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What if I show you there’s a way to lower your ice cream budget by a whopping 31%?

Imagine for a moment the leftover money that you could make use with the huge saving! There are a gazillion things you could do with it, you could buy an extra pair of socks, or perhaps even help reduce the deficit.

The above chart gives you a good visual representation of how much money you could save with 31% off ice cream budget.

  • Purple = normal price
  • Orange = if my campaign for election is successful

Alright, here’s another visual representation of the gravity of this campaign.

  • Yellow = normal days you could get 31% off ice cream.
  • Red = Everyday 31% off if this campaign is successful

OK here’s the deal, I’m representing Very Berry Strawberry in Baskin Robbins Flavor Election that is running from 17th Oct to 23rd Nov 2012.

My campaign promise is that if we win, you get 31% off Waffle Berry Sundaes EVERY WEEKDAY FROM 10am to 3pm for the year 2013, how awesome is that?

This promise will be available in store at Baskin Robbins from 17th Oct to 23rd Nov 2012, I urge you to give it a try for the taste of what’s possible. If we win, Very Berry Strawberry will be the focus of the victory party on 23rd Nov at Publika. Lets make it happen!

Do download the campaign support kit from and VOTE NOW!

Now a little bit of history on Very Berry Strawberry, shall we?

As the name suggests, Very Berry Strawberry is a super delicious strawberry ice cream loaded with chunks of real strawberries. It was originally introduced in 1945 as strawberry flavor, then improved to the modern day Very Berry Strawberry in 1984 with strawberry puree and chunks of strawberry in it, setting it apart from the other mere ordinary strawberry ice cream.

Just look at it, how could anyone resist having this uber delicious Waffle Berry Sundaes on 31% off for the whole year?

Imagine those freshly baked waffle with fresh banana pieces, 2 generous scoops of ice cream, strawberry toppings with chunks of real strawberries and everything topped with whipped cream and cherry, 31% off!

Remember to vote, indulgence is not a sin! We wanna have the deal every day, and this is what we want! The more the berrier 😀

So vote for me and together we’ll have the best deal ever for 2013, now that’s something to look forward to isn’t it?

P/S: follow this blog on facebook and twitter as I’ll let you know when you can get a free Very Berry Strawberry from me at a Baskin Robbins outlet, and remember to vote vote vote!

When it comes to chocolates, just like many other forms of indulgence – wine, whisky, cars, women, and so forth – the premium stuff are almost always better. One of the more exclusive brands available anywhere has got to be Godiva, the chocolatier named after the legend of Lady Godiva, a naked lady on horseback (check their logo!)

Godiva cafe at Pavilion KL
Godiva cafe at Pavilion KL, this hot chick is Winnie

The company was founded  in Belgium in 1926 by Joseph Draps, over the past 80 some years it has grown to become one of the larger premium chocolate brand in the world with annual sales over $500 million. We are fortunate enough to have our very own Godiva Cafe at Pavilion where you can purchase a lot of their products as well as have coffee, cakes, and other good stuff.

Perfect getaway for a lovely tea time.

Godiva at Pavilion KL
ciki pours some coffee while Yazeed explains on

A couple weeks ago a bunch of us were invited to Godiva Cafe for a private function that aptly named The Chocolate Story where we were taught a bit of history about chocolates (you can learn them from wikipedia too, but wikipedia doesn’t give you chocolates to eat), and get our hands messy in a Master Chocolatier workshop.

to melt the chocolate
to melt the chocolate, you only need a single candle

According to the brand manager Yazeed, Godiva sources only the best ingredients to make their chocolates. For example, the best cocoa is from Ivory Coast, and hence that is the only place Godiva get their cocoa.

After the chocolate history lesson, we were shown the ways of chocolatiers. First, we melt a bar of Godiva, and all you ever need is a single candle. Try doing that with your pasar malam stuff, I think you’d need a penunu bunsen. (this is due to the much higher sugar content, among other things, in mass produced chocolates)

and make our own chocolate derived goodies
and make our own chocolate derived goodies

With the melted chocolates, we then made our own chocolate products – chocolate lollipops, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cornflakes, and all these with bits of other stuff to make them real pretty too.

