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Last weekend I was lucky enough to score a couple tickets to Deadmau5 LED Concert at Sunway Lagoon. To be honest, I was almost giving up the passes for someone else initially, then I went on youtube to check out Deadmau5.

5 minutes later I knew that this is a party I couldn’t miss! Thank you BRANDTHINK and Carlsberg Malaysia for the passes!

KY & Haze at Deadmau5, Sunway Lagoon 2011
KY & Haze at Deadmau5, Sunway Lagoon 2011

Here’s a photo to .. well, document the fact that we were really there!


There were a couple DJs on stage prior to Deadmau5, and luckily there were pretty good bringing up the crowd to the raving mood too. However, I do kinda feel a bit bad for the DJ prior to Deadmau5 when people started chanting “We want Deadmau5, we want Deadmau5!”.

Haze and I decided to squeeze to the front of the stage for some hardcore raving when Deadmau5 came out, and it was intense! The video above was taken using my newly acquired Sony Ericsson Arc, I hope the short video at least conveys the mood of the party. (sound was a bit broken cos I guess it was too loud for the phone’s mic to handle)

The full LED stage was impressive! It was literally like if have a giant LCD screen and drap it all over the stage in 3D. Something you have to be there to appreciate.

Michael, Li Ling, Haze, KY, Kim & Gareth

Deadmau5 himself also worked the crowd very well, and of course, we had a great time and a good session of sweating of course.

Remember the previous post on ESPN Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass launch that I went to? Here’s the “official” video of my longest pass attempt.

This was done in only one take, of course I did it conservatively with no fancy moves. After all I was wearing the Malaysian jersey and one should not embarrass the national symbol, right? hehe

football crazy longest pass

Remember to participate and be on TV! Your video will be featured on TV as well as Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page too. Make it happen!