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What’s better in a cold breezy night than a bowl of piping hot Chinese tongsui (soupy dessert)?

Well, steamboat perhaps, but I suppose it’s not a great idea to sabotage my own introduction to today’s topic – the tongsui stall at Hong Kee, located at Seksyen 17’s wai sek kai.

Hong Kee tongsui at Seksyen 17
Hong Kee tongsui at Seksyen 17

Hong Kee tongsui has been in operation since eons ago, the stall is situated at Seksyen 17 outdoor wet market area and opens for business from about 6pm or so till late.

The stall offers over a dozen hot tongsui and a selection of cold tongsui as well. Bubur chacha, red bean soup, green bean soup, peanut soup, you name it, they usually have it.

To order, you simply pick up an empty bowl and go about self-service style. I actually like it that way since we get to pick more of certain types of ingredients to our liking.

a selection of piping hot and cold desserts
a selection of piping hot and cold tongsui

Most tongsui are priced at around RM 2 per bowl, with few exceptions. If you’re up for a bowl of delicious no-frill tongsui, here’s definitely a place worth checking out.

direction to PJ Seksyen 17 wai sek kai

Hong Kee
Jalan 17/27
Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.129267, 101.634601

There aren’t many countries like Malaysia when it comes to the availability of food. Our appetite spans the whole 24 hours, you can find something delicious to eat around the clock. Simply put, we are obsessed with food, and we don’t strictly follow the usual 3 meal a day routine like most other places do.

My late dad actually used to eat about 5 meals a day (while staying pretty fit since he exercise pretty much daily as well), and if you are to follow something like this, this post would be a guide to packing up them pounds!

nasi lemak seller at SS2 wet market
nasi lemak seller at SS2 wet market

Breakfast can start as early as 7 in the morning. An enterprising lady selling nasi lemak at SS2 wet market area. The make shift stall consists of two plastic chairs and a bucket. Who says starting a business cost loads of money? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

I like how this picture captures the very business like transaction in the morning.

wantan mee off jalan pudu
wantan mee off Jalan Pudu

If you prefer a plate of wantan mee with a steamy bowl of dumpling in the morning, this stall off Jalan Pudu has been in operation for decades. Kopitiam like these typically operates from around 7:30 am to 2+ in the afternoon, catering for breakfast until late lunch.

Hakka pork ribs rice, Klang
Hakka pork ribs rice, Klang

The Hakka paikut rice place in Klang is typically most busy over lunch. The pork ribs here tender and juicy, but what I really love is their “xuen lat choi” (酸辣菜) that is absolutely delicious. It’s a bit like a Chinese kimchi soup, but better.

If you love pork ribs rice, Peng Heong is the place to go, definitely.

pork and fish porridge, alisan kopitiam
pork and fish porridge, alisan kopitiam

The mamak area outside Alisan at SS4 (behind the Perodua dealership nearest to Taman Bahagia LRT station) operates from around 6 in the afternoon till about midnight. The pork and fish porridge stalls (two stalls operated by the same people) serve up really good comfort food for just a few bucks per bowl. You can also find one of the best lala at the same place.

Kayu nasi kandar, SS 2 chow yang area
Kayu nasi kandar, SS 2 chow yang area

This is one of the many Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurants all over the country, and an essential representation of our 24 hour appetite. It’s open 24/7 and closed only during certain Islamic holidays. Roti? Naan? Rice? Mee Goreng? They have it all. You should check out their mean roti tissue too.

Happy eating!

Every few weeks, we try to spend some time at Cheras with Haze’s siblings. At the same time, we also take the opportunity to grab some good eats around the area. During our previous trip, we had one of the better old school mixed pork porridge at the outdoor hawker area at Taman Cheras.

this porridge guy take no shit from anyone
this porridge guy take no shit from anyone

The porridge stall is right outside 7-11, manned by a lone Chinese operator who takes no shit from anybody, representing a dying breed of food stall owners who takes pride in their dishes and cares very little about meeting extra demands from customers.

If you want extra soya sauce? You’re out of luck. Service with a smile? Hahaha, dream on!

Other than mixed pork porridge (RM 4.50), frog (RM 5.50), shredded chicken (RM 4.50), pork meat (RM 4.50), raw fish (RM 4.50), and century egg with lean meat porridge (RM 4.50) are available here as well.

yau char kuai next stall, perfect combination
yau char kuai next stall, perfect combination

Right next to the porridge stall is the very popular “yuyi” yau char kuai place, usually with a small crowd. While I waited for the porridge, Haze lined up for some yau char kuai.

It was a good 15-20 minutes before we both achieved our missions.

