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While driving around Taman Eng Ann in Klang looking for some sort of afternoon snack away from the famous “under the tree” hawker center (that offers awesome pohpia), we chanced upon this curious little stall that’s about as old school as it gets – Nijia Fried Chicken.

Nijia Fried Chicken (with Yoyo Ice too)
Nijia Fried Chicken (with Yoyo Ice too)

This place is as no frill as it gets, offering only a very limited menu of fried chicken, nasi lemak, and yoyo ice.

Chicken goes for RM 2.20 (wings) to RM 3 (thigh), a set of nasi lemak cost RM 2, as with a cup of “Yoyo ice”. It is also self served.

fried chicken and nasi lemak does go well together
fried chicken and nasi lemak does go well together

While there’s no claim of 11 herbs and spices, the chicken was crispy and rather tasty in an uncomplicated way. I ended u p going for second servings. The nasi lemak too was fragrant and rather delicious, Haze had no trouble finishing everything in the plate.

As for yoyo ice, it’s more like sourish flavored shaved ice, which was just perfect when it’s really hot out.

All in, it was a few bucks per person for a good afternoon snack, why can’t we have more places like this?

nijia fried chicken at Taman Eng Ann map

46, Jalan Serindit 4,
Taman Eng Ann, 41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.057621, 101.458970

If you love milk, this is a traditional snacks from the Philippines you must try. I make a point to always buy back at least a box of Yema Tower whenever I travel to the Philippines (in addition to pork rind and garlic chips)

Yema Tower from Philippines
Yema Tower from Philippines

Towers of Yema is basically made from evaporated milk. In fact, you can supposedly make this at home by slowly boiling evaporated milk in low fire until most moisture is removed, then perhaps try to shape it ala playdoh style.

The thing is soft, sweet, and carries a strong milky taste to it. I often eat too many of these in a single seating, it’s like a dog/cat treat for human. I can’t imagine it’s terribly good for your teeth though.

this goes very well with coffee
this goes very well with coffee

I also find that this Yema tower thing is awesome with coffee, especially black unsweetened Americano. The sweetness of the treat really compliments coffee real well.

Damn it, I need to find me some Yema Towers.

Aprilia Shiver 750

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve traded in the old faithful RS 250 to a new Aprilia Shiver a couple months ago. I present to you, my Red Italian Lady, my daily driver to work.

If you wonder why some people choose to ride despite the inherently higher risks, ask yourself if you’ve seen a bike parked outside psychiatrist’s office?

Happy weekends!

Whenever I need to fill up my stomach quick and on the go, the default is always a Snickers bar. It is a habit that I have since college days.

sneakers bar
Snickers! 😀

Not only this condense pack of energy is really convenient, it also tastes awesome. Caramel and plenty of roasted peanut resting on a bed of soft nougat wrapped around with delicious milk chocolate. The distinct sweet and slightly salty flavor is the yums!

Snickers bars are also perfect for traveling, especially to somewhere remote. It’s always wise to keep a few bars in the luggage for the late night hunger attacks when you’re at somewhere without a convenient store or room service.

sneakers game prize

Anyway, Snickers is now having an online game called “Hungry for Football” at And as with any contests, lets start out by looking at the prizes:

  • 5 weekly winners – iPod touch
  • 3 grand prize winners – Sony PSP

Pretty good if you ask me! There’s no need to send in any receipts or use any codes found on Snickers packaging to enter, simply go to the website, register yourself, and start playing!

sneakers online game
the Snickers “Hungry for Football” online game

The game is actually pretty simple. First type the highlighted letter that spells out SNICKERS, and when the energy bar on the right hits maximum, press on space bar to score goal (avoid the goal keeper!). Go through 3 rounds and score them all as fast as you can to get the highest score. Rinse and repeat.

Good luck folks, now head to and do it already. 😀

Following the successful previous contest (with cash prizes up to RM 5ka piece, I always love cash prizes!), Mister Potato is at it again. Only this time it is even bigger, with grand prize being a gold bar worth RM 88,888!

GOLD BAR! I’ve heard about these mystical thing when I was young, we called it “Kim Tiau” in Hokkien. Those old TV series with the rich tycoons playing with gold bars sitting behind their desk, it was so bling, so surreal.

And now you’re telling me there’s a chance I can win one of these babies? (not the actual picture of the prize)

I think I’d use it as a door stop *evil grin*

If I win the gold bar, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you, my dear readers. 😀

There’re 3 x RM 8,888 first prize, and another 100 x RM 888 consolation prize winners. These are all cold hard cash, and with over 100 winners it’ll be quite unlucky if you actually don’t win.

The contest:

  • Get the unique SMS code from the 75 or 160 gram Mister Potato contest edition pack.
  • Guess the combined weight (in KG) of Mister Potato, Ortega, the three Mariachis (Unos, Dos, Tres), and the sack of 100 potatoes. Send in via SMS with unique short code)
  • Submit as many entries as you like, but each short code is only valid for 1 entry
  • for more details go to

Sherlock Homes’ deductive skills is utmost important here. There are clues on the website as to how much these characters weigh in. Let me give you some tips (I shall not share all for I want the gold bar!)

  • Mister Potato himself – 33 pounds heavier than a baby elephant (at 105kg), with 2.2 lbs = 1 KG. A simple calculation should put his weight at 120 kg or so.
  • Ortega – profile puts him at “about” 132 lbs but definitely below 134 lbs. That’s between 60-65 kg.
  • Tres – 40 kg (from the clue given)
  • Dos – Dos + Mister Potato = 170 kg, so that should put him at around 50kg
  • Uno  – with the Mariachis averaging 48 kg, Uno should work out to be around 54 kg
  • sack of 100 potatoes – not gonna give you this one, work it out yourself!

Now excuse me while I go get some Mister Potato, the contest runs from 1st Jan till 31st March 2010, so hurry!

A couple of weeks ago I posted Mr. Porky pork crackles, one of the best and most sinful snacks ever. Well, my stance on that claim is still true, but today, I want to introduce a healthier alternative that is almost as tasty, and actually halal too! Enter fried salmon skin!

fried salmon skin
RM 3.90 a pack, whole afternoon’s worth of almost-healthy snacking

You can get this at Isetan KLCC’s sushi counter for RM 3.90 a pack, it is not available all the time nor even everyday, but if you see them, grab one! Sushi Tei at Tropicana City Mall is another place that offers fried salmon skin on their conveyor belt.

Much like pork scratchings, fried salmon skin is crispy with an underlying bits of fat still intact. The best part of salmon skin comes from the belly area. They’re just so yummy, and since it is fish, it shouldn’t be quite as bad for your body. (disclaimer: I am not a doctor I’m just talking out of my ass)

Tips: even though this is a Japanese snack, using it to go with porridge would be quite excellent!


got Blackberry, no life!


Before Cheesie got her Blackberry from Xpax, she was always “why do you always play with your BB?”. Apparently that was because it is sort of a habit that whenever I sit down, the first thing I do is to whip out the BB and check on my twitter feeds, emails, etc. I guess it’s not a very good thing to do when you are among people who aren’t addicted to their phones.

But look who’s talking now. This girl can’t even leave her phone while walking! One of these days she’s going to walk into some smelly dudes with wet armpits, just wait. 😀