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The Petronas Twin Towers is perhaps one of the most photographed buildings in Malaysia. There are tonnes of photos taken from various angles, but can you guess where is this particular photo taken from?

note: I didn’t cut a hole from a cardboard.

KLCC, where is this?
where did I take this picture of the twin towers?

No prize for guessing right. 😀

The reason this blog hasn’t been updated for the past few days is a sound one. I was at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam again, and the hotel wanted to charge something like US $17 per day for internet access, I guess I could live without going online for a few days. I had the chance to walk around the city a bit and take a few pictures from the street.

vietnam, ho chi minh city
not going to school

There are still many under privileged children in this city, selling various items such as chewing gums, or like in this case, providing a shoe shining service.

ho chi minh city, vietnam
buy from me?

This lady kept asking me to buy a coconut from her. I had no idea how much one would cost, and she doesn’t speak English either.

ho chi minh city, vietnam
i want a bike

It seems like this guy, who appears to be a rat trapper, would very much love to be able to own a motorbike one day. Ho Chi Minh City has a very high concentration of motorbikes, pretty much like Penang in the 80s, except maybe 5x as busy.

ho chi minh city, vietnam

A white lady is trying to figure out what’s for breakfast. I guess it wasn’t too attractive as she just walked past the mobile restaurant. You can find these sort of hawkers all over HCMC.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building facing the Merdeka Square is probably one of the most photographed buildings this side of KLCC. I went there with Kelvin last Saturday after we tried our luck at Brickfield without much cooperation from the sky. Luckily, the light condition changed for the better and we were able to snap for the better part of an hour.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building
the shadow
I want to capture the shadow of myself projected by the evening sun on the wall. The sepia like color is from the evening sun and the red bricks.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building
the corridor
I wonder how many people have walked down this corridor and had their lives forever changed

Sultan Abdul Samad Building
clock tower

Sultan Abdul Samad Building
the walkway

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

more pictures on my flickr set.

This is my second working trip to Yangon, Myanmar. The pictures from last trip was taken with my now retired Nokia 7610. I have, however, decided to jumped onto the DSLR bandwagon and got myself a brand spanking new Canon 400D as an excuse that I need a better camera to document the stay at the former capitol of Myanmar. Furthermore, I will be traveling to a couple other interesting locations within Myanmar as well.

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
Dyna bus, only 100 kyats to board

Nothing much has changed since I last visited this place about 2 years ago, with the exception of the new Yangon airport that was opened just 3 days prior to our arrival. The city still looks the same, I haven’t spotted any new big buildings, Dyna buses are still roaming the busy streets, carrying at least 5x more passangers than those trucks are designed to.

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
the day market, bustling with people

The main street outside Traders Hotel are still bustling with people and merchants, some of them more energetic than others. Here you can find anything from

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
a high energy merchant selling cloths

Yangon city, Maynmar, busy day time
a tired shop keeper

Yangon city, Maynmar, night market
Myanmar’s very own satey celup?

The scene at downtown Yangon at night is similar to day time, but with more food stalls selling variety of local delights that I haven’t find the chance (or courage) to try yet. Among the usual offerings such as food, cloths, and watches, I changed upon this street artist who employed a pretty unique style of painting by using a brush and a knife to draw up beautiful landscape pictures, very impressive.

Yangon city, Maynmar, night market
an artist at work

Yangon city, Maynmar, night market
one of the many pagodas in Yangon

These are among the first pictures taken using the new gear, many more shall come, stay tuned!

Canon EOS 400D
my new gear, Canon EOS 400D

Been a while since I last had this type of stupid riddle over here, and here. Since we are counting down to our great X’mas Eve Party 2006, it’s just fitting that I dig up this hot and spicy party photo from ST‘s site and make this “spot the differences” pictures. There are a total of 7 differences, find them!

Margie and Sotong lesbian photo
the first lesbian picture

Margie and Sotong lesbian photo
the second lesbian picture

For the noobs, check the answer here. Come to the party!