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For those who work in the vicinity of KLCC and haven’t discover Wisma Sentral yet, this entry is especially written for you. The more seasoned workers around the area would most probably have visited this particular mixed rice outlet for years.

a wide selection of dishes for your choosing

There are at least five eateries in Wisma Sentral offering Chinese style chap fan, and each have their own unique properties to stay in business. For example, the one closest to the Japanese ramen shop has the pretty hot owner’s daughter working; another ground floor outlet is semi outside with a smoking area; yet another serves vegetarian food, etc etc.

My favorite is “Ah Sou” on the first floor closest to the polyclinic (at front-left corner after the stairs). The selection is huge, the dishes are tasty, and they are very reasonably priced too.

each plate of rice was less than RM 5.00

There are at least some 40 dishes to choose from to go with rice or porridge at Ah Sou on a daily basis. I particularly like their luncheon meat, Chinese sausage, stewed pork belly, steamed egg, tofu, and curry chicken. Other yummy dishes include tofu skin (fu chuk), herbal chicken, fried roast pork, and more. To be frank, I haven’t had anything that disagree with my taste buds from there yet.

Ah Sou also started a trend that spread through the other mixed rice outlets at this building by providing self served free soup and Chinese tea (with ice too) to go along with your rice.

map to Wisma Sentral

I usually don’t have to pay more than RM 5 for lunch there. The dish with half a Chinese sausage, 2 pieces of curry chicken and potato, vegetable, and a portion of steamed egg was RM 4.50. Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I wonder if we’re going there again tomorrow. emmm…

Ah Sou Chap Fan,
First floor, Wisma Sentral,
50088 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.158728, 101.714473

My housemate Rachel, her course mate Lucy Liu Amanda, and I were at Taman Paramount scouting for a place for dinner when we spotted Restaurant Kong Sai. A place that looked clean, comfortable, and pretty busy. Since we happened to park the car just across the road, we decided to give this place a try despite never heard about it before.

Kong Sai at Taman Paramount
Restaurant Kong Sai, Taman Paramount

One of my favorite open air Tai Chau (Chinese cook to order) places, Ming Heong, is located right across from this restaurant. If Kong Sai can attract as many customers as Ming Heong, it only make sense that their food must be up to the standard as well.

Fortunately my logic didn’t fail this time.

Kong Sai at Taman Paramount
pork knuckle vinegar, omelet, lotus root soup, vegetable

For three of us, we ordered four dishes. A pork knuckle vinegar, an omelet, a bowl of steamed soup with lotus root, and fried vegetable for some vitamin and iron.

Our food did take a while to arrive. The soup really smells good and tasted very sweet, obviously cooked long enough with pork bones and chicken feet. The lotus root and peanuts in the soup were soft while still retaining enough taste.

Kong Sai at Taman Paramount
say hello to Lucy Liu Amanda

Vegetable and omelet were both pretty good dishes, but the best dish of the night undoubtedly went to the pork knuckle vinegar. The generous serving of pork came with just the right proportion of skin, fat, and meat. Coupled with the strong taste of ginger, vinegar, and their excellent home made chicken rice style chili sauce; it was totally awesome. We devoured everything.

Map to Kong Sai at Taman Paramount
Kong Sai Restaurant is situated right across Giant Hypermart

If my memory serves me correctly, the dinner and drinks came to around RM 40. Pretty good value I’d say.

Apparently every other table orders their steamed chicken (ala chicken rice style) as well, I am going to try that the next time.

39, Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, PJ

GPS: 3.106890, 101.623975

Undoubted many of you agree that Penang offers the best hawker food in this country, the best char kueh teow, curry mee, prawn mee, and of course, laksa, can be found on the island. However, there are more than just these few offerings when it comes to Chinese hawker food, and there are certainly dishes that tastes better outside the favorite hawker food destination that is Penang.

Restaurant Chong Loy, wan tan mee
traditional set up with lots of combination of ingredients

When it comes to wantan noodle and various roasted/bbq meat items, some of the bests can be found right here in Klang Valley. One of my favorite places to have a cheap and good traditional wantan noodle would be Restaurant Choy Loy at PJS 10, situated just opposite Sunway Pyramid.

The first time I visited this place was actually in the previous decade when I used to stay at around the area. It was nice to see that the shop is still running and selling basically the same thing after I came back from the States.

