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Stay Connected!

October 2, 2009 18 Comments

With the amount of time we spend on the computer, it comes as no surprise that being able to stay connected on the world wide web become a very important aspect of our lives.

I don’t know about you, I can totally live without the TV, the fridge, the cellphone (ok maybe not cellphone), but I will go completely psycho without being able to access the internet for more than a few days.

streamyx not connected

While there are quite a few internet service provider in the country, Streamyx is by far the most popular broadband in the country.

To be frank, Streamyx hasn’t been enjoying the most glowing reputation as an ISP. But instead of asking everyone to sign up for the latest and greatest packages, the purpose of this post is to show you some of the ways to better stay connected. Tips and tricks to not get left out from the world wide web.

streamyx connected

If the information provided here could save anyone from having to call the Streamyx helpdesk and able to fix a small connection issue, it’ll be effort not wasted.

Quick Fix for Streamyx:

These are some of the common error messages you might encounter when signing in to Streamyx (applies to those who connect directly to modem, not via router)

  • Error 678 – Remote computer did not respond. Possible loose connection, faulty modem, network card, or splitter. Check all physical connections are secured, make sure DSL light on modem is lit. Reinstalling drivers might solve the problem too.
  • Error 691 – Invalid login ID or password. Make sure you don’t have the CAPS lock on! That’s the number one mistake usually!
  • Error 769 – The specified destination is not reachable. Diagnostic is similar to Error 678. But when all else fail, dial TM

Simple Streamyx Tips:

Here are some of the very simple tips to ensure better connectivity.

  • Ensure modem, networking equipments, and all cablings are in good condition. For example, keeping the modem under the table with pile of cloths on top isn’t exactly ideal
  • Use trustable software as well as anti-virus/firewall to ensure the computer don’t get infected with spyware/virus
  • Get someone who knows what he’s doing to hook up everything for you

How to Stay Connected:

Here is the checklist that might appear to be very DUH, but do go through this before you call helpdesk. In my job, sometimes I have to “fix” the projector just by switching it on. Can’t ever underestimate our oversights.

  • Make sure the phone line is working, and that you can actually make and receive calls.
  • You paid your bills?
  • Make sure the modem is on (yes there are cases like that!)
  • If the DSL light is blinking or off, call for help
  • If the DSL light is on but there’s still no connection after checking everything else, call for help

Trouble Shooting for Blinking Modem Light:

So the DSL light on your modem is blinking like a Christmas tree, what can you do?

  • Have you been paying Streamyx bills?
  • Try rebooting the modem
  • Try removing the splitter/microfilter
  • Try connecting to a closer wall socket

The troubleshooting tips and tricks won’t always lead to a solution, as there are still instances where Streamyx experiences outage due to reasons beyond subscriber’s equipments/configuration errors.

But the idea is that we can actually tell the helpdesk people all these steps have been taken care of, thus saving yourself the hassle of spending those extra minutes on the phone. Below are the four sections of tips and tricks issued by Streamyx, click to view in full.

quick_fix simple_streamyx_tips

stay connected troubleshooting