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When it is 4 in the afternoon, you are feeling hungry but don’t feel like spending a fortune at one of those Char Chan Teng (茶餐厅) nor greasing yourself at the nearest Mamak stall, try getting some old school Chinese light dishes and Tong Sui at places like this stall at Seapark’s Kedai Kopi Khong.

Tong Sui at Seapark Kedai Kopi Khong
a very busy stall

The stall operates from around 4 something at the afternoon till late evening. The menu is actually pretty extensive, here you can find at least 5 types of Tong Sui (糖水) (varies day to day), fried noodle and mee hun, fried poh piah, chee cheong fun, yam cake, yau char kuai (油條), and more.

For this “high tea” session, the two of us ordered 2 pieces of chee cheong fun for each person, and a pair of fried poh piah. I had the “On Soon” (安顺) Chee Cheong Fun that came with some ingredients such as dried shrimp in it, while the other noob ordered the plain variety. I also ordered the bean curd skin Tong Sui with Gingko nuts, and the noob had another type tong sui with the name that escapes my mind right this moment.

Tong Sui at Seapark Kedai Kopi Khong
tong sui, 2 types of chee cheong fun, pohpiah

The On Soon Chee Cheong Fun (top right photo on above collage) is a pretty interesting dish, it sort of bridge between the plain Chee Cheong Fun and the Hong Kong variety that are prepared with generous amount of ingredients. The dried shrimps and (I believe) radish provides some interesting texture and offers a unique taste unlike the other two types. The Tong Sui I had was very good too, with decent portion of Gingko nuts and very smooth bean curd skin. As for the Poh Piah, well, I can find better ones at Melaka, but this was actually decent.

map to Seapark Kedai Kopi Khong
map of seapark

The Tong Sui were RM 1.30 each, and the rest all adds up to less than RM 10 for two, pretty fair price for the food we got. This place tends to get very busy just before the twilight hours, do give it a try.

Junction of Jalan 21/19 and 21/22,
Seapark, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.109749, 101.621357