KY, awesome porridge, Haze
KY, awesome porridge, Haze

The porridge itself was delicious, and those crispy deep fried intestine were excellent. Mix it up with those freshly fried yau char kuai is and you reach that sweet spot only two cheap ingredients can bring together, delicious!

Dinner cost less than RM 20 for both of us including drinks, and there are surely more to try  here as well. The char kuih teow stall enjoys brisk business, wantan mee is pretty delicious, and I’ve heard good things about the fried oyster omelet here too.

map to the night time outdoor food court at Taman Cheras

Penang is a heaven for supper lovers, and if Gurney Drive is your destination, there isn’t a better place for these few yummy late night dishes than at Song River, one of the old school bangalow turned kopitiam eateries that has been gracing the 1-mile sea side road for decades.

ikan bakar stall at Song River, choices
ikan bakar stall does offer quite a few choices of fish, Haze & my sister

During our stay at Penang over Chinese New Year, we were lucky to be within walking distance from this place, the photos on this post were compiled from a few visits. Though I’d love to eat all these in a single seating… only my limited stomach space saves me from doing that.

The first must-have at Song River is the ikan bakar/ikan panggang (grill fish). As with most other places, you get to choose from 3-4 different types of fishes as well as prawns or squid. My go-to choice is always sting ray.

ikan bakar - positively hot
ikan bakar – positively hot

The wait time at this stall can sometimes be quite substantial, but the honest (or sometimes very blunt) operator will usually tell you up front: “have to wait 30 minutes wan”. Fine with me.

The grill fish here tastes almost completely different from anywhere else. The fish is covered in a special sauce that has a strong presence of fermented beans, belacan, chili, and shallots. The flavor is so intense that very little of the sauce on the side (which is probably made from similar ingredients) is needed.

This will leave the weak with inflamed tongue, but definitely worth it!

Song River bbq chicken wings
Song River bbq chicken wings

While waiting for the ikan bakar, you should grab some bbq chicken wings as appetizer.

For RM 2.20 a pop (or was it RM 2?), this is also one of the best chicken wings in town. The operator has perfected the BBQ timing to give the skin that crispy texture that you get just before screwing up and burning the whole thing (I usually mess this up).

This while the meat is tender, juicy, and the accompanying chili sauce is yummy too. They also serve BBQ drumstick and thigh.

cuttle fish with kangkung, classic Penang "junk" food
cuttle fish with kangkung, classic Penang “junk” food

And while you’re at it, why not some cuttle fish with kangkung too?

The version here is not shabby either. This plate was RM 10 and came with plenty of cuttle fish with kangkung soaked in delicious prawn paste and chili sauce, good stuff.

You usually won’t need to wait for more than 5 minutes for this dish.

and this is how you have supper in Penang :D
and this is how you have supper in Penang 😀

All that is missing from these supper is of course, some ice cold beer. Damn it I am missing Penang food again.

Song River Cafe
65 Persiaran Gurney,
Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 012-488 8275
Tel: 017-477 7938 (chicken wings)

Ramly burger’s one of the uniquely Malaysian street foods that you can find in every other street corners in this country.

Burger Ramly A & Z at Sea Park
Burger Ramly A & Z at PJ Sea Park

The precise way in preparing a Ramly burger (or any Malaysian style burger for that matter) is very different from it’s Western cousins.

We have it essentially pan fried instead of grilled, we cut the burger patty in two and apply generous amount of wochester sauce and pepper, the burger bun itself is fried on their buttered side, and together with sliced onion & cabbage, an overdose of chili sauce and mayonnaise is added between the buns.

Additionally, for “special” version, egg is fried and wrap up the burger patty, but not before more wochester sauce and pepper is added. You can also have cheese added, or have double patties, the possibilities are endless.

juicy burger Ramly
my favorite is danging special (beef with egg)

My usual order of Ramly burger is usually the daging special (beef with egg), and Burger Ramly A&Z serves up one of the better burgers around the area (another favorite would be Wan Burger at SS2).

The stall is located outside 7-11 at PJ Sea Park and operates from evening till late. Burger here is juicy and positively flavorful, with the only problem being that it usually takes a while to get served as the stall is usually rather busy.

KY & Cendawan
Cendawan the bengal approves the taste of this burger!

Other than your usual hotdog, beef and chicken burger, A & Z also serves prawn and fish burger (though I’ve never tried those). A standard beef burger goes for RM 2.30 and the super sized double beef special with cheese costs RM 4.60.

A & Z stands for Amir and Zainal, the two dudes manning this burger van, I assume.

Bon Appetite!

map to sea park burger A & Z

Burger A&Z (Outside 7-11)
Jalan 20/7, Sea Park,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.10899, 101.62424
Tel012-310 0154, 012-370 1147