is not as simple as just picking all the best players, you gotta have a vision to pick players that gives you the best value. You are also limited to have only a maximum of 3 players from the same team. Here is the selection I hope to beat all of you!

*fingers crossed*

Tiger FC fantasy football
my team. sorry, there’s no pretty boys

By the way, there are prizes to be won. The highest scoring manager at the end of the season wins a trip for 2 to UK! Then there’s Nintendo DS, Ipod, handphone, x-box, and other monthly and half season prizes too.

So let the game begins! Join me and let me beat you 😛

If you really have some guts, join the mini league I created
Name: nuffleague
Password: tigerfc

Bring it on!

Note: Yessss! I have 2 players and also the manager from Man City, who conveniently pwned Portsmouth 6-0 last weekend. 11 points for Shaun Wright Philips and 13 on Robinho! Yeay!