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Several weeks ago I was invited to sample one of the latest non-halal authentic food joints in PJ at Thai Camp.

I, for one, am happy to see this emerging trend of Thai restaurants that offers pork dishes. Currently, within 15 minutes drive in PJ, we have My Elephant at Seksyen 17, Surisit Thai kopitiam at TTDI, and I’m Spicy at Seksyen 17, adding Thai Camp into the mix is certainly a good news.

Thai Camp is situated next to restaurant Mei Yun, Taman Paramount
Thai Camp is situated next to restaurant Mei Yun, Taman Paramount

Thai Camp occupies just half a shop lot along Jalan 21/1 at Taman Paramount, directly next door to Mei Yun kopitiam that is famouse for it’s lala dishes and Hokkien mee at night (though we found better versions these days at Alisan’s mamak row at PJ SS4).

There are only some 10 tables in the air conditioned restaurant. Interior decoration is simple but offers a conducive dining environment.

Even though the restaurant is fairly small, kitchen is manned by owner’s Thai wife and mother in law who insist on preparing food in traditional way, hence efficiency is something that they are still overcoming. Be prepared to wait for a bit before food is served. Do call in to book and perhaps speak to the owner to avoid disappointment in wait time.

Pla Neung Ma Naw, Thai steamed fish
Pla Neung Ma Naw, Thai steamed fish

We started off with Pla Neung Ma Naw (Thai steamed fish, RM35), steamed tilapia on a bed of Chinese cabbage and soaked in gravy with generous amount of lime, garlic, chili padi, and more. The somewhat light tasting fish combines well with the intense gravy, goes very well with steamed rice.

I can only imagine that this dish would be even better if we have Barramundi instead (though it’ll certainly be more pricey)

Tom Ka Kai (coconut milk tomyam chicken), Moo Ma Naw (spicy pork salad)
Tom Ka Kai (coconut milk Thai chicken soup), Moo Ma Naw (spicy pork salad)

Next up was Tom Ka Kai (Thai soup with coconut milk, RM 18), a departure from the usual tomyam soup that is served at basically every Thai restaurant. The soup has a strong santan flavor and isn’t nearly as spicy as most tomyam dishes. Those who love coconut milk will enjoy this.

Moo Ma Naw (spicy pork salad, RM15) consists of sliced pork with cabbage, fish sauce, lime, garlic, chili padi, and other ingredients, a good substitute for Thai mango salad, both are sourish but this packs a bit more punch in spiciness and porky sweetness.

Phad Phak Ruam (stir fry assorted vege), Phad Kra Pao (roast pork with holy basil & long bean)
Phad Phak Ruam (stir fry assorted vege), Phad Kra Pao (roast pork with basil)

Phad Phak Ruam (stir fry assorted vegetable, RM 15) comes with cauliflower, carrot, broccoli, and some small shrimps for sweetness. The sauce tastes of a mixture of Thai concoction that includes fish sauce. I really liked it, but at the same time also find that the side of shredded raw cabbage on the side (comes with every dish) is a bit unnecessary.

Phad Kra Pao (roast pork with basil, RM 18) turned out to be one of my favorite dishes here. Chopped long bean, chili padi, and roast pork can’t really go wrong.

Kai Yeaw Ma Khra Prao Grob (fried century egg)
Kai Yeaw Ma Khra Prao Grob (fried century egg)

The last dish we tried was Kai Yeaw Ma Khra Prao Grob (fried century egg, RM 18). It was really something that I haven’t tasted before. I’ve had century egg as is, or steamed, but never fried. The treatment gave it a slightly crispy exterior that I thought was pretty interesting, and the deep fried kailan accompanying the dish proved to be a worthy side.

map to Thai Camp, Taman Paramount

We had a rather good dinner at Thai Camp, and I actually went there again a week or so later. This is definitely a more than decent Thai restaurant to visit, but until they improve kitchen efficiency, don’t head there when you’re already very hungry.

At the time of review, Thai Camp hasn’t yet started to serve desserts, but it is something that will come in the future.

Thai Camp
37 Jalan 20/7
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya,
46300 Selangor

GPS: 3.109748, 101.626287
Tel: 012-345 1768
Hours: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Whenever we wanted a bowl of good fish head noodle, Woo Pin at Taman Desa usually comes to mind. The place undoubtedly serves very good and reasonably priced fish head noodle, it is far from where we stay (PJ), has lousy parking situation, and is often packed to the brim on weekends.

