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Undoubted many of you agree that Penang offers the best hawker food in this country, the best char kueh teow, curry mee, prawn mee, and of course, laksa, can be found on the island. However, there are more than just these few offerings when it comes to Chinese hawker food, and there are certainly dishes that tastes better outside the favorite hawker food destination that is Penang.

Restaurant Chong Loy, wan tan mee
traditional set up with lots of combination of ingredients

When it comes to wantan noodle and various roasted/bbq meat items, some of the bests can be found right here in Klang Valley. One of my favorite places to have a cheap and good traditional wantan noodle would be Restaurant Choy Loy at PJS 10, situated just opposite Sunway Pyramid.

The first time I visited this place was actually in the previous decade when I used to stay at around the area. It was nice to see that the shop is still running and selling basically the same thing after I came back from the States.

Restaurant Chong Loy, beef  and char siu mee
roast pork & bbq pork, beef & innards, chicken feet & mushroom, roasted duck

The selling point at Chong Loy is the variety of traditional noodle and rice you can get. They have the classic wan tan mee with char siu (bbq pork), then there’s siu yoke (roasted pork), lap cheong (Chinese pork sausage), roasted duck, chicken, chicken feet with mushroom, and even beef including tripes. You can pick any combination to go with noodle in dry and soup version, or rice.

Restaurant Chong Loy, roast pork mee
look at the dude enjoying!

I have tried pretty much everything from this place over the years. While it might not carry the wow factor like siu yoke at Pudu or char siu at Aman Suria, everything do tastes pretty good and proper, just like how they should be. I particularly like the chicken feet with mushroom and the wan tan noodle with beef.

map to PJS 10, Sunway
This place is just behind Ah Foong bak kut teh

Jalan PJS 10/9
47800 Bandar Sunway

GPS: 3.076731, 101.603934

After posting about the Loong Foong roast duck rice at Taman Paramount, many of you suggested to me that I should try the perpetually crowded Sunrise restaurant nearby. Since Sunrise only opens for lunch, I had to wait till last Saturday to give it a try.

Sunrise Roast Duck Rice at Seapark, PJ
old school kopitiam setting

For two of us, we ordered half a duck. If it sounds like a lot of duck, it was! But since everyone else was ordering the same amount for two, we sort of agreed to it without thinking twice. As it was relatively early (11am), the restaurant wasn’t actually crowded yet, it took only about 5 minutes for food to be served.

The big plate of duck comes with two small bowl of soup (something loong foong lacks), a bowl of sauce, chili, and two plates of white rice. The duck meat itself was tender and good, with the skin roasted to perfect golden brown. The soup though, was a mixture of sour, sweet, and salty. I don’t really know what to make of it and didn’t end up drinking much of it anyway, it just tasted a bit too weird even for me.

Sunrise Roast Duck Rice at Seapark, PJ
glorious roast duck…

Comparing the Loong Foong and Sunrise roast duck rise, I will have to give my preference towards the former. Though the taste of the duck skin and duck meat didn’t differ too much, the sauce that came with Loong Foong’s roast duck was much better. The sauce from Sunrise basically tasted like diluted soya sauce, without the distinct duck rice sauce taste. However, if you love duck skin, you can order extra skin at Sunrise, as I found out a little too late.

The lunch was slightly over RM 20, not bad for half a duck. So if you’re going for duck rice for lunch, you won’t regret Sunrise; but if you can wait till dinner time, Loong Foong is the place to go.

Sunrise Roast Duck Rice, Map of Seapark, PJ
excellent map from yours truely, =)

31, Jalan 21/12
46300, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.108549, 101.622773
Tel: 03-7876 9689