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It’s been a while since I had some Lam Mee (淋面), so when I went there to yum char with my buddy Kenneth last weekend, I ordered a plate of this wholesome noodle dish despite having just had lunch a little over an hour.

Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
ahh… mouth watering

Living Food Restaurant has been in operation for quite a number of years, and is actually operated by the sister of the famous May King Lam Mee at Pudu. The interior of the restaurant, while resembles a kopitiam, is clean and air conditioned.

Ordering food is very simple too, just write down the number of items you want on the little ordering template provided, and hand it to the waiter. Prices are written on a giant board on the wall, so you can work with your budget. It’s simple and minimizes a lot of waiting time.

Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
ordering is easy as 1-2-3

I ordered the Lam Mee with thin noodle and mee hun, while Kenneth had the more traditional version with the thicker noodle. The dish basically resembles Loh Mee (卤面) in Penang, like the famous outlet in Chai Leng Park, Penang. The biggest difference being the chili paste provided, Loh Mee usually comes with the Prawn Mee style chili paste and finely chopped garlic, while Lam Mee here comes with a thinner, but spicier chili paste.

Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
prices are written on the wall

The flavor of the dish was very good, with the sauce thick and best served warm. The ingredients include prawn, slices of pork, bean sprouts, fried shallots, some green onion as garnish, and of course, your choice of noodle. We also ordered some “fu chuk”, fish ball, and deep fried “sui kow” in an attempt to stuff ourselves.

map to Lam Mee at Damansara Uptown
Living Food Restaurant is located at Uptown

The main dish costs from RM 4.50 to RM 5.30, and the side orders were RM0.80 a piece. Pretty reasonably priced, and a satisfying tea time indeed. Do note that this restaurant is not opened for dinner though, they only serve from morning till around 6pm.

This Lam Mee place is just a few shops away from Sate Kajang Haji Samuri, and just behind the economical Hokano Japanese restaurant

67, Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama
47400 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.133060, 101.622194

A pal of mine, shiang introduced me to this wan tan mee place in SS2 after reading my take on the Sungai Besi wan tan mee place. The dude claimed that he had ate at this place 3 days in a row upon discovering it. Since I usually trust the taste of this not-so-skinny guy, I just had to give this place a try.

Wan Tan Mee at OK restaurant, Petaling Jaya SS2
no frill wan tan mee, the good stuff

I tried to order their sui kow but they always ran out of those on both occasions I was there, hence we ordered a normal char siu with wan tan noodle, and a char siu with mushroom noodle. Like many wan tan mee places, they also offer the popular chicken feet with mushroom as toppings for the noodle.

The noodle didn’t take long to arrive, and it didn’t look like they are worried about presentation. In fact, there was only the essentials of the dish, the wan tan, the char siu, the noodle, sauce, and pickled green chili. It didn’t even come with vegetable like most other places.

Wan Tan Mee at OK restaurant, Petaling Jaya SS2
noodle so delicious the hot chick didn’t even have time to camwhore

However, putting the food in the mouth confirms why the dude liked this place so much. The noodle has a proper texture and firmness to it, while absorbing the sauce well. The wan tan too, were of good size and packed with enough fatty minced meat. It is always a disappointment when some stalls make their wan tan too small in order to increase profit.

The best ingredient of dish though, was their char siu, barbecued to perfection, maintaining the juiciness of the meat while achieving a very firm and consistent texture. It was definitely one of the better char siu I had.

OK restaurant wan tan mee
Restaurant OK is located near KAYU and Chow Yang

The noodle starts from RM 3.50 per plate.

This wan tan mee stall is opened from around 11 in the morning to 6-7pm. Of course, the same restaurant also offers the Fatty Duck stew duck rice I reviewed earlier this week.

Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya
(at the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising KAYU)

GPS: 3.115084, 101.616390

Finally we went to the famous Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee (全蛋面) last weekend. This was the place we attempted to go a couple months ago, but my house mate got lost on the way, ended up driving around KL for almost 2 hours before finally admitted defeat and ate at some road stalls at Bangsar instead. That incident gave her an excuse to upgrade to an expensive GPS phone, but anyhow, we got there this time (we didn’t use the GPS)

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
this place is usually packed with hungry customers

For the three of us, we ordered a wan tan with mushroom noodle, a mushroom chicken feet noodle, a curry chicken noodle, deep fried sui kow, a plate of deep fried prawn, and some oily vegetable. See, the good thing about this place is the variety of different “wan tan mee” you can order. The other toppings include the original wan tan and char siew (BBQ pork), curry wild boar, ginger duck, pork knuckle, sui kow, and Hakka stew pork.

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
some of the good stuff we ordered

The noodle served here was actually pretty good, though I feel that it is still 2nd to the stall in Pudu, but still pretty good nonetheless. The toppings and other items were pretty decent as well, and the RM 6 deep fried prawn really offered value for money. Other than the traditional chili, this place also offered two types of delicious sambal to go with the side dishes (sui kow and prawn).

Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
prawn, sui kow, vegetable, noodles, best

The meal was pretty satisfying. However, they can be a little pricey. Including drinks, we had to part with RM 36 for the three of us. That was for the 3 plates of noodle and three side dishes ordered. Then again, you do get the variety and a different taste from the ordinary wan tan plus char siew.

Map to Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee
turn right from loke yew to sg. besi and you’ll get there in a jiffy

This place opens from about 8pm till the wee hours.

190H Jalan 2 1/2 Miles Sg Besi,
55200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.122819, 101.709087
Phone: 03-9222 8177

It’s been a while since I had any decent Yong Tau Foo (釀豆腐) like the one at Ampang, so we headed to Segambut for the famous Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo last weekend. The name might be a little deceiving, for this restaurant is not exactly located at Jalan Ipoh, but at Jalan Segambut, just off Jalan Duta.

Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo, Segambut
much better set up and parking situations than Ampang

We got to the restaurant at about 2pm in the afternoon, purposely avoid the heavy lunch crowd. As the restaurant is a converted bungalow, there are ample parking space, unlike Ampang Yong Tau Foo’s dreadful parking situation.

Ordering the food is pretty simple here, they provide a form and you basically just fill in the numbers, like some of the dim sum places. This saves time for both the customers and the restaurant operators, I can only wonder why the other places don’t do this. For the five six of us, we ordered 72 pieces of goodness and some rice for the first round. Of course, we added 10 more for 2nd round.

Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo, Segambut
don’t these make you drool? Yummm

If my memory serves me correct, there were 5 pieces of white tofu, 8 pieces of brinjal (egg plant), 4 bitter gourd, 10 red chili, 8 lady fingers (okra), 10 fish balls, 11 fried sui kow, 6 soup sui kow, 15 fried foo chok (bean curd skin), 5 rice, and some drinks. On top of that, we had a fruit rojak as appetizer. Quite a portion for 3 4 guys and 2 girls.

For the newbie to Malaysian cuisine, most Yong Tau Foo pieces are stuffed with fish paste. The exception being sui kow, fish ball, and foo chok.

Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo, Segambut
we didn’t leave anything behind

The good thing about this place is that the food is served almost instantaneously, so you can satisfy your hunger right from the get go. As for taste, it is right up there with their Ampang counterparts, with the rojak being the exception. I guess Penangites are a little more picky when it comes to fruit rojak.

Price wise, at REM 0.70 a piece, it is very competitive. We spent only around RM 15 each after filling our stomachs to the point of having difficulty in walking.

Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo, Segambut
This Yong Tau Foo place is just a stone’s throw from the Duta round-about

Good food, reasonable price, and a comfortable eating environment, this place is definitely worth repeating visits.

Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo
67, Jalan Segambut,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.180645, 101.677523
Tel: +603-6252 6473
HP: +6019-309 8283