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We just moved to a new home at Shah Alam less than a couple months ago, it was  a long journey in getting keys, doing defects, renovation, getting furnitures, proper curtains, arranging, cleaning, painting, and many other big and small tasks.

One of the final pieces to the house that we desperately needed was an air purifier in the living/dining area, which thankfully, we have now, and not just an ordinary unit at that.

Sharp FPFM40LB air purifier in our dining area
Sharp  FPFM40LB air purifier in our dining area

The issue of air pollution and crazy API reading due to the haze issue in the past few months should be quite apparent to everyone. Making indoor air as clean as possible is now pretty much a need instead of a luxury. For this we have a unit of SHARP plasmacluster air purifier in the bedroom.

dengue in Malaysia, an alarming statistics
dengue in Malaysia, an alarming statistics

Now come the second issue many of us faces as Malaysian – dengue.

We had over 100 thousand cases of dengue last year, with 215 confirmed cases of death (sadly it also happened to one of my friends, RIP “Wingz”).

number of people killed by mosquito every year
number of people killed by mosquito every year

In fact, mosquito is accountable for the highest number of human fatality from animals with an estimated 725 thousand people died from various diseases infected from it. The number is far higher than human killed by snakes, dogs, snails, crocodiles, hippo, elephant, lions, wolves, and sharks combined. In fact, sharks only account for some 10 fatalities a year.

We are definitely facing some mosquito issues in the new area, I suspect partly due to the construction of a condominium a mere hundred or so meters away.

Sharp FPFM40LB air purifier with mosquito catcher function
SHARP  FPFM40LB air purifier with mosquito catcher function

So to combat this pesky and potentially very dangerous mosquito problem, we were also looking for some sort of repellent or electronic mosquito trap for the past week or so.

anatomy of the SHARP FPFM40L Air Purifier
anatomy of the SHARP FPFM40L Air Purifier

Then came the SHARP FPFM40LB, the Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier – a device that combat of the two issues many of us face. It purifies air and trap mosquitos all at the same time. Now instead of having to get two separate devices, we got one that does both – saving both space, energy, and the need for another electrical sockets. Neat.

installing the deodorising filter and HEPA filter
installing the deodorising filter and HEPA filter

To achieve the air purifying objective, the unit comes with SHARP’s plasmacluster technology to eliminate static electric so dust doesn’t stick to surface, then there’s a deodorising filter to remove foul odor, and HEPA filter to remove air borne particles (99.97% of 0.3 micron dust). It also has an air sensor that monitor and control the amount of air flow needed to achieve this task efficiently.

glue sheet - with UV light these are the mosquito catching secrets
glue sheet – with UV light these are the mosquito catching secrets

To catch mosquito, the FPFM40L uses a strong glue sheet made out from non-toxic material (to ensure safety), and two maintenance free energy saving LED lights to attract mosquitos. The unit is also black in color, as mosquitos often like to hide in dark areas. Additionally, even the entrance is designed and shaped in such for maximum catching performance.

Each pack has 3 sheets and each sheet is recommended to be used for 1 month, with a maximum of 3 month usefulness if it’s not “filled” with mosquito yet. So far in a few days of use, I’ve noticed a dozen of so mosquitos stuck in the glue sheet, and the area is really practically mosquito free. It’s doing it’s job.

So if you’re facing similar problems, this latest SHARP Mosquito Catcher Air Purifier should be in your radar. Head to for more info.

And as a pet owner myself, this video conveys the usefulness of Plasmacluster feature pretty well.

Remember a little while ago I wrote a little bit about Sharp air conditioning and highlighted their Plasmacluster Ion technology? Well, today we’re going to look at one of Sharp’s most popular and trusted products – their Air Purifier with the same Plasmacluster technology.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see how well the FP-E50E Air Purifier works in our environment.

Sharp Air Purifier with Plasmacluster in the box
Haze at work, next to a Sharp Air Purifier with Plasmacluster in the box

See, I have a somewhat allergy prone fiancee and three cats at home, throw in Malaysia’s less than ideal air quality during hazy season and the occasional chemical from Haze’s painting work (yes, her name is Haze, not a deliberate pun), and you have a recipe for a lot of sneezing and coughing in the work room.

HEPA filter and deodorizing filter
HEPA filter and deodorizing filter

This is where Sharp Air Purifier comes in handy.