Last weekends, I finally tried the Kaki Bola Dua fish head noodle at Taman Paramount which is much closer to home.

Kaki Bola XO Fish Head Meehun, PJ
Kaki Bola Dua XO Fish Head Meehun, PJ Taman Paramount

The restaurant is situated just a stone’s throw away from the famed restaurant O&S. Parking isn’t hard to come by, and there’s air conditioning. All positive signs so far.

There are three types of soup to choose from – XO, shiong tong, and tomyam flavor. Of those choices of soup, you can then pick deep fried fish head, fresh fish head, fish paste, fish filet, and so forth.

three different flavors of soup to choose from
three different flavors of soup to choose from

The fish of choice here is the traditional “soong” fish. I picked deep fried fish head and specifically asked for the meaty part (which apparently you can if you’re not a huge fan of excess fish bone) with the classic XO soup with milk (RM 8.30), appropriately listed as the first pick on the menu.

I asked for more "meaty" part of the fish head, delicious
I asked for more “meaty” part of the fish head, delicious

The fish head noodle came in less than 15 minutes or so despite a heavy crowd, and it well worth it. The fish crispy and fresh, the soup rather flavorful, and most importantly, the home made chili sauce accompanying the noodle has quite a bite as well.

For those looking for a bowl of good fish head noodle in around PJ, this would be a good option. I have a feeling I’ll be back to try out their other flavors.

Kaki Bola fish head noodle
No. 23, Jalan 20/14,
Paramount Garden,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
GPS: 3.107316, 101.625090
Hours: daily 7.30am – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm

Restaurant Goldview Hakka Food, situated next to Giant at Taman Paramount, is one of those restaurants that is somewhat a victim of its location for the fact that it is located just a stone’s throw away from the more established Kong Sai, the famous herbal soup & rice stall that is Meng Kee, and another rather popular outdoor tai chao place – Ming Heong.

This was why it took us all these while before finally giving it a try, and that turned out to be a nice little surprise.

Restaurant Goldview Hakka Food at Seapark
Restaurant Goldview Hakka Food at Seapark

Restaurant Goldview has a pretty basic set up, there’s air conditioning indoor and a couple of tables outdoor on the balcony. Interior decoration was done probably in 5 minutes, but it is clean, and the tables & chairs are rather comfortable.

The photos here are from 2 separate visits.

"fa tiu kai", omelete with preserved vegetable, hakka fried pork with black fungus
“fa tiu kai”, omelet with preserved vegetable, hakka fried pork with black fungus

“Fa tiu kai” (RM 19, medium), a type of clay pot drunken chicken cooked with Chinese wine, is as good here as anywhere I’ve had. The flavor seeps its way through the poultry and mixing those sweet, fragrant sauce with steamed rice will leave you wanting for more.

We also love the simple “choi poh fried egg”, or omelet with preserved vegetable (RM 6, small), though usually taken with porridge, it goes pretty well with rice as well.

Hakka fried pork with black fungus (RM 12, small) is one of my favorite dishes in Hakka cuisine (New Grand View’s wantan mee has this), but the version here was just passable in taste, perhaps the pork we had wasn’t fatty enough, or that the taste of namyu (preserved red bean curd) was not as strong as I prefer.

salted steamed chicken, "mui choi kao yok"
salted steamed chicken, “mui choi kao yok”

Hakka salted chicken (RM 12, small) is a steamed chicken dish that carries a hint of saltiness, goes pretty well with rice, and would have been better with a more superior (chili) sauce or other condiment. This is something that Kong Sai fared better, but truth be told, it didn’t disappoint.

We love the “mui choi kao yok” (RM 12, small) here, the cut was excellent. Those glistering fats in between layers of meat topped with that perfectly cooked skin, oh my. I can have this pretty much every meal. I suspect that their “wu tao kao yok”, or yam with pork belly, should be equally as good.

and the spicy soup "lat thong" was superb! KY, Winnie, Horng, Yuki
and the spicy soup “lat thong” was superb! KY, Winnie, Horng, Yuki

Last but not least, for those who can read the signboard in Chinese, you’d notice that spicy soup is mentioned on their business name. So naturally, we had to order a bowl to share.

There’s a choice of kampung chicken, pork stomach, and lala as the main ingredient. We had wanted to try lala but ended up with pork stomach (RM 14, small) instead due to availability.

