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A few weeks ago, my younger brother drop by my place when he was in KL for some convention/seminar/boring events some weeks ago to give me a 3 packets of happiness tightly sealed in plastic bags, and a big cylindrical can of this strange looking snack that looks like very tiny potato chips.

Romulo's garlic chips with chili
say hello to my younger brother!

The generic pack of pork rind tasted just as good as any that I’ve had, super crunchy, slightly salty, and absolutely addictive. Since I had 3 packs, I gave one away to Kim my fellow #porkgang member. It is also her birthday today so I guess that packet of pork is now considered her be-earliered birthday present. 😛

For the uninformed, pork rind (or pork cracklings, scratchings, check wiki entry) is basically deep fried cured pork skin. It’s the best snack any Atkin diet followers could get, and contrary to popular misconception, pork rind actually contains more protein and less fat (since it’s deep fried to crunchy) than your usual chips!

Suan, Gareth, Kim, and Ringo
Suanie, Gareth, Kim, and Ringo noming away

While pork rind was already one of my favorite snacks of all time, I didn’t know a thing about this little chips – Romulo’s garlic chips with chili!

It’s basically very thinly sliced garlic that’s marinated with a good dosage of chili, deep fried, and sprinkled with more spices and chili powder when done (based on pure speculation).

The end product is spicy, extremely fragrant, and absolutely vampire proof. If you find this anywhere around here, let me know, or if you’re going to pinoyland anytime soon…. get some for me! (and suan too, read her post!)

Mine is running out, I’m gonna miss the garlic chips. Might even need to make some myself once the kitchen is done. Warghhhhh!

I am truly blessed with awesome friends, and it is with such luck that sometimes I ended up with the greatest gifts from overseas – foods I can’t otherwise get right here in Malaysia.

Knowing that I am a lover of everything pork, when EiLing (nickname Puan Sri) went to Australia for vacation, she bought me a packet of Pork Krackles!

Pork Krackles from Gold Medal Snackfoods
Pork Krackles, from Aussie

The snack is made of pork rind, vegetable oil, salt, and a bit of other things I can never remember. The most important thing was like all other pork rind/crackles products, it always tasted great!

While just as crunchy as Mr. Porky from UK, this one’s not as hard. I think this might due to the fact that they use only the skin layer of pork and does not include the much of the fatty/meat layer.

haze and KY enjoying pork krackles
Haze and KY enjoying pork krackles as late night snack

Oh, and interestingly, it has very little trans fat and a good source of protein (according to their website anyway). Now anyone knows where I can find these things in Malaysia? Pleaseeee?

My current fix is the salmon skin from Isetan from time to time, while it is good, it is no match for proper pork rind. haihh

Some of you might know that I am quite a consumer of pork and lard. Things that aren’t exactly healthy, but so tasty I just couldn’t help myself. Everyone has their own guilty pleasures, and pork crackles (or pork rind/pork scratching) happen to be one of mine.

Mr Porky Pork Crackles
Mr. Porky pork crackles, from UK

Cheesie knows this fact rather well, which was why she gave me a packet of Mr. Porky pork crackles she obtained from a friend who came back to Malaysia from UK a few weeks ago.

For the uninformed, pork scratchings is basically pork skin with a layer of fat that is seasoned with salt and baked until most of the liquid fat is drained off. The resulting snack is mostly dry but with a hint of fat you can still taste, it is quite salty and porky. Without saying, this thing goes very well with beer.

It’s actually almost like a cross of fried lard (chu yau cha) & salted fish, in a very good way!

I didn’t manage to procure a can of cold beer to go with this little packet of goodness. Perhaps the next project would be self baked pork scratching as suggested by Kim (who also bought me a packet of pork scratching from UK sometimes last year, but I finished it before having a chance to take a picture).