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It was a particularly eventful two week period prior to the start of this month. There were three events I attended, the Nokia N-Gage launch and Happy winner announcement invited by PR extraordinaire David Lian and the Hennessy Artistry at Aloha from Nuffnang thanks to Nicholas.

Nokia N-Gage launch
notice the N96? Jason, Suan, Kim, and Wenqi was there too

The Nokia N-Gage launch fell on the 22nd at Cafe Libre. We were introduced with the Nokia N-Gage gaming platform with their latest games, and I got a free full fledge game for my N82 from the good people at Nokia!

Mobile gaming has actually came a very long way, the graphics on my phone is just as good as the first generation PlayStation console, and you can even hook it on TV to play. As connectivity is everything on a mobile phone, many games also support multi-player gaming via N-Gage arena. You can compare score, play with each other, read reviews and ratings on new games, buy games online, and even chatting up with fellow gamers.

The game that I chose (we were given one free game) was the Space Impact Kappa Base, I remember playing the very same title on Sheryl’s old Nokia monochrome phone some 5-6 years ago when we were staying in Northern Virginia. The graphic is so awesome now and I found myself rather addicted to it. Newspaper is now optional in toilet. Check it out, awesome stuff.

Happy Event at North Point
Yeay Kim and I won the newspaper dancing game! (pics from Louis Photography)

Last Tuesday was the Happy Moment winner announcement event at Isthmus (their chicken wing was very good!), Mid Valley North Point. The participants from the top Happy blog entries and Happy videos were presence. I was very impressed with the top 2 videos shown, the organizer was torn between the two and ended up giving two first prize instead. See them here.

Of course, every Happy event comes with fun & games. I won myself some Jusco voucher again. Me and Kim also participated in this standing on newspaper dancing contest thingy and won it thanks to our awesome fit body that are also space efficient. The prize was some Body Shop merchandise that I could actually use as well. Nice!

Henessy Artistry at Aloha
Aloooohaaaa, party people! (pics from Jack)

Last Saturday’s Hennessy Artistry at Aloha was one of the better clubbing nights I can remember. Free booze all night long (not that I can drink at all), plenty of friends in the VIP area. Nuffnang had 3 tables with a few dozen people at the event, it was awesome.

People on photo:
1: Nicholas, KY, Eiling
2: Rachel, KY, Nicholas, Dree
3: Yap Thomas, KY, Nadia
4: KY & Rachel

The drinks were good, and music pretty decent, but above all, of course, is the company. There were some old buddies like shiang, dree, and new friends whom I’ve met less than a couple times, like chocolate lady Eiling and sister, the lanky Yap Thomas, the party girl Nadia, the drunkard Stephanie Kok, and more. It was fun!

I’m tired.