The soup was super peppery and spicy, but in a good way. It was one of the bests we’ve tried and I dare say, on par with Kien Kee at Seri Kembangan. If you find yourself here, this is a must order.

map to Taman Paramount

We ended up with less than RM 15 per person for dinner, excellent value for pretty awesome food. This is a place that we surely will visit again. Other dishes that I wanted to try include trotter vinegar, sweet sour intestine with pineapple, salted fish steamed pork, ginger duck, and more.

Hakka food might not be the most popular type of Chinese cuisine, but you should definitely check this place out.

Goldview Hakka Food Restaurant
26, Jalan 20/16A
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor
GPS: 3.107092, 101.62475
Tel012-321 2725
Operation Hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 9.30pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Yes, this is yet another curry mee post. More specifically, a curry mee place with coagulated pork blood in the list of ingredients, the only way real curry mee should be.

It is the same back story from Penang One post is what led me to this place.

Update (8/9/2013): seems like this stall is closed due to the health of the operator.

restaurant Millenium 86 at Seapark
restaurant Millenium 86 at Seapark

A man’s gotta have his curry mee, and I’m actually glad that this stall is now much closer to home than when it was located at Restaurant Good Food. To me, this means that I don’t need to necessarily wake up before 8:30 for restaurant okay’s curry mee, or brave the traffic to Puchong for Penang One.

glorious Penang style curry mee, with coagulated blood
glorious Penang style curry mee, with coagulated blood

The curry mee is as good as I remember. Pork blood, prawns, cockles, tofupok, long beans, and of course that slightly charred chili paste with fragrant coconut milk based broth. This is Penang style curry mee as close as you can get, and would have been absolutely perfect if not for the lack of cuttle fish, but I’m not complaining.

If you love curry mee, this is definitely one of the very few places worth going. The operator also offers Kuih Teow Soup, I should try it next. 😀

map to Restaurant Millenium 86 at Sea Park
map to Restaurant Millenium 86 at Sea Park

Restaurant Mellenium Eighty Six
Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

GPS3.108099, 101.623983

Meng Kee Steamed Soup is one of those places where I’ve been to so many times that I had always thought that I wrote about it before. A quick search revealed that I haven’t, and there were actually at least a couple sets of pictures taken from this place from quite a while back.

Meng Kee Steamed Soup at Taman Paramount
more than half the menu consists of various steamed soup

Meng Kee is located by the Taman Paramount Giant Hypermarket and Post Office, right next door to one of my other favorite Chinese “tai chau” – Ming Heong.

There are a couple dozen tables sprawling around the area with about three quarter of them totally alfresco style. I wouldn’t go there when it’s raining or even just drizzling, however, on any other given night, you usually have to wait for a table. It is a very busy little corner.

steamed chinese herbal soup, vegetable, steamed egg
various types of steamed soup and herbal soup, and other dishes

Once you’re seated, it is usually quite a challenge to get the attention of the waiters and secure a menu. Over half of the dishes offered here are steamed soup. You can find anything from “tung kwai”, chicken soup in coconut, peanut, pork tripes, ribs, ABC, black chicken, to ginseng soup.

Most soup come in a single-person serving, with a handful of them for twin sharing. I’ve tried at least half a dozen different types of soup here and for the most part, they’re rather awesome, but perhaps with the exception of pork tripe soup. For a good bowl of pork tripe soup, I’ll head to Weng Soon Jaya at USJ instead.

Mellissa at Meng Kee Steamed Soup
steamed chicken, 3 colored steamed egg, Mellissa

Other than soup, they serve a few steamed vegetables, tofu, pretty awesome lamb curry, steamed chicken with oyster sauce, and my favorite – three colored steamed egg (with normal egg, century egg, and salted egg).

With the exception of the curry, deep fried and asam fish, almost everything from Meng Kee is steamed or soup. If you’re looking for a healthy meal that is also easy on the wallet (most soup starts from RM 4 to RM 8, and other dishes not over RM 10) too, you know where to go now. 😀


Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, PJ,

GPS: 3.107553,101.624141

In a not so related note:


I like the feel of the new Blackberry 8520 I got from XBerry party, it feels pretty good in my hand. Small, sleek, and rather light even if compared with the normal “dumb” phones.

I also think that the touch pad is actually pretty nifty. While others might prefer the more traditional BlackBerry trackball, I think the touch pad has more longevity and a lot less headache when you’re at a beach (fine grains of sand getting into the trackball can be quite a pita to clean)

If you missed buying the 8520 at RM 888 during the launch, Xpax is now selling the package at RM 998, completely unlocked. Get a unit and join the club yo!

Next up: updating BBM!