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I’m currently in Philippines enjoying a dive trip, so I suppose it’s appropriate to introduce to you one of the dishes I discovered by accident at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport of Manila.

I was waiting for my flight back to KL on the Operation Smile trip late last year, hungry struck, so we decided to stop by one of the small airport restaurants at Terminal 3 to catch lunch. The name of the place was Great Man Hann Restaurant.

dinuguan at Great Man Hann restaurant
dinuguan at Great Man Hann restaurant

The menu was full of vocabulary not found in my system, so like any adventurer, I picked the first item – Dinuguan, and asked the server about the dish.

“Sir, it’s pork cooked with pork blood”

He had me at pork blood, so I ordered, and it came exactly like what the server described.

Dinuguan from Philippines
Dinuguan from Philippines

Well, there’s also a side of steamed rice, and a green chili native to the Philippines on top. The “gravy” is made of pork blood and thus not exactly liquid but more like very tiny chunks of coagulated pork blood. Meat was delicious especially those with a mixture of fats in it, and when eaten with the chili, it provided an excellent kick.

It was an interesting dish and one that I would definitely try again. Since this one was from the airport, I’m sure there are superior versions out there, I shall try more. Especially those that not only include meat but intestine, ears, liver, and more.

Yum yum, so what’s some of the more interesting things you ate in 2012?

We actually spent a total of 10 days in Penang over CNY, my longest stint back home since getting a job in KL some 10 years, and that explains the recent flood of Penang food posts. There will be just a few more before the more KL centric posts resumes.

The extended eating binge was of course, glorious!

Update 2019: Tua Pui Curry Mee is now at Kimberly Street.

Tua Pui curry mee at Weld Quay
Tua Pui curry mee at Weld Quay

On the last few days in Penang, I finally got a chance to try the famed Tua Pui Curry Mee at Weld Quay (situated right across Chew Jetty, now a UNESCO world heritage).

I’m a sucker for Penang style curry mee, and could eat them almost daily until my lactose intolerant body starts to complain. Doesn’t matter, had curry mee!

mine is with extra fish balls, RM 3.80
mine is with extra fish balls, RM 3.80

Tua Pui curry mee is a little bit different from the usual run-off-the-mill Penang curry mee. They have all the usual ingredients you’d find – tofu pok, coagulated blood, blood cockles, cuttle fish; but they also have quite a lot of optional items you can add in. There’s chicken gizzards, big prawns (the bare version has no prawns, bummer), chicken wings, fish balls, and more.

The soup too is enhanced with several types of curry, giving it a little more complexity, I like it.

My bowl was one with extra fish balls for RM 3.80. The two giant fish balls, though looking somewhat peculiar in a bowl of curry mee,  did not disappoint, they were quite tasty in itself. Of course, the curry mee overall was as good as any. Well worth a try if you’re in Penang.

we shared a mua chee, and Haze had her 6th laksa or the trip or something
we shared a mua chee, and Haze had her 6th laksa or the trip or something

As for Haze, she had her laksa, again. That must be the 6th or 7th laksa of the trip and that girl can never get tired of it. According to her, this particular laksa was a good one too. I didn’t try it, but just by looking at it, you know it’s a winner. RM 3 for the laksa if I remember correctly.

Then there’s muah chee, we paid RM 2 for this excellent combination of flour, crushed nuts, sesame, and sugar that you can find pretty much anywhere in Penang, but for some reasons, not in KL.

I’m missing Penang already.

map to tua pui curry mee, weld quay

Village Coffee Shop
107-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay),
10300 Penang, Malaysia

GPS: 5.412652,100.338789

My quest for the yummiest Penang Curry Mee continues, and this time it brought me to OUG at Sun Sea Kopitiam. To be honest, I found out about the curry mee here pretty much accidentally as we were wondering about at the area when Haze pointed out: “look here’s a Penang curry mee stall”

Sun Sea kopitiam is becoming one of my favorite places for breakfast
Sun Sea kopitiam is becoming one of my favorite places for breakfast

It took us the third try to catch it in time (Sunday by around noon), and it was worth it!

The curry mee at Sun Sea kopitiam is one of the few original Penang curry mee you can find (others are restaurant Okay, PJ SS2 & restaurant Good Food, PJ old town) that comes with coagulated pork blood. My aim is to find more of the same breed in Klang Valley and see how they measure up against some of the bests in Penang.

coagulated pork blood, prawns, cockles, cuttle fish, tofupok, yes!
coagulated pork blood, prawns, cockles, cuttle fish, tofupok, yes!

