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Most of you haven’t seen the photo of Sunway Velocity below, and definitely none of you (including yours truly) have never seen it in naked eyes…. yet.

For a very simple reason that Sunway Velocity is still in development, and this is what it is supposed to look like in just a few short years. This place is going to change the whole landscape between KL and Cheras. Do read..

Sunway Velocity

First of all, location.

Sunway Velocity is strategically located right between KL and Cheras, just 3.8 kilometers from KLCC and smacked between Jalan Cheras and Jalan Peel, and a mere 10 minutes walk from Maluri LRT station.

The most recognizable landmark as of current is a Jusco, Carrefour, and of course the eating places at Jalan Peel. Already a pretty mature area, but one that isn’t exactly very appealing. On completion, this project is going to change the whole area much like how Sunway Pyramid transformed the whole Subang and PJS area.

location map - Sunway Velocity

Instead of just building another shopping mall, Sunway Velocity is an integrated project, there’s service apartments, shops, offices, a modern shopping complex over 1,000,000 sq. feet, and even a pretty big central park over 2 acres – a much needed green lung.

Sunway Velocity showroom

The very first phase of the project consists of a dozen shop units, offices, and a service apartment with 264 units (915 standard – 3208 sq ft duplex). The apartment of course, comes with all the usual amenities such as swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna, cafeteria, security, etc, but those are not the only selling points.

There’ll also be the park, the attached shopping mall, and to me, one of the more interesting feature – the environmental deck – a walkway connecting the mall, service apartment, central park, offices, and shops with outdoor dining area that are open only to foot traffic.

Sorta like The Street at Curve, except elevated on 1st floor, and much grander in scale. Imagine having that right downstairs where you stay, pretty interesting isn’t it?

Sunway Velocity models
Gareth and Kim checking out the architectural models, Central Park

Second phase of the project will be the Sunway Velocity mall, a much needed high class shopping complex in Cheras area. The 1 mil sq. feet size is  a good size I think.

The mall is located about 400 meters away from Maluri LRT station, in comparison, Pavilion is about 300+ meters away from the closest Monorail station. There’s also pretty good accessibility from major roads and highways too (there’s gonna be over 5000 car park bays available)

Sunway Velocity service apartment

We also checked out the service apartment show units. The design’s pretty good, and I particularly like the fact that they only have 2 rooms for the 900+ square feet unit, too many developments try to sell by the number and packed in 3 rooms in sub 1000 sq. ft. units and made everything far too small.

Now if imagine if you can stay in a place and have the ability to take the elevator downstairs to do everything you need!

I believe some people might have an aversion to any development especially one that’s going to transform and area we have fond memories of, but I do believe that this one is a positive change and a step to the right direction. I can’t wait for this to get completed, now if only I can get a big discount for the apartment, emmm….

By the way do check out the facebook page of Sunway Velocity too.