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I’m a bit of a photography enthusiast, and constantly keep a watch on the latest cameras that comes along. My first digital camera was bought back in 2002, a full 10 years ago. It had a 3.2 megapixel sensor and uses a pair of AA batteries that won’t last more than 50 shots.

Samsung Smart Camera WB150F

Over the years I’ve owned another 6 cameras (including SLR, mirror-less system, Prosumer, compact) and played with numerous others, but this Samsung Smart Camera WB150F that I have in my hands now is the one that packed the most surprises.

So here are a list of 10 reasons this camera is smart and packed with features:

Samsung Smart Camera - WiFi

1. Wi-Fi

This is the feature that is missing from most cameras out there, and one that is perhaps the most important non-photo taking feature that should be in every camera.

The Wi-Fi feature enables a lot of possibilities – you can now synchronize the camera with your computer wirelessly via the PC Auto Backup function, imagine not having to connect the camera via USB to the computer, ever.

You can also send the photo via email directly from the camera as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, neat huh?

Mobile Link - Samsung Smart Camera

2. MobileLink

Without using a Wi-Fi access point, the camera can also transfer photos directly to your smartphone with the aptly named MobileLink application (available on Android & iOS devices).

Start MobileLink on the camera and on your smartphone/tablet, choose the images you want, and click to transfer. This is useful for those who are on the g0, and especially neat when you are running out of SD card space as well.

Remote ViewFinder

3. Remote ViewFinder

Another cool feature that uses the Wi-Fi technology is the Remote ViewFinder. Install the same application on your Android/iOS device and viola, you can place the camera basically anywhere within 30-40 feet indoor or up to 60 feet outdoor and snap photos from the application.

With a tripod, you’ll never need to get anyone to snap group photos for you anymore. Also, imagine the pranks you can pull with this feature!

Social Sharing - Samsung WB150F

4, Social Sharing

How often do we share photos on Facebook, Picasa and the like? You can now do it in an instance with the Social Sharing function whenever the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

Video sharing via Facebook and Youtube is supported as well.

18x Zoom, WB150F

5. 18x Optical Zoom

If you love long optical zooms, this is definitely a camera you should check out. Just look at the example above, wide angle vs 18x zoom.

There’s optical stabilization on the Schneider Kreuznach lens,  the zoom is equivalent to 24 mm – 432 mm in 35 mm format.

Live Panorama with Samsung Smart Camera

6. Live Panorama

The Live Panaroma function is among the easiest I’ve used, simply hold on the shutter button and pan the camera either on landscape or portrait format. It’s so easy you can even use it inside a car! Check out Carol’s Almeera and how we fit 6 people in “3” rows in there.

Samsung Smart Camera Photo Filter

7. Photo Filter

The WB150F comes with 14 different photo filters for plenty of fun effects. Fish eye, old film, soft focus, retro, miniature, zooming shots, and more.

You can also apply these filters after the photos are shot via the built in photo editor.

Split Shot with Samsung Smart Camera

8. Split Shot

Photo collage? The camera’s got that covered too. There are 4 types of split shots you can take, and photo filters can be applied in these shots as well. This is a neat little features especially when you want to share a few scenes (or dishes!) in a single photo on Facebook, for example.

Samsung Smart Camera - Artistic Brush

9. Artistic Brush

Then there’s artistic brushes. This feature is different from the photo filter. Not only a photo is snapped, a video is recorded that simulates the “painting” process as well. Pretty neat.

Av, Tv, and M modes with Samsung Smart Camera

10. Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Full Manual Control

Last but not least (cos there are actually even more features, check out the full specification here), for those who are a bit more hardcore, you can shoot with Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and even Full Manual.

So how much do you think this 14.2 Megapixel camera with 18x Zoom & 3.0″ LCD costs?

RM 649.00

So if you’re looking for a cool gadget that can do a whole lot and does not break your bank, the Samsung WB150F is definitely something you should check out.


Here’s my video submission for Samsung World Blogger audition:

If you want to have participate and stand a chance to win the trip to London during the Olympics, just go to Samsung Global Blogger site, and submit your own entry. Contest closes on 29th, do it now!

Together with the Superbowl and World Cup, Olympics is undoubtedly one of the events that I want to participate at least once in my life time.

Of course, by participation I do mean attending and watch in person, though competing as an athlete/player that would of course be an even more awesome, but I think chances of that happening is as close to zero as it can be.

usian bolt 100 meter Olympics 2008

One of the big ticket items at the Olympics 2012 is undoubtedly the 100 meter dash. I remember watching history being made by Usian Bolt when he shattered the world record and ran so far ahead of the pack 4 years ago, and imagine how it would be like to be among the crowd that day.

