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This is the best issue that SURF magazine has published so far, why? Cos you there is a 2 page story on yours truly as well as articles on my buddies ShaolinTiger and Boss Stewie from Nuffnang. Remember, remember, go get Issue #9 of SURF!

SURF Magazine's best Issue
yeay KYspeaks is there!

This is actually the first time I appear in a magazine, previously there was a little article on NST for my Nokia N82’s Soul of the Night involvement, and then of course there’s the old Kosmo article on my Koi Pond. Now anyone wanna get me on TV or radio? hee-hee

KY on SURF magazine
Mouth Wide Open

The article carries quite a narcissistic tone, it is mostly about myself and this blog. There’s how I started the blog, what sort of food I like most, how I do reviews, and even my age is revealed *gasp*.

Of course, there is a similar 2 page article on the mat salleh ShaolinTiger, and a pretty good article on the two local blog advertising firms including Nuffnang, with yet another photo of Boss Stewie plastered on main media.

ST on on SURF magazine
Boss Stewie on SURF magazine
Tim of Nuffnang

Get a copy yo!