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Chola Spice Garden is slightly different from the usual Indian restaurants dotted around the country, serving a mixture of both northern and southern Indian cuisine instead of only concentrating on one. I was invited for a food tasting session and brought two noobs (Terence & Dree) along with me.

Chola Spice Garden at Sunway
ready to eat as well as order to cook options available

Food is served in two ways here, there is the mamak/nasi kandar style self served food on the buffet line, and order to cook items from the menu as well.

Chola Spice Garden at Sunway
Chicken Chitinat Masala, Chicken 65, Bombay Fried Rice

The first things we had was the strangely named Chicken 65 and the Chicken Chitinat Masala, to go with two types of tosai, the normal and “paper” version. I particularly like the strong tasting Chicken Chitinat Masala with it’s flavorful albeit spicy gravy. The Chicken 65 is a type of deep fried marinated chicken served with fresh onion and curry leaves. The contrasting texture and taste between the chicken and raw onion was quite refreshing and it became on the fastest dish to have gotten empty.

Chola Spice Garden at Sunway
Pataya Fried Rice, Potato Cheese Paratha, Tosai, Poori

I like the aromafrom the Bombay Fried Rice, it carries a slightly tomato-ish taste while being not overly spicy. We also had the Poori with potato masala as the condiment. However, the most interesting dish would be the Potato Cheese Paratha. At first I thought it was just a normal “roti”, but as the bread is cut, fillings of potato cooked with cheese and spices is revealed. The deceptively simple combination actually tasted very good!

Chola Spice Garden at Sunway
Madras Masala Tea, Mint Lime, Ice Blended Lemon, Mango Lassi, Saffron Almond Milk

As for drinks, we sampled 5 different types of thirst quenchers for the 3 of us. The mango lassi was very fruity and sweet with mango taste, ice blended lemon refreshing, and the iced mint lime drink rather interesting. My favorite though, would be the saffron almond milk. Creamy with a dash of sweetness and taste from saffron. It was the first time I had this drink, and I am sure it won’t be the last.

Chola Spice Garden at Sunway
Chola Spice Garden is located just next to Sunway Pyramid

As for the price, Chola Spice Garden is rather reasonable. For a semi air conditioned restaurant, you can have a rice dish with a piece of chicken and vege for just a few ringgit. Dishes from the menu ranges from a few Ringgit onwards. You can certainly get a pretty interesting meal for just above RM 10 per person here. Do try the saffron milk!

No. 5, Jalan PJS 11/28
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.072681, 101.609845
Tel: 03-5633 9449

We were running around figuring out what to eat a couple Fridays ago (it’s harder than hell to get agreement from 2 girls on what’s for dinner), Kerol suddenly just decided to started driving with a purpose and said she’ll just surprise us.

15 minutes later, we arrived at Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh (阿峰肉骨茶), which was just as well since I never shy away from this uniquely Malaysian Chinese food. After all, this is the 10th time I blogged about a bak kut teh place. 😀

note: from 1/7/2008 to 31/12/2008, get a 10% discount by saying “KY Discount” at this place!

Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh at Sunway
friendly kopitiam setting

For the 3 of us, we ordered a portion of traditional soup bak kut teh, a portion of dried bak kut teh, sour and spicy vegetable (酸辣菜), a bowl of tofu pok (tofu with thicker skin), and some yau char kuai (油炸鬼). We also have extra string mushroom in the soup bak kut teh too, since the girls love that thing.

Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh at Sunway
wet and dry bak kut teh, sour and spicy vegetable, tofu pok

Service was very good in this place, the boss made sure that we had a good experience, and gave us extra soup in bowls to avoid the customer running out of those very delicious herbal soup (unlike Ah Sang, who are too stingy and will ignore your 3rd soup request). The sour and spicy vegetable was very good too, it gives a contrasting taste and texture to the meat from bak kut teh.

The yau char kuai too, was still crunchy. Same can’t be said for most bak kut teh places, most of the time I get soggy yau char kuai instead. Ah Foong also has red chili, chili padi, chopped garlic, and fried shallots with soya sauce and dark soya sauce available on every table, nice. As for drinks, choose they have several types of Chinese tea to choose from.

Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh at Sunway
chili, garlic, tea, and yau char kuai

The dinner only costs around RM30 for the three of us. Very reasonable and above all, very delicious. The soup was thick and full of flavor, and the meat well cooked tasted just the way they should. I’ll definitely go there again and again. This place is opened for lunch and dinner.

Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh at Sunway
Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh is just opposite Sunway Pyramid

446, Jln PJS 10/11
47800 Bandar Sunway

GPS: 3.076715, 101.604368

It’s been a while since I last went for a buffet steamboat, in fact, it was Talipon in May. I guess it was because buffets always left me unable to walk. Then came the noobs suggesting that we head for the rather famous Yuen buffet steamboat at Sunway Mentari. I have passed the shop a few times and there was always a huge crowd, I guess it must be pretty good. So, why not?

Update 22/1/2014: the Yuen has since moved to 8G, Block A, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS7/26 Kelana Jaya 47301 (behind Paradigm Mall)

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
huge crowd all the time

Except that I was rather hungry, and when we got there at about 8pm, there were about a dozen tables’ waiting list ahead of us. It was about 45 minutes later when we were called for our table. Note to self: donot go there without reservation on a weekend when too hungry.

Once seated, we were asked for the choice of soup. Unlike, say, Shabu Shabu King, we were able to have both the tomyam and clear soup in the same hotpot. We headed to the buffet line right away. The selection of items in this restaurant is bigger than the previous two restaurants mentioned, and they are not stingy on the more expensive items either. Plenty of big shrimps (both salt and fresh water), crab, squid, and shell fish for the taking. They were all pretty fresh too.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
they didn’t skimp on the offering

The tomyam soup was particulary good, with the right amount of spiciness and sourness, it gets even better as you boil the various raw ingredients in the soup. I suggest always starting off with some crab or shell fish to give the soup base a stronger flavor.

Other than a few dozen types of seafood seafood, you can find poultry, beef, various types of fishball and fishcake taste-alike, more than half a dozen vege, kuih, fruits, ice cream, noodles, fried meehun and fried rice. I believe no pork is served.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
chicken wing was really good too

The claim of fame for this restaurant though, is not merely its steamboat offering, you can get that in many other places. It was their honey chicken wing. We stalked the cooked buffet line for quiet sometime before the chicken wing came out of the kitchen steaming, and it was some 30 seconds before the tray is empty again. We only managed to get a couple pieces per person. The tiny chicken wings were indeed very delicious, with strong taste of honey properly marinated in the wings, it was something you’ll have to try for yourself.

Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Sunway Mentari
so now you can go there too!

The dinner costs RM 18.80 per person, add RM 1.00 for the free flowing Chinese tea and it’s still less than RM 20.00, a very reasonable for the type of food served. Yuen buffet steamboat only serves dinner.

32A-1, Jalan PJS 8/6
Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.076211, 101.612098
Tel:016-2086678, 56375825

Not a big fan of smokey clubs with overly loud music that will make your ears end up like this? We decided to have a couple drinks and chill out over the weekend and went to Halo cafe at Sunway Pyramid instead.

can you spot the silhouette of FA? and the dumb pattern fox arranged on the table

Some of you banana (English educated Chinese) noobs might not have realised that there exists two big franchise of semi open air pubs with live performers singing mainly chinese songs. Rice cafe is prominent in Penang, while Halo Cafe is pretty established here in the Klang Valley.

The place serves some finger food as well as a few entries that can fill your stomach should your date be late by 2 hours and you miss your dinner altogether. In terms of drinks, they have coffee, tea, beer, mixed cocktails, and even whole bottle of whiskeys and wine to choose from, all reasonably priced. For example, a margarita is RM 17.50 and jasmine tea at RM 10 or so.

The live performance was excellent, there were 3 male singers for the night, with one of them playing the guitar. One of the singer sang Hikara Udata’s “First Love” that was totally out of this world. FYI, the current Malaysian Idol used to sing at Rice cafe in Penang.

It’s a pretty nice place to hang out, enjoy live music that isn’t too loud for you to still be able to chat with your friends. Probably a great place for a date too, now any hot chick want to go there with me?

GPS: 3.073297, 101.607576