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This weekend has been a particularly entertaining one. Mell had landed on Thursday, and the gang decided to head to MOS for Chivas Global Underground Party.

The sound system at MOS must be the best of any clubs I’ve been, you can literally feel the bass on the floor. The place was also properly air conditioned, and with indoor smoking disallowed, it was very pleasant even when the crowd came in.

Chivas Global Underground at MOS
Kim said the bass is very sleep inducing?

Mell, Horng, Gareth, Kim, Suan, Selina, and I had an awesome time, with Mell maybe having a bit of a too awesome night (can’t walk and all), and Kim also took the liberty to have a nice one hour nap in the club. It was a while since we had such a fun time.

Saturday we went to Digital Mall to grab a Wii console complete with 2 guitars, Wii Fit board, a couple controllers with nunchuk, and over a dozen games. I had also bought over Gareth’s PS2 since Mell transported her set of mics & SingStar discs.

Guitar Hero Party
Guitar Hero and SingStar Party (notice Horng’s Air Guitar Hero?)

Guitar Hero is the bestest shit since sliced Gardenia Butterscotch bread, the game made a fake musician out of anyone with some decent hand-eye coordination (just maybe not Suan, she refused to play it). I like how the game says “REAL GUITAR HERO PLAYS REAL GUITAR” too.

Well, I guess we’re not playing air guitar hero like how Horng’s doing in the picture above.

When our fingers were all tired from too much guitar playing, it was time for some vocal challenge with SingStar. It is basically like karaoke with a scoreline attached to it. I have to say that now it is confirmed scientifically (at least by PS2), that Horng’s vocal sucked the most, followed by myself, and Gareth. Suan was very good, as with Rachel, Mell, and Kim.

The game also has player vs player and team vs team modes, super fun! Then Gareth had to point out that Meat Loaf’s “I Will Do Anything For Love” always reminded him of anal sex… teruk.

Oh, and lastly, the OSIM uSqueez is not for everyone, especially if you’re super ticklish.

Tuesday Suan, Horng, and I are going heading to Krabi to watch the UEFA Champions League final on the beach. We had won this trip playing flash games at a Heineken event last year, woohoo!

Everyone in a while, Kerol would come over and pick us up for brunch over the weekends. Being from Penang, this not-terribly-young lady is a truly picky when it comes to choosing her food. So whenever she brings me to a new eatery, it is most often one worth the stomach.

new restaurant ipoh chicken rice
New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing

A couple weeks ago she brought myself and housemate Rachel to the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice at Jalan Gasing.

I am quite a fan of chicken rice, from Malay stalls, Ayamas, air-conditioned restaurant, to the famous Fatty Loh Chicken Rice in Penang, I’ve really tried them all. However, none of the above mentioned outlets is as big as this place.

meat balls, bean sprout, roasted pork, chicken
pork meat balls, bean sprouts, roasted pork, steamed chicken

Since arriving at PJ from Ipoh in 1977, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice has expanded to four shop lots with tables on both levels. There were at least 30 workers including servers, hosts, cleaners, cooks, and kitchen helpers in the very efficiently and rather clean restaurant. Order is done with an assistant of a PDA connected wirelessly to the kitchen too.

For the three of us, we ordered roasted and steamed spring chicken, roasted pork (siu yok), six pork meatballs, and a portion of bean sprouts.

rachel, kerol, KY at ipoh chicken rice, jalan gasing
Rachel, Kerol, and KY enjoying some chicken rice

One very important thing at any chicken rice places is the quality of it’s chili sauce, and in this regard, New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice did not disappoint. The chili does pack a kick, and minced ginger is available too.

The chicken was really delightful, even the breast meat was rather smooth and rather tasty, but of course, I still prefer dark meat anytime. Bean sprouts were fat and juicy, providing a nice contrasting texture to the meat. The meat balls were, although famous and tasted pretty decent, isn’t at the same league Wan Hou Steamboat‘s version. The roasted pork too, was alright but isn’t something I would recommend strongly, I had wish we ordered more chicken instead.

map to ipoh chicken rice (since 1977)
New Restuarant Ipoh Chicken Rice is pretty close to Federal Highway