We were then served some food while the chocolates were being chilled.

and you can buy some godiva hampers as Hari Raya gifts too
and you can buy some godiva hampers as Hari Raya gifts too

In conjunction with bulan Ramadan and upcoming Hari Raya, you can now get your hands on “GODIVA Chocolatier Hamper Collection” – there are three types altogether and cutely named Jubilee, Impression and Jewel De Nile

oh yes, ahh, i see, it's like that haaa
oh yes, ahh, i see, it’s like that haaa

It was overall a fun, informative, and definitely very satisfying session at Godiva, I got to learn quite a bit about chocolates that I previously hadn’t a clue about, and of course, get my chocolate cravings fixed too. You can read Kim, Ciki, taufulou, and KampungBoyCityGal’s accounts.

and a grou picture for all the lucky buggers
and a grou picture for all the lucky buggers

Writing this is making me crave for some proper chocolates again, gahhhhh!

map to Pavilion KL

Godiva Chocolatier Cafe
Level 2, Pavilion
Jln Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

GPS3.148872, 101.713368
Tel03-2142 5252


Over the Thaipusum weekend, I went to Cameron Highlands for the first time in my life. I had the preconception that Cameron was perhaps slightly smaller than Genting, with a small settlement of farmers and tea plantation workers. I was wrong.

tea plantation at cameron highlands
Cameron Valley tea plantation

I now see why Cameron Highlands is spelled in a plural, there are quite a few towns scattered around near the top of the mountain range: Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Kampung Raja, Blue Valley, Ringlet, Tringkap; with a combined population of some 35,000 people.

strawberry farm at cameron highlands
strawberry farm

The people at Cameron actually live in Cameron, and many of them are born there, and actually refer to the Malaysia outside Cameron as “low lands”. They operate just like any small town except for the fact that temperature is a cool 8-10c lower than average. Day time peaks at about 28c and at night, it hovers at about 18-20c, I like it very much.

steamboat at cameron highlands
steamboat at BrinjangBrinchang, Cameron Hignlands

Our trip started out brightly, with 3 cars and 10 of us in a 4, 3, 3 formation. About 330 meters up (it’s about 1200 meters at Tanah Rata), our trip came to a slight interruption, and you can read about that at Horng’s blog. We ended up with 2 small hatchbacks, 10 adults, and way too much luggage for 1-night stay.

Tea and Scones at Cameron Highlands
this is half of the group

Alas, the little incident did not derail out trip. We stayed at a bungalow with a fireplace and had baked potatoe, we had steamboat, tea and scones, visited strawberry farm and bee farm, shoots our own cheesy videos, and had loads of fun in between. It was absolutely awesome.

KY and Mellissa at cameron highlands
Mellissa and I

As with all trips, to me, destination come after the company, and I had the best with me.

There will be more write ups on this trip. The steamboat, the self baked sweet potato in the fire place, and maybe even a few silly videos. Stay tuned!

Most everyone who works in an office building has a food drawer filled with snacks for the time when stomach makes the untimely growls. Alongside with the awesome Keebler’s Chips Deluxe Cookies, this biscuit with the silly Hello Panda name is one of my favorites.

Hello Panda biscuit
well herro panda!

This stuff is made of hollow shortbread with stuffings inside, and my favorite is the chocolate stuffing. One of the two types you can find at Isetan supermarket, the other being strawberry. There are altogether 4 types of stuffings but the vanilla and peanut butter (YUM!) can’t be found anywhere. If only I had discovered this before I went to Tokyo. The sweet and soft chocolate gives a very good taste and textural contrast the blunt but crispy shortbread, sort of like the Oreo experience, but a lot tastier and alot less messy.

Hello Panda biscuit
ahhh yummmmm

The biscuits come in an over sized tube ala Pringles style. Convenient to store and doesn’t get soft and and limp from the moisture. Best still, you can keep the tube and use it for the great Keebler’s cookies!

A tube is about RM 15+ and contains 450 gram of wholesome bite size cookies. Not exactly cheap, but this thing is awesome it’s really worth it, not to mention packs a meal’s worth of calorie in a snack session. Best. Meiji is a Japanese confectionery brand, but this particular product is manufactured in Singapore.