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I picked up mountain biking lately, which turned into a wonderful hobby that involves a lot of calorie burning that enables even more calorie intake right after every weekend session in the trails, and it was one of these sessions that brought us to this relatively new restaurant at Aman Suria area – Kah Foong Pork Shoppe

Kah Foong pork shopped at Aman Suria (Sunway Mas Commercial Centre)
Kah Foong pork shopped at Aman Suria (Sunway Mas Commercial Centre)

To be honest, the only reason we ended up at the place was due to the fact that Famous Seremban Favorites, the restaurant that serves one of the best charsiu in town, was far too packed, and Kah Foong happened to be located just a few shops down.

The menu promises pork, so if we can’t have charsiu, why not some other type of pork, right?

As it turned out, the decision was a wise one.

slices of pork soft bone on thick mee suah, delicious
slices of pork soft bone on thick mee suah, delicious

The menu at Kah Foong is pretty simple, with about half a dozen different types of noodle and rice dishes to choose from. Most of them involves either soft bone, slice squid, pork ball, minced pork, pork belly, or a combination of those ingredients.

I tried the soft bone with slice squid (RM 7) and was delighted at how awesome both the ingredients were. The pork with tendon that melts in you rmouth, and the squid slices so packed with seafood sweetness we ended up ordering a few more portions on the side. I was impartial with those thick meesuah (personal preference) but I believe thinner version is available as well.

there's dry version too, and we loved the cuttle fish slices
there’s dry version too, and we loved the squid slices

Pork ball here did not disappoint either, and the friends who ordered mushroom minced pork mee (RM 7) gave the dish a favorable review as well.

Additionally, Kah Foong also sell other pork products that you can take home to your own kitchen. I have a feeling that this shop will certainly stay, the food is pretty good, the price is right, and if they can only speed up their service just a little, we’ll have a long term winner.

map to Kah Foong  pork shop at Aman Suria

Kah Foong Pork Shoppe
72-1, Jalan PJU 1/3B,
Sunway Mas, Aman Suria,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.118560, 101.599181
Tel016-2229 773

As previously mentioned, for my invisalign treatment at MyDentist, I find myself at Jalan Ipoh around twice a month. Naturally, I take the opportunity to explore eateries around the area.

Today’s soya sauce chicken rice is one of those places that was suggested by the friendly staff at the dental clinic, thank you Belinda!

soya sauce chicken rice, Jalan Ipoh
soya sauce chicken rice, Jalan Ipoh

The stall is located at a small stretch of hawker centre along the part of Jalan Ipoh that is pretty close to the Jalan Kuching intersection. There are two kopitiam at the same vicinity with chicken rice stalls as well, but those will not be the correct location.

soya sauce chicken, bean sprouts, and pork ball soup
soya sauce chicken, bean sprouts, and pork ball soup

Unlike most chicken rice stalls that offer roast chicken, this place has a pretty unique soya sauce chicken in addition to steamed chicken. The skin is smoother compared to roast version, and carries the aroma of soya sauce. It is not exactly the same as the recipe of soya sauce chicken I posted on this site before, but there are certainly resemblance in taste. It was pretty good.

For a little bit of change up, there’s also fish ball and pork ball soup in addition to bean sprouts. Mixing them up in a dish proves to be a welcoming combination. The standard minced ginger and home-made chilli sauce are presented as condiments as well.

and that makes a simple, cheap, delicious lunch
and that makes a simple, cheap, delicious lunch

A plate of chicken rice is priced at RM 4.50, and they also serve rice noodle in addition to rice.

If you’re looking for chicken rice with a slight twist, check this place out.

map to Jalan Ipoh soya sauce chicken rice

Hawker Centre
Jalan Batu Ambar
by Jalan Ipoh,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.202508, 101.674270

Pork ball noodle is somewhat of a side kick in the world of hawker food that involves pork and noodle. While pork noodle is Batman, pork ball noodle would be Robin.

Just like Robin, pork ball noodle isn’t exactly as prevalent as pork noodle, and in places where both types are available, Batman usually takes center stage.

pork ball noodle stall at Win Heng Seng kopitiam
pork ball noodle stall at Win Heng Seng kopitiam

Of course, everything has an exception, and such is the case at Win Heng Seng where the pork ball noodle stall arguably busier than the pork ball counterpart (I love the kidney).

The best pork ball noodle in klang valley according to many. At Win Heng Seng kopitiam, Jalan Imbi. #kyeats #breakfast #porknoodle #kopitiam #imbi #nonhalal

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The pork ball noodle comes in soup or dry version, and you get to choose from kuih teow, mee hun, yellow noodle, loh she fun, and the combination of them as stomach filler.

While the stall get get very busy (as with the kopitiam itself over lunch), it usually doesn’t take very long for your bowl of goodness to be served.

dry version is my favorite, with kuih teow or lou she fun
dry version is my favorite, with kuih teow or lou she fun

I particularly like the dry version here, there’s the properly flavored minced pork over noodle and black sauce, and the side of homemade pork balls and those super addictive Chinese sausage (lap cheong siu cheong). This is a largely savory, non spicy dish with pickled green chili in soya sauce for those who likes to have that bit of kick to go with.

firm and flavorful pork ball, then there's the Chinese sausage

firm and flavorful pork ball, then there’s the Chinese sausage

I usually devour everything within 10 minutes or so, and maybe next time I should ask for more lapcheong. So irresistible.

The standard bowl goes for RM 5 or RM 5.50 RM 6, a pretty standard price for this area, and you won’t regret it. 😀

Video taken 24th June, 2013:

map to restaurant Win Heng Seng

Restaurant Win Heng Seng
Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.145479, 101.715087