With everything we ordered, lunch came to about RM 10 or so per person. Not exactly the cheapest meal but a pretty satisfying one. The place opens from 7:30 in the morning till some 11pm at night daily. Interestingly, there’s another chicken rice shop right next to it that is more old school, and as Mell said, her grand dad’s favorite. I shall check out that particular Satellite Chicken Rice shop soon.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
107, Jalan Gasing 10/1
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.107456, 101.65334
Tel: 03-7956 0958

Over the Thaipusum weekend, I went to Cameron Highlands for the first time in my life. I had the preconception that Cameron was perhaps slightly smaller than Genting, with a small settlement of farmers and tea plantation workers. I was wrong.

tea plantation at cameron highlands
Cameron Valley tea plantation

I now see why Cameron Highlands is spelled in a plural, there are quite a few towns scattered around near the top of the mountain range: Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Kampung Raja, Blue Valley, Ringlet, Tringkap; with a combined population of some 35,000 people.

strawberry farm at cameron highlands
strawberry farm

The people at Cameron actually live in Cameron, and many of them are born there, and actually refer to the Malaysia outside Cameron as “low lands”. They operate just like any small town except for the fact that temperature is a cool 8-10c lower than average. Day time peaks at about 28c and at night, it hovers at about 18-20c, I like it very much.

steamboat at cameron highlands
steamboat at BrinjangBrinchang, Cameron Hignlands

Our trip started out brightly, with 3 cars and 10 of us in a 4, 3, 3 formation. About 330 meters up (it’s about 1200 meters at Tanah Rata), our trip came to a slight interruption, and you can read about that at Horng’s blog. We ended up with 2 small hatchbacks, 10 adults, and way too much luggage for 1-night stay.

Tea and Scones at Cameron Highlands
this is half of the group

Alas, the little incident did not derail out trip. We stayed at a bungalow with a fireplace and had baked potatoe, we had steamboat, tea and scones, visited strawberry farm and bee farm, shoots our own cheesy videos, and had loads of fun in between. It was absolutely awesome.

KY and Mellissa at cameron highlands
Mellissa and I

As with all trips, to me, destination come after the company, and I had the best with me.

There will be more write ups on this trip. The steamboat, the self baked sweet potato in the fire place, and maybe even a few silly videos. Stay tuned!

I’ve been a fan of Penang Hokkien Mee (commonly referred to as Prawn Mee in KL) ever since I was able to get to choose my own breakfast, it also means that my affinity towards this particular dish started longer than some of you have been alive, which might not exactly be a very proud talking point, but lets not digress.

I’ve known the existence of this particular hawker stall at seapark for quite a while but somehow never gave it a try until very recently. This was partly due to the fact that a particular ex housemate said the laksa was not very good, and that I didn’t know they serve Hokkien mee too.

Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee at PJ Sea park
stall by the side of the road serving Laksa and Hokkien Mee

Actually we ended up at the stall due to the fact that Soo Kee across the road ran out of steamed chicken as we arrived too late. While settling down to our table, I over heard the owners speaking in Penang Hokkien, a definite good sign.

Rachel ordered asam laksa, while Horng and I asked for the Hokkien mee. The place was cozy despite the afternoon heat, and the whole mobile hawker set up gives it a feeling that is very close to home.

Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee at PJ Sea park
Rachel, KY, Horng, and those pretty good size prawns

Rachel’s verdict for the laksa was actually quite positive. Here’s what she said about it, and I quote:

Rachying says (11:21 AM):
erm actualy it somehow satisfy my crave for laksa back home?
just if i can have more fish
that would be awesome
cos the soup will be thicker

As for the Hokkien mee, I really liked it a lot. All the usual ingredients and the slightly larger than usual prawns in a soup base that has the right prawn taste to it. Very proper and very delicious, I love it. This would be the 3rd Hokkien mee place around the area that I approve. The other two being Yon Lee at TTDI and the stall at Kampung Chempaka.

Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee
the hokkien mee and asam laksa stall is located at SEA Park

RM 4 for a bowl of that Penang flavor right here in the heart of PJ, I’m going to be a frequent customer. This stall opens from brunch till tea time. You can also find pretty awesome teow chew porridge just right opposite the stall, and there’s this very nice nasi lemak with ayam goreng at night at the same place too.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.110006,101.62213

First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming and made the fifth installment of our annual Xmas Eve Party a blasting success. There were some 40 people who turned up, quite a few bottles of liquors and wines brought by you, and again, Tuborg sponsored loads of free beer with their beer girl Siao Ling joining the party as well. It was awesome.

