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Not long ago my mom gave me a brand new pressure cooker that she’s kept with her for the last 10 years or so after knowing that I’ve started cooking a bit. It was a godsend, suddenly cooking soup become way faster and easier, and I think everyone who loves any sort of Chinese style soup should invest in one.

Today I’m going to share with you a very simple peanut soup with pork ribs recipe. A dish that I always love as a kid but never did get to have them very often due to the time it takes to cook using a conventional pot.

chinese peanut soup with pork ribs
chinese peanut soup with pork ribs

With a conventional pot, you’ll have to boil the soup for at least 3-4 hours to make the peanut soft, but with the pressure cooker, 30-45 minutes is all you need for the same results. This is possible because with the increase in pressure (usually at around15 psi), the water will boil in much higher temperature at 122 Celsius compared to the usual 100 Celsius, and this make a world of difference.


  • raw peanuts (a small bowl is enough)
  • some pork ribs or pork bones (chicken carcass if you prefer it to be pork free)
  • 5-6 dried red dates
  • 5-6 small dried scallops for added sweetness

ingredients for peanut soup - raw peanuts, red dates, dried scallops, pork ribs
ingredients for peanut soup – raw peanuts, red dates, dried scallops, pork ribs


  • boil the pork separately for a few minutes to remove impurities
  • put all ingredients in the pressure cooker (including the pork after removing from pervious pot)
  • add just enough water for amount of soup you want (eg: 3 bowls for 3 bowls, this is because with pressure cooker very little water is evaporated, they are kept as steam within the system instead)
  • boil in pressure cooker for 30-45 minutes

pressure cooker working!
pressure cooker working, check out the little bronze stem

Pressure cooker consume quite a lot less cooking gas compared to a conventional pot too. After bringing the water to boil and the cooker to working pressure (indicated by the bronze valve being “erected”), usually achieve within a few minutes, the fire can be turned down low to keep the same pressure. I believe with this you’ll save at least 3-4 times the amount of cooking gas needed.

The result is old fashion peanut soup that is good for the soul. The peanut is soft, and the pork ribs even more tender, you should really try this for yourself.

p/s: it is also said that boiling the soup with a clay soup spoon will speed up the “softening” process of meat/peanuts too as clay will serve as a catalyst of sort. I haven’t try that yet, but if you do, let me know how it works out.

Happy cooking!