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I went to the Nuffnang Pajama Party last weekend and walked away with a Panasonic Lumix digital camera, what a sweet deal! I have to thank those who lost to me in thumb wrestling and scissor paper stone games, and also to a few who donated me (FA, Darren, johnny ong, skyler, and more) their stash as well!

Before I go any further, there are also more photos on my flickr set and the facebook album.

I won a Panasonic Lumix
yeay I won the Panasonic Lumix FS3 camera!

Suan and I reached Borneo Baruk just shy of 7pm, and already there was quite a number of people. I made my round on the floor and met quite a few fellow bloggers. At this kind of event, there are always so many familiar faces whose names (or blog nicks) I struggle to recall, but it was nice meeting all of you!

the crowd at the party
bloggers can also party

The party was stuffed with fun and games, and a lot of random socializing in between. There was the thumb wrestling/paper scissor hand games that you bet with “nuffnang cash”, and that was how I won one of the three Panasonic Lumix cameras. Others won plugs from xiaxue and kenny, and there was a guy who forgo a camera for a kiss from Dawn Yang. I guess everyone has their own priority.

david lian is the bomb
you gotta love David Lian’s outfit, he won a Wii!

Of all the party goers, I gotta salute David Lian for wearing his utterly ridiculous “pajama” made our of Chipster packets. He won a Nintendo Wii doing that, so it was all worth it. His wife must be very proud.

The Malaysian Dreamgirls were at the pajama party too
the Malaysian Dreamgirls were at the party too

The Malaysian Dreamgirls, including our very own Ringo made an unannounced appearance half way through the party. They too joined in and played some games on the stage where more prizes were given out.

FA camwhoring with police and maid
FA loves to camwhore

There were a lot of camwhoring people last Saturday night, and FA took her opportunity to snap a few shots with the very fake policewoman and the French maid. Sailormoon and the nurse were prowling the floor.

thank Su Ann for working hard on this
salute to Su Ann and all the nuffies who made this happen

In all it was a great party, and I got to salute all the Nuffies for making this happen. It was great finally having the chance to meet some of the fellow bloggers too.

xiaxue standing tall
and I thought you’d love this picture

Lets make it even bigger next year!