The FP-E50E model comes with both a HEPA filter and a deodorizing filter. The HEPA, or high efficiency particulate air filter, is able to remove at least 99.97% of 0.3 µm particles, while the deodorizing filter works as the name suggests, removing unpleasant odors in the room the machine is operating in.

Then of course, there’s the all important Plasmacluster, which is Sharp’s disinfecting technology for suppressing the effects of airborne viruses, and breaking down and removing airborne mold. This technology is so good that you can find it in quite a variety of products these days, including cars, refrigerator, air conditioning, dryer, and more. In fact, there’s been over 50 million Plasmacluster unit sold to date.

These three technology works in unison to give you a much better air quality to live in.

Cendawan checking out the Sharp Air Purifier
Cendawan checking out the Sharp Air Purifier FP-E50E

One question that comes to mind for most people when purchasing an air purifier is the frequency in having to exchange the filters. According ot the user manual, the filters life is up to 5 years.

Whenever the filter indication sign turns orange (720 hours in medium fan speed), simply use a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the filter, and reset the indicator light, it is really rather low maintenance if you ask me.

Fan Speed, Haze Mode, Lock, Plasmacluster On/Off, Reset, Off Timer, and On/Off button
Fan Speed, Haze Mode, Lock, Plasmacluster On/Off, Reset, Off Timer, and On/Off button

One feature that I really like about this model is the Haze mode. Activating the button makes the machine release high-density Plasmacluster ions and discharges strong air flow for 60 minutes, then alternate between low and high level for 20 minutes each, removing the harmful effects of haze effectively.

I also find it quite useful when the artist at home does any sort of paint spraying job at home.

The Sharp FP-E50E Air Purifier with Plasmacluster looking good at our home office
The Sharp FP-E50E Air Purifier with Plasmacluster looking good at our home office

Other functions of the air purifier include an off timer, child lock, as well as a dust and odor indicator. I think maybe it’s about time to upgrade my smaller Sharp air purifier that I have in the room to something like this one.

For more information, do check out, and to learn more about Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology, head to

Additionally, there’s also a cuter website with Doraemon and all to learn about the product at

Hello everyone, lets talk about the climate today. To be specific, the climate in Malaysia, and especially around Klang Valley.

Below is a part of a chart obtained from, a weather service website, of the climate data taken at Subang Airport for the last 6 decades or so.

KL climate historical data

The legends:

  • T – Annual average temperature (°C)
  • TM – Annual average maximum temperature (°C)
  • Tm – Annual average minimum temperature (°C)
  • PP – Total annual precipitation of rain and / or snow (mm)
  • V – Annual average wind speed (Km/h)
  • RA – Total days with rain during the year
  • SN – Total days with snow during the year
  • TS – Total days with thunderstorm during the year
  • FG – Total days with fog during the year
  • TN – Total days with tornado or funnel cloud during the year
  • GR – Total days with hail during the year

Notice that average temperature, average maximum, and average minimum temperature taken were all up by almost 2 degree Celsius since the mid 70s. In fact, back in the days we even experienced a few hail storms!

So when your parents say that it was much cooler back in the days, they weren’t just speaking through the lens of nostalgia.

my electrical meter reading

Next, look at the electricity consumption history of my house, taken from TNB e-Services website. For your info, the bill ending mid February was over RM 400.00, with one big chunk of power undoubtedly contributed from the two old school air conditioners running at home due to the recent hot & dry spell of the local weather.

Which brings us the main topic of the day – the Sharp inverter Air Conditioners.

Inverter Air Conditioner technology

Now you might ask, what is inverter?

In laymen’s term, air conditioner with inverter circuitry can control room temperature by switching the compressor between high and low operation modes, while the non-inverter type can only switch it full on and full off.

The benefit is two fold – you get a more even room temperature control, and at the same time, it reduces power consumption by up to 50.3%.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ions AC

Well, plenty of air conditioners now come with inverters, right?

Now what sets Sharp apart is their Plasmacluster Ion technology.

With the situation of haze and generally more polluted city air these days, Plasmacluster Ion technology uses the actions of positive and negative ions to clean up airborn contaminants and create a more pleasant living space.

Sharp AC

Other features available from Sharp ACs include powerful jet, gentle cool, and nature wing design for fan blade for maximum energy efficiency.

So if you’re looking for air conditioning units, or perhaps thinking of upgrading your current air conditioners, take a look at what Sharp has to offer.

There are a wide range of Plasmacluster Ion and non Plasmacluster Ion inverter ACs. The line up also includes non-inverter models and comfort Eco as well.

For more information, check out