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Ever since we got the kitchen renovated, it’s been more and more cooking adventures, and as such, this blog will start to share some recipes I gather/invent/randomly made up.

The Salmon Steak is a very simple and healthy *gasp* dish that I learnt during my stay in the States many eons ago.

ingredients for salmon steak dinner
ingredients for salmon steak dinner

First, the ingredients, assuming for two person:

  • 2 pieces of salmon steak (Norwegian if you’re rich, Alaskan also if you’re rich, I got mine from Cold Storage for about RM 10 each)
  • salt and pepper
  • a clove of garlic, a carrot, fresh shiitake mushroom, french beans

cooking salmon steak
steamed vegetable, sauteed mushroom, and pan fried salmon steak


  • marinate both sides of salmon steak with generous amount of salt and pepper, leave for 20-30 minutes
  • cut carrot & french beans, then steam them till soft (you might want to steam the carrot first, and longer)
  • on the frying pan, first fried some sliced garlic till golden brown, then remove them
  • with the same oil, now sauté the mushroom (cut in half), then remove them
  • the frying pan can now be used to fried the salmon steak, in medium heat, for 5 minutes a side
  • by this time, your vegetable should be ready too, serve everything at once, sprinkle some salt on the steamed vegetable

salmon steak with carrots, mushroom, and french beans
salmon steak with carrots, mushroom, and french beans

So there you go, salmon steak with mushroom, carrot, and french beans. If you want to be healthier, consider baking the salmon instead, but I’d probably advice to add a small slice of butter on top if you do that.

Everything here costs about RM 30 for two, not exactly very cheap, but boy it is good!