Events like these are among the rare ones that the crowd cheers for winner and nobody boos the opponents. Imagine the jubilation, the excitement!

Another event that is of my personal interest is the badminton singles event. Four years ago Datuk Lee Chong Wei almost break out nation’s duck but fell just short for the gold medal.

This year is probably the last chance for Datuk Lee to get it done. As the world number one, an Olympic gold medal would make him one of the best players this generation. I’d love to be there to cheer for him during the matches.

And if I find myself at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, it won’t be just watching the athletes and games. There are over 200 countries at the big party, and there would be countless number of people attending.

An idea that I have is to capture videos of as many people in as many languages as possible saying “hello Malaysia, from London 2012“, and then compile a short video from the various clips. I think that’ll make a pretty neat video. What do you think?

Remember the Samsung Global Blogger contest I blogged last week?

The contest that can get you a free trip to London Olympics runs until 28th of April, 2012, and they are looking for video auditions with these qualities:

  • Confidence and energy in front of the camera
  • A passion for your subject matter
  • Imagination and originality
  • A good sense of humour
  • A social butterfly – do you use Twitter? Or talk to the world on your own blog?
  • The ability to tell a story well through video and the written word

Here’s Jamie Oliver’s take, and you can find video making tips here too.


I’ll make my video soon and wish me luck! I urge you to join too, head to Samsung Global Blogger contest page to find out more.

Fellow bloggers, here’s a chance to win something really significant – a trip to London during the Summer Olympics!

How? Be hand picked by a panel of celebrity judges to become a Samsung Global Blogger, and you will find yourself in London for the biggest show on earth, discovering what the city has to offer.

Olympics samsung

But exactly how?

Well, it is fairly simple, submit a 30 second video in English of you telling us why you would be great at hunting out the best stories London has to tell during The Olympics. The judges will be looking for the following qualities:

  • Confidence and energy in front of the camera
  • A passion for your subject matter
  • Imagination and originality
  • A good sense of humour
  • A social butterfly – do you use Twitter? Or talk to the world on your own blog?
  • The ability to tell a story well through video and the written word

That isn’t so difficult now is it? (I think I should come up with one myself soon here!)

Incidentally, today is exactly 100 days before the start of the Olympics!

Go to and find out everything you need to know about how to become a Samsung Global Blogger. There are also tips on making great videos as well. If you love to make videos and share what’s going on over social media, you need to participate in this.

And here’s what Jamie Oliver has to say:

The deadline for audition videos is before midnight GMT on April 29th. The competition is open to those who are from UK, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Thailand

Samsung now completes the line up of their Android devices, from S2, Note, Tab 7, Tab 10.1 and now slotting between the two tablets is the Galaxy Tab 8.9

If you didn’t get what you wanted for xmas, perhaps it’s time to look at this!

This device is perfect for those who thinks the Tab 10.1 is a little too big, and the 7 just a tad too small. At 453 grams, it is also an ideal weight for some especially when you factor in using it as a reading device in bed. The 10.1 is a bit too heavy for me in this aspect.

Galaxy Tab 8.9

Here’s the specification of the Galaxy Tab 8.9, and they are almost the same with the bigger brother, except for the screen size of course.

  • Android 3.1 Honeycomb
  • 8.9″ touch screen display
  • 1 Ghz dual core processor
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • 2MP front & 3MP back camera
  • Supports Wifi & 3G
  • 720p HD video recording

Galaxy Tab 8.9 now with Celcom

While the LCD is smaller, it spots the same 1280 x 800 resolution with the 10.1. Which means that it actually has a higher pixel density. In layman’s term, the screen is actually sharper to look at. Coupled with the fact that this device is slightly cheaper than the 10.1, I can see that a lot of people will favor the 8.9 unless you really do want to have the biggest out there.

Celcom brought in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Wifi + 3G version) to Malaysia and you can get it for as low as RM 1,288 (RRP RM 1,699) with Celcom Broadband packages. Check out the table below:

Celcom broadband plan with Galaxy Tab 8.9

Check out more at for more. Other than the Tab 8.9, you can also opt for Tab 7 from as low as RM 668 or the Tab 10.1 for RM 1,468.

Tablets now it’s like those free t-shirts that only comes in one size. S, M, L, take your pick.