Restaurant Chong Loy, beef  and char siu mee
roast pork & bbq pork, beef & innards, chicken feet & mushroom, roasted duck

The selling point at Chong Loy is the variety of traditional noodle and rice you can get. They have the classic wan tan mee with char siu (bbq pork), then there’s siu yoke (roasted pork), lap cheong (Chinese pork sausage), roasted duck, chicken, chicken feet with mushroom, and even beef including tripes. You can pick any combination to go with noodle in dry and soup version, or rice.

Restaurant Chong Loy, roast pork mee
look at the dude enjoying!

I have tried pretty much everything from this place over the years. While it might not carry the wow factor like siu yoke at Pudu or char siu at Aman Suria, everything do tastes pretty good and proper, just like how they should be. I particularly like the chicken feet with mushroom and the wan tan noodle with beef.

map to PJS 10, Sunway
This place is just behind Ah Foong bak kut teh

Jalan PJS 10/9
47800 Bandar Sunway

GPS: 3.076731, 101.603934

Funny how one can be oblivious to some of the best foods closest to home while traveling miles away to hunt for the exact same dish. Such is the case with Fatty Duck Teo Chew Stew Duck (大旺潮州卤鸭) that is located a mere 5 minutes away from home, and yet I have always traveled to PJ State to have the same type of Lou Ngap fan (卤鸭饭).

Fatty Duck at Restaurant OK, Petaling Jaya SS2
fantastic teo chew stew duck

Fatty Duck is a stall that operates from around 5pm and serves the dinner crowd. They serve stew duck with quite a number of side dishes to choose from. Among these are hard boiled duck egg, salted vegetable (咸菜), hot and sour vegetable (酸辣菜), mushroom, tofu, and even duck intestine. You can have either rice or porridge to go with these dishes.

Fatty Duck at Restaurant OK, Petaling Jaya SS2
many side dishes to choose from

For the two of us, we ordered a serving of stew duck (instead of two cos the other dude actually doesn’t eat duck), 2 tofu, salted vegetable, hot and sour vegetable, and mushroom to go with rice.

While the portion of servings was pretty small, the meal was enough to provide a satisfying dinner without over bloating myself. The taste of duck and side dishes were on par with their slightly more famous counterpart in PJ State. I especially like the very smooth tofu that goes very well with the stew duck sauce.

Fatty Duck at Restaurant OK, Petaling Jaya SS2
Restaurant OK is located near KAYU and Chow Yang

The dinner only costs RM 13 for all the dishes and rice. Pretty economical and definitely value for money for this great tasting meal.

2, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya,
(at the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising KAYU)

GPS: 3.115084, 101.616390

Thinking of an economical tai chau (大炒, made to order Chinese dishes, served with rice) for dinner, we ended up at Ming Heong (明香). This busy little corner is actually just an outdoor stall by the roadside right next to Giant hypermart at Taman Paramount in Petaling Jaya.

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
excellent kangkong belacan

If you can read in Chinese, ordering will be easy enough. At Ming Heong, they have the menu (only in Chinese) on a big board hanging underneath a bright florescence light. For the three of us, we ordered a bowl of watercress soup (西洋菜汤), a plate of kangkong belacan (马来风光), sweet and sour pork (咕噜肉), and clay pot tofu (砂煲豆腐).

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
one menu to rule them all

As the place was still not very busy since it was only around 7pm, we got our food within 10 minutes. The servings were a little smaller than other places, but that fits just nice as there were only three of us for the four dishes.

The dishes were surprisingly good. The sweet and sour pork prepared the traditional way and not with ketchup, hence the brownish color of the sauce instead of the more familiar reddish tone. It was perhaps not as visually appealing, but has a more original taste to it. The clay pot tofu was packed with meat, green bean, sliced carrot, onion, two types of mushroom, egg, shrimp, and of course, some very smooth tofu. The base, sweet with the taste of meat as well as seafood; and the myriad of ingredients complimented the tofu nicely.

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
tofu, soup, meat, vegetable, we have it all convered

The watercress soup came in one of those steamed soup servings. Prepared in advance and kept in the steamer, it was well cooked and didn’t disappoint. The best dish of the night, though, was the kangkong. A simple dish with the vegetable fried alongside red chili, garlic, dried shrimp, and oil turned out to be done with the perfect taste and texture. It was easily one of the best kangkong belacan dishes I’ve had for a long time. Best of all, it didn’t even need to be overly spicy to be good.

Ming Heong at Taman Paramount
Ming Heong is situated just by Giant at Paramount

The dinner was an economical RM 13.00 per person. Four dishes, a very good value. Ming Heong only opens for dinner, and I would recommend that you go there on a non-rainy night.

Jalan 20/22,
Taman Paramount, PJ,

GPS: 3.106995, 101.624190