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At the time of writing, the world human population stands at about 6.77 billion (source: wikipedia). So when someone tells you that you are “one in a million“, he or she is necessarily saying that you are exactly the same as almost seven thousand human beings. Not so special after all, heh?

With the world population expected to increase to 9 billion in another 30 years, being able to separate yourself the other jokers out there will be that much harder. So how do you not lose yourself in the crowd?

How do you differentiate yourself? By getting noticed in photos would be a good start, and here are 8 ways to do it. 😀

KY at primary school
be at the highest point

Well, sometimes it helps to start young. For example, when taking pictures, make sure you stand at the highest possible point, especially if you were height challenged like me. Interestingly Horng’s method of positioning himself at the lowest point with a 100plus works pretty well too.

KY primary school hello
stupid gesture works too

When that is not possible, having a silly and stupid gesture will also help make you stand out in a photograph. Look at me saying “OHAI EVERYONE” while the cameraman snapped this picture. Smashing isn’t it?

stand in front of everyone

Sometimes being vertically challenged has it’s advantages. For example, in this picture taken at my schoolmate’s farewell party (who migrated to Australia), I had the opportunity to stand in front of everyone. Oh, wearing a different color from everyone else helps too.

Again, Horng tried to steal the limelight with his food in mouth action. Not terribly effective, I suppose. Location, location, location!

KY st. cloud state dorm
having a different hair style

Here I was in the dorm at my beloved alma mater quite a few years back. The two mat sallehs are Nick and Kyle who stayed with me on the same floor. I rediscover some of these jokers via facebook years after I graduated.

See, the different hairstyle (some said tragic) that I had definitely put me as the awesome one in this picture. Yey.

KY Resident's Advicer
be the boss of the floor

Apart from physical attribute, another way to stand out is simply be the boss. At our dorm, I was the Resident’s Advicer taking care of 50 university kids. I had to make sure they don’t consume alcohol in their room, not be noisy, doesn’t get into fights, etc etc. (please ignore the bottle on the previous picture)

When you are the boss, you stand out, people pay.. er.. respect (usually in the form of free beer and house party invites). It was awesome.

KY moody shirt
wearing a funny shirt

Sometimes an interesting T-shirt gives you the competitive edge when it comes to standing out. This picture was taken in Melbourne, and the T-shirt bought from Reflections Hotel during the trip to Bangkok with Mellissa. That’s RM 20 well spent.

KY and Kimberly at Nuffnang Party
or maybe an interesting pair of pants?

If the T-shirt isn’t enough, there’s always the pants. Here again I present you my awesome Moody pants I wore to Nuffnang Music Bash earlier this year. Although I must say that Kim’s Village People outfit might have been a bit more outrageous in this case.

Then again, I could wear this pants to KLCC, I doubt Kim would dare to go there with a fake mustache and construction hat. Emmm..

KY Mellissa at Grill'd
have a good looking girlfriend

Last but not least, if you’re not terribly blessed when it comes to facial features and physical built, having a girlfriend who is extremely easy on the eyes will make you stand out too! Having her dozing off your shoulder while enjoying a huge burger at a busy place like QV in Melbourne certainly raises your credit.

So there you go, now everyone will look at your pictures in facebook and find you before having to go through all the tagged names! 😀

Weekends looming, and Mell is coming back in a week, wheee!

Mell and I just had Vietnamese pho at Mekong a couple blocks away (will blog about the place and other restaurants for sure) at Swanston street, and I decided to process pictures taken in the last two days and share some of them here.

Melbourne city night view
Melbourne City night view, taken from Franklin/Swanston

I stay at the Verve apartment with Mell. The building is located at the corner of Swanston and Franklin, the edge of the busiest part of the city. At 20 odd floors, you get to see pretty much the whole city. It is rather magnificient, especially at night.

Swanston Street, Melbourne

The city is very well planned, roads are relatively wide with very pedestrian friendly side walks that are, at places, wider than the roads for automobiles. Walking is pretty much the main mode of transportation here, every intersection is equipped with pedestrian traffic lights that not only blinks, but beeps too (for the blind). Very handy.

Melbourne city Tram services
a typical Melbourne city tram

Crisscrossing the city are the electric trams. You can get on the tram for $3.70  (valid for 2 hours). Most of the trams stops at the middle of the road, unless it is a one-way street, like the one on the photo above. The trams are pretty much like the LRT without the elevated tracks, and running on a much slower pace.

State library of Victoria
State Library of Victoria

Architecture of the city is a mixture of old and new. You have the State Library of Victoria on Swanston that was opened way back in 1854 sitting right next to the QV Village that was opened in 2003.

cyclist at QV
Queen Victoria Village – QV

There are also dedicated cycling lanes in most roads, I guess cycling works best during this time of the year when temperature hovers around the low twenties and mid teens.

inside Melbourne Central
the ceiling of Melbourne Central

To travel to the suburbs or further, the train stops at Melbourne Central, which is doubles as one of the larger shopping complexes in the city. There’s cinema, restaurants, shops, and an office tower. Interestingly, the Melbourne Central railway station used to be called Museum.

intersection, Melbourne
a mini cooper at the intersection

While cars are a lot more affordable, it is quite a bitch to find parking spaces in the city without breaking your bank. Since public transportation is very good in the city anyway, there is virtually no traffic jam in the city.

