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So far here’s my favorite video on the Samsung Galaxy S2 site, click play:

This dude is obviously a slash & hack gamer with Fruit Ninja one of his favorite games. Got Samsung Galaxy S2? Can you make a better video than that?

fruit ninja

This is a challenge, accept it at There are other videos and a little “game” you can play too (I wrote about it here)

Submit your video, if you get on as one of the featured video, you’ll achieve eternal fame! (or forever #syoksendiri). Now let me think of an idea that perhaps might not include Whatsapp & Swype, emm…

Do that thing for me?

September 24, 2011 3 Comments

Here’s a little game for you –

  • go to Love Galaxy S II 
  • click the “Play Now” button to go to the play page
  • in the box, write something
  • click play
  • watch video
  • repeat step three and see how many different videos can you get

tips: try words associated with actions like “call”, “drink”, “sing” ,etc, but don’t limit yourself 😀

Example: this video is what you’ll see if you type “dance”. Which reminds me that I actually love to trick little kids into doing that and watch them goes wonker. hee-hee

These are some of the videos I managed to get, lets see how many can you get!

And by the way, lets see if you know which keyword gets the girl to display this sign above. It’s a challenge, play time!