The curry mee came with tofu pok, a couple peeled prawns, almost-raw cockles (yums), cuttle fish, coagulated pork blood, and that all important chili paste with slightly charred taste. Everything, together with your choice of yellow noodle or meehun or the combination of both, was served in a santan based broth.

It was awesome, this version of curry mee at OUG is almost on par with my favorite one at restaurant Okay, and probably slightly edges the PJ Old Town’s shop. I love it.

the first time Haze likes curry mee instead of tolerating it
the first time Haze likes curry mee instead of tolerating it

It was in fact, good enough that Haze actually liked it (she usually merely tolerates curry mee). RM 4.50 per bowl, if you’re seeking for a bowl of good old fashion Penang curry mee, you can’t go wrong here.

map to Sun Sea kopitiam at OUG

Restaurant Sun Sea 
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.073945, 101.673234
daily till around noon+

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Celcom iPhone 4s

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I’m a big fan of curry mee, in fact, it is probably my second most favorite hawker dishes all of time, just right behind char kuih teow.

But unlike char kuih teow that are almost always served with the same ingredients, curry mee can be tricky. There’re the Ipoh/central region variety that comes with curry chicken, cockles, and (if  you are lucky) pork skin, and there’s the Penang version with prawns, santan based broth, cockles, and increasingly rarely – coagulated pork blood.

P/S: this stall has moved to Seapark, PJ. Click here to find out.

hail to Penang curry mee, with pork blood!
hail to Penang curry mee, with pork blood!

The Penang version curry mee isn’t the most common hawker offering in Klang Valley, and as far as I know, only a handful of  them serve up a bowl with all the ingredients. So when I found out about this curry mee stall at the newish hawker center at PJ Old Town by the name of Restaurant Good Food, I was rather excited.

prawns, cockles, blood, and tofupok
prawns, cockles, blood, and tofupok

The operator did speak fluent Penang hokkien, and the bowl of curry mee did indeed come with all the bell & whistles you’d expect – with some extra long beans & lime, but minus the mint leave (i’m nitpicking here).

Apart from the prawns being a bit smallish, this was actually a very good bowl of curry mee, it was the “right” flavor all the way down to the proper sambal with that iconic slightly burnt taste to it. I liked it.

For me, the curry mee at Restaurant Okay at SS2 still edges over this one, but I can almost never wake up in time before they are sold out (usually by 9 a.m. on weekends). This place opens till around 3pm, so hureii!

map to Restaurant Good Food in PJ Old Town

Restoran Good Food
Jalan Penchala
Seksyen 51,
46000 Petaling Jaya
GPS3.087026, 101.641479
morning till 3pm, close every 1st & 3rd Sundays 

Olympus E-PL3

Curry Mee has always been one of my favorite hawker foods.

The Penang style curry mee is quite distinct from any other version, it’s ingredients encompasses elements that are quite uniquely Malaysian – santan, sambal, seafood, tofu pok, noodle, meehun, and coagulated pork blood. I bet you can’t find this blend of ingredients readily available outside this region.

Penang Curry Mee at Restaurant Okay, SS2
Truly Penang style Curry Mee stall at Restaurant Okay, SS2

Ever since I read about this place on masak-masak, I’ve always wanted to give it a try. A couple failures later (they usually finished early on weekends, like 9am!), I struck charm on the 3rd trials, and had this for breakfast last Monday Tuesday.

Curry Mee with coagulated pork blood
coagulated blood, cuttle fish, prawns, cockles, tofu pok – yums!

A bowl of curry mee here costs RM 4.20 and really does come with all the ingredients one would expect from the original recipe, heck, even the owner speaks proper Penang Hokkien.

There’s prawns, lightly boiled fresh cockles, tofu pok, cuttle fish, and yes, coagulated pork blood, my favorite! There’s also of course, your choice of noodle/meehun swimming in santan based soup and the signature curry mee sambal that’s not overly spicy but slightly burnt.

KY and Haze having curry mee at restaurant okay, PJ SS 2
KY & Haze at Restaurant Okay

While not exactly the best curry mee I’ve tried (this one at Mt. Eskerin in Penang’s one of my fav), this must be one of the better ones especially in Klang Valley. I’d choose this version over the likes of Ahloy at OUG and especially over the now pork-free Lorong Seratus Tahun at SS2.

Give it a try if you’re longing for Penang Curry Mee, but be there early, and  they’re closed on Mondays too.

map to Restaurant Okay, PJ SS 2

Restaurant Okay
2, Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya,
(at the other end of the same row of shop houses comprising KAYU)

GPS: 3.115084, 101.616390