Lygon Street - little litaly, Melbourne
a restaurant by Lygon Street

The city is pretty much overrun by Asian. I did not see any whites at all on the first night. The sidewalk of Swanston street (the busiest street in Melbourne) is basically 80% Chinese.

Lygon Street, however, looks more like the Australia I expected. We had lunch with Pinky and Kit and actually were the minority. The place is littered with many Italian restaurants, and appropriately referred to as Little Italy of Melbourne.

China town at Melbourne
Chinatown in Melbourne

Little Bourke Street is a little one-way road that is the whole Chinatown of Melbourne, which, incidentally, is also the oldest Chinatown in Australia. Like most Chinatown in the world, there are plenty of Chinese restaurants everywhere. We had lunch at a restaurant called Red Silk on Sunday and it was actually rather delicious.

I’ll attempt to create a food map for this city (as much as I can anyway), so watch this space!

Got back from Bangkok late last night and all I could do was to download a tonne of pictures off the memory cards. Here is a preview of things that I have done during the rather interesting trip to Thailand from the few snapshots that I hastily processed late last night.

Bangkok Trip 2008 - tuk-tuk
the ubiquitous tuk-tuk

We had our fair share of tuk-tuk experience across town. These little 3 wheelers are everywhere around the city. With total disregard of traffic pattern and sense of speed limitation, it was a ball of fun and excitement. One driver even did a wheely when we were on board! (perhaps due to the weight of Terence & Dree?)

Bangkok Trip 2008 - temples and shrines
the holy temples

We also visited a lot of temples around the city center as well as the outskirts. The particular picture above was captured when I purposely cleared my throat louder than usual, hee-hee.

Bangkok Trip 2008 - diving kids on choo phraya river
the diver on Chao Phraya

At the various piers along Chao Phraya River, you can see kids whose job title are “divers”. Their job is to re-catch creatures (cat fish, frogs, turtles, etc) that were let go into the river by pilgrims to be re-sell at the various stalls along the pier. The kids did not let work gets in the way of having fun.

Bangkok Trip 2008
thai boxing!

Of course, I did a bit of practice on my Muay Thai on a proper rink at Pantip Mall (the King’s Cup competition was on)!

Bangkok Trip 2008
the red light district

What’s a trip to Bangkok without going to the red light district. I have a very good story on some 3 stupid fellas getting conned by a bar owner and a pimp. Stay tuned!

Bangkok Trip 2008
McWorms with a side of insects and the optional fried froggy

Last but not least, how can we forget about food? Weird and wonderful creatures that went into our mouth. I’ve had tomyam, pad Thai, pad see yew, pork dishes, and of course, the fried insects!

Full posts on the trip will be coming to your nearest computer monitor shortly.

Last weekend we headed to Kampung Baru in KL to capture some election colors. On the side note, election is this weekend, please do vote and vote wisely. The worse thing you can do is to give up the most basic of our democratic right. I am ashamed to say that this would be the first time I go to the ballet box due to being overseas and so on, but it’s a start. Assess the candidates and parties carefully, and make your choice, every vote counts.

As it turned out, I only managed to snap something like a roll of pictures before the rain pours, but here goes:

colour imbalance
Color Imbalance

It was also one of Kim’s first photography trips and I must say she has an eye for this thing! Check out her post on the trip.

The whole area was filled with banners, mostly of the ruling party and some of the opposition. It is sad to say that in this country, we still have to resort to putting candidates of the same race (and sometimes same sex) against each other. But hopefully change to the better is on the way.

Stare Cock
Stare Cock

Colors of the Campaign
If I vote for you, will you buy me a motorbike?

Kampung Baru is one of the very few real kampungs left in the city of KL. Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling KLCC, here you find people living a much simpler life. With roosters still roaming the streets and houses built just good enough to have a shade under the sun and rain.

welcome to my house
Welcome to my Home

For the old folks, evening is spent chilling with friends and having a good time. No sense of urgency, no rushing for deadlines, no hunting for more gold.

relax and laughters
Relax and Laughters

In a city with more toll ways than rivers, many folks here still rely on motorcycles and bicycles as their primary transport, getting them from A to B. Of course, there is also an LRT station just around the corner transporting them to a very different world just a single station away. It is truly a time machine more than an underground tube.

Clinging On
Clinging On

Kampung folks are also usually a lot friendlier. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of this chubby kid at the restaurant. I think he was confused, this is the world he lives in, we are the visitors.

The boy will grow up to inherit the country from our generation, and it is us that must make a choice to give them what they deserve.

What’re you looking at?

I hope you enjoy this series. Thank you for viewing.

Happy Deepavali (or Diwali) to my Hindu friends.

I took the opportunity of the holiday to go down to KL and snap me some pictures. These shots were taken around Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, near the Maju Junction. The Canon 400D and Tamron SP90 were the gear used in this excursion, I was trying to see the effect of using a basically macro/portrait lens for streets photography.


An old man anticipating the arrival of his bus as cars and bikes passes him in the reflection.


specks of gold

the spiral
the spiral

In the older part of the city, you can find remnants of architecture from the bygone era. Do we still have dedicated fire escape routes in shop houses these days?

where do you want to go today?

There are a few more of these at my flickr set