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This weekend has been a particularly entertaining one. Mell had landed on Thursday, and the gang decided to head to MOS for Chivas Global Underground Party.

The sound system at MOS must be the best of any clubs I’ve been, you can literally feel the bass on the floor. The place was also properly air conditioned, and with indoor smoking disallowed, it was very pleasant even when the crowd came in.

Chivas Global Underground at MOS
Kim said the bass is very sleep inducing?

Mell, Horng, Gareth, Kim, Suan, Selina, and I had an awesome time, with Mell maybe having a bit of a too awesome night (can’t walk and all), and Kim also took the liberty to have a nice one hour nap in the club. It was a while since we had such a fun time.

Saturday we went to Digital Mall to grab a Wii console complete with 2 guitars, Wii Fit board, a couple controllers with nunchuk, and over a dozen games. I had also bought over Gareth’s PS2 since Mell transported her set of mics & SingStar discs.

Guitar Hero Party
Guitar Hero and SingStar Party (notice Horng’s Air Guitar Hero?)

Guitar Hero is the bestest shit since sliced Gardenia Butterscotch bread, the game made a fake musician out of anyone with some decent hand-eye coordination (just maybe not Suan, she refused to play it). I like how the game says “REAL GUITAR HERO PLAYS REAL GUITAR” too.

Well, I guess we’re not playing air guitar hero like how Horng’s doing in the picture above.

When our fingers were all tired from too much guitar playing, it was time for some vocal challenge with SingStar. It is basically like karaoke with a scoreline attached to it. I have to say that now it is confirmed scientifically (at least by PS2), that Horng’s vocal sucked the most, followed by myself, and Gareth. Suan was very good, as with Rachel, Mell, and Kim.

The game also has player vs player and team vs team modes, super fun! Then Gareth had to point out that Meat Loaf’s “I Will Do Anything For Love” always reminded him of anal sex… teruk.

Oh, and lastly, the OSIM uSqueez is not for everyone, especially if you’re super ticklish.

Tuesday Suan, Horng, and I are going heading to Krabi to watch the UEFA Champions League final on the beach. We had won this trip playing flash games at a Heineken event last year, woohoo!

One of the things I miss most about our trip to Bangkok was the foot massage services. I remember how happy Mell and I were when we found this little foot massage place at Chatuchak after 3-4 hours of continuous walking. For 150 baht, we got our legs taken care of by the ladies for a good half an hour, and walk away later totally rejuvenated, it was a total bliss.

Mellissa having a thai foot massage
Mell clearly enjoyed the foot massage service

Back home, while spas and massage places exists, their fees are usually high enough that it is a luxury I cannot afford. Then there’s also the worry that I might accidentally step into one of those dodgy places that I might not know how to handle, and one that Mell won’t take well.

So you can imagine my elation when I was contacted to conduct this review on the new OSIM uSqueez Warm. Finally my very own leg massage machine, sweet!

OSIM uSqueez Warm
uSqueez Warm, in a better shade of maroon

So a couple weeks ago I went to OSIM’s office at PJ and was given a rather comprehensive briefing on the benefit of this product as well as a full demo on how exactly to operate it.

uSqueez Warm, as the name suggests, adds an option of providing warm air to your feet that the previous model lacks. The warmth is supposed to help release tension, allevate aches and release soreness to the muscles. On top of that, the higher temperature help flushes out lactic acid especially after sports sessions or a super long shopping trip (does not release financial tension resulting from the said shopping trip).

OSIM uSqueez Warm
makes a nice ottoman when not in used

As far as the massage part goes, there is the roller contacting the bottom of your feet that simulates the push and release technique by reflexologists. And of course, as the name suggests, there is also the wrap-around squeezing motion that massages the calves, ankles, and the feet all at the same time. This comes in three different settings, firm, rhythmic, or smooth.

OSIM uSqueez Warm
ahhh, this is the perfect zen moment

The one other function I did not expect was the “Turbo Vibration Massage”. The machine basically vibrates and shakes the bottom of the feet in a horizontal motion (3 intensities). After running through the vibration process you actually feel a gush of blood flowing from the bottom of the feet back up to the calf region. A very surreal feeling. This is suppose to break down toxin accumulated at the bottom of your feet and improve circulation. I know it really does feel good.

So, if you aren’t getting your own OSIM uSqueez yet, I can provide the service right here for a small fee. After all, where else can you have your legs massaged facing a beautiful home made koi pond?

Unless you are one of the 3 dental masochists in this part of the world, I can gather that you are more likely than not dread going to the dentist. The hissing sound, the grinding noise.. the pain.. the pain.. the horror… There must be some way to make the experience more pleasant, and no, playing elevator music isn’t going to offer much relief.

OSIM has recently been sort of running out of ideas, they have dominated the massage chair industry and were looking to spread their dominance into other parts of our daily lives by coming out with some ridiculous products such as the iZap and iGallop. I mean, shaking your stomach to reduce weight? If that works, I know at least one person who wouldn’t need to spend thousands joining a slimming program after using iZap for a few months with zero effect. And lets not get me started on iGallop…

Well, I’ve been thinking, why not have a massaging dentist’s chair? As we’re tensed up waiting for the drill to come down to invade the molars, wouldn’t it be great to have a little reassuring massages around the back, and maybe the feet too? Forget iGallop, let me have the iDental.

OSIM iDental
how about iDental?

note to OSIM: I am willing to accept loyalty royalty for this invention. kthxbai