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Together with the Superbowl and World Cup, Olympics is undoubtedly one of the events that I want to participate at least once in my life time.

Of course, by participation I do mean attending and watch in person, though competing as an athlete/player that would of course be an even more awesome, but I think chances of that happening is as close to zero as it can be.

usian bolt 100 meter Olympics 2008

One of the big ticket items at the Olympics 2012 is undoubtedly the 100 meter dash. I remember watching history being made by Usian Bolt when he shattered the world record and ran so far ahead of the pack 4 years ago, and imagine how it would be like to be among the crowd that day.

Events like these are among the rare ones that the crowd cheers for winner and nobody boos the opponents. Imagine the jubilation, the excitement!

Another event that is of my personal interest is the badminton singles event. Four years ago Datuk Lee Chong Wei almost break out nation’s duck but fell just short for the gold medal.

This year is probably the last chance for Datuk Lee to get it done. As the world number one, an Olympic gold medal would make him one of the best players this generation. I’d love to be there to cheer for him during the matches.

And if I find myself at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, it won’t be just watching the athletes and games. There are over 200 countries at the big party, and there would be countless number of people attending.

An idea that I have is to capture videos of as many people in as many languages as possible saying “hello Malaysia, from London 2012“, and then compile a short video from the various clips. I think that’ll make a pretty neat video. What do you think?

Remember the Samsung Global Blogger contest I blogged last week?

The contest that can get you a free trip to London Olympics runs until 28th of April, 2012, and they are looking for video auditions with these qualities:

  • Confidence and energy in front of the camera
  • A passion for your subject matter
  • Imagination and originality
  • A good sense of humour
  • A social butterfly – do you use Twitter? Or talk to the world on your own blog?
  • The ability to tell a story well through video and the written word

Here’s Jamie Oliver’s take, and you can find video making tips here too.


I’ll make my video soon and wish me luck! I urge you to join too, head to Samsung Global Blogger contest page to find out more.