Due to the hectic schedule a week (including a trip to Singapore) prior to the party, my housemates and I only managed to put up some minor decoration and set up the place in the last 2 hours. I bought some x’mas lights for my two x’mas trees, reuse the deco, got some snacks, mixers, a Coleman huge ice box filled with ice from 7-11 and we were good to go.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
free Tuborg beer, and lotsa socializing

The party got started at around 9pm with Terence, Chris, and Anthony arriving first. Sheryl, Cindy, and Simon arrived there after, and joined by Eiling, who managed to fetch Huai Bin to my place despite being already 3/4 drunk before the party even got started.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Erna, Michael, Elfie, Reta, Cindy, KY, Siao Ling, Huai Bin, Mohan, Firdy, Simon

Suan, Alan, and Wei Yi were around when our favorite Tuborg girl Siao Ling showed up with all those beer just as my new ice box was yearning for some attention. We quickly set things up and the party really got started right after that.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Chan, Huey Fang, Kelvin, Sheryl, Terence, Yee Hou, Aireen, Chris Tock

As the resident alcohol pusher, Terence was doing a fine job ensuring everyone a fair chance to get royally drunk by mixing 2 huge glasses of alcohol laden concoction named Life and Death. Erna was very fortunate to have a few gulps and ended up missing half the party by passionately hugging my gate with a really stoned facial expression. Elfie was embarassed that her fellow Sabahan can’t hold her drinks.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Naufal, Gareth, Shamsul, AC, Faye, Kim & chef, Adrian, Alan, Wei Yi, Suanie

There were some new faces in this year’s party, Shamsul, AC, Faye, Chris, Anthony, Rebecca, Jenson, Aireen, Daniel, and Debra are friends of friends or people whom I got to know via the blog but never met prior to this party.

Cindy, Selina, Siao Ling, Tock, Yee Hou, Firdy, Huai Bin, Elfie, Michael, Eiling, Erna, and Zoe are certainly are friends who attended the party for the first time. I got to know some of them via blog, random events, and via other friends.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
Chris, Anthony, Zoe, Horng & Eiling, Amanda & Rachel, Enoch & Alice, Jenson, Rebecca, Daniel, Debra, Selina

There are also those who are no stranger to our little yearly celebration, Reta, Naufal, Nicholas, Alan, Adrian, Rachel, Kelvin, and Mohan all came to the party at least once before.

Then there is the group of my closest friends who were here since the get go. My housemate Horng, Suanie, Gareth, Kim, Huey Fang and Chan, and Terence. I am glad that my exgf Sheryl was able to make it after being away in Europe for post graduate studies for the past two years.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
some of the more embarassing gift exchange moments

We didn’t actually have a dress theme this year. Instead, the legendary gift exchange has a little twist in it: It has to be something you can wear, and you must wear it after opening. This idea came from Horng, blame him if you were one of the victims.

Some of the more messed up gifts include a purple bra (I hope the size fits you, Elfie), disposable undearwear, a few boxes of condoms (Huai Bin wore one in public, scaring off all the girls), numerous underwear, socks & stockings, headgear, and lipsticks. The gift exchange was pretty intense, very dangerous.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
the Heineken hat exchanged hands 5 times, stupid Michael!

The most saught after gift item was this Heineken hat brought by Michael. The hat was snatched up 5 times and ended up back to Michael just because Elfie wanted it (that’s wh4, stupid Michael). I think we should make it a rule that you can’t pick your own gift next year onwards.

KY's xmas eve party 2008
some of the things people do when they are slightly influenced

Things got a little wilder after the gift exchange session as the blood alcohol mixture gets a bit out of hand for a few people. There’s this particular “Patrick” who can’t seem to walk properly and ended up passed out all over the place. The best thing was he kept saying “careful! careful! the earth is moving” and “are you guys ok?” everytime right before he passed out. Patrick is seen sleeping in two places with “James” sitting in both places in the collage above.

There were also some toe licking actions by Faye and Huai Bin, Siao Ling was, tragically, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The party was great, and it was only appropriate that we had to end it after the cops came at 3:30am saying we were a bit too loud. Some of us then headed to Ming Tien for an early morning breakfast where Rachel promptly vomit out the wan tan mee after consumption. I think she was eager to join Patrick and James as the third person to throw up.

Again, thanks for coming, Merry Christmas and see you guys next year!

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