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When it comes to food courts within shopping malls in this country, Lot 10 Hutong wins my vote by a wide margin. It has a very unique (and sometimes confusing) layout and decoration, and most of the stalls are operated by “hawkers” who have established themselves in other places.

As a bonus, it is also one of the very few food courts that serves pork.

Ho Weng Kee at Lot 10 Hutong
Ho Weng Kee at Lot 10 Hutong

Today, we’re gonna look at Ho Weng Kee at Hutong.

The original Ho Weng Kee at PJ SS2 serves some awesome wantan mee and really good fried dumpling. So I wanted to try this one and see if they are any good. I ordered their pork ribs noodle.

side note: Ho Weng Kee at SS 2 is now run by the former owner’s ex-staff, so still the great taste despite change of owner.

glorious pork ribs noodle, with black beans on wantan noodle
glorious pork ribs noodle, with black beans on wantan noodle

It only took a couple minutes for the pork ribs noodle to be ready. It costs me RM 8.35, a pretty good price considering the size of serving and the air conditioned, clean environment within a mall at Bukit Bintang.

The pork ribs were very tender, and the black bean sauce they made the ribs with were absolutely heaven. The noodle used were the same (thinner than usual) wantan noodle that soaks up the sauce readily. It was indeed very good.

and everything is gone!
and everything is gone!

The pork ribs noodle is also served with a bowl of soup, it was just like any almost tasteless wantan soup. That didn’t bother me, the noodle was good. I’m going to have it again.

map to Lot 10 Hutong

Ho Weng Kee at Hutong food court
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang

GPS: 3.146462, 101.711758

Whenever a restaurant selling the same food with another more famous counterparts just a few doors a way and somehow still manage to survive all these years is always worth a visit.

Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee in Ah Fatt kopitiam is situated on the same row as the vastly more famous Ahwa Hokkien mee that I’ve blogged about, another example would be Satellite chicken rice located a few doors down from New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. If the two places can co-exist, one of them can’t be worse than the other.

Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee
Peng Yuan Hokkien Mee in Kedai Minuman dan Makanan Ah Fatt, off Jln 222

That said, we actually ended up at Peng Yuan because we had initially wanted to go to Ahwa, a place that is fast becoming one of our regulars. It was on a Tuesday, and Ahwa was closed. After a flurry of BBM messages, we decided to check out this joint to minimize logistic issues.

The place was packed, I suspect quite a lot of the extra customers ended up there due to the same reason. We made our orders, and waited, and waited, and waited….

wat tan hor, hokkien mee, fried chicken drumstick and wings
wat tan hor (Cantonese flat noodle), hokkien mee, and fried chicken

Before our main dishes arrive (took some 20 minutes), we ordered some fried chicken wings and drumsticks as appetizer from the stall that claims to serve them “cheaper, bigger and better” (there’s a famous fried chicken wing stall at Ahwa to0).

Sure enough, the fried chicken turned out to be excellent. They were packed with flavor (asam?) and very succulent too, Jac ended up asking for an extra order, and that skinny bitch usually only eats as much as a small cat.

As far as Hokkien Mee (RM 15 for portion of 3)  goes, I think Ahwa still has an edge, this dish at Peng Yuan was slightly too wet for my liking. The Cantonese flat noodle (wat tan hor, RM 15 for portion of 3) though, was fabulous. I especially like the very addictive sauce.

#porkgang having hokkien mee
dessert soup, #porkgang, and nutmeg drinks

The kopitiam also serve “four fruits soup” (四果汤) that comes in a bowl with jelly and several types of nuts in a sweet soup. This is something that’s quite popular in Penang especially around those make shift theater that’s set up to worship the spirits/gods. The availability of nutmeg drinks, another Penang speciality, put me over the moon! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

Dinner turned out to cost less than RM 10 per person including the fried chicken and drinks. Though the hokkien mee was a bit of a let down, I’d come back here for the chicken wings and cantonese noodle, and oh, the drinks too!

peng yuan hokkien mee off jalan 222

Ah Fatt Kopitiam
42, Jalan 14/48,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.097563, 101.629334

Tucked at the corner on the ground floor of Wisma Central is a little hidden Japanese ramen shop that even many white colar guys around the area is oblivious to. I didn’t realize the existence of Tenka Daiichi Ramen for the first couple years I was working at KLCC myself.

tenka daiichi japanese ramen
Tenka Daiichi Ramen at Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang

Despite its hidden location, business seems to be pretty brisk whenever I went there. The restaurant is operated by a middle age uncle and the chef looks to be his Japanese wife. This is of course, purely my own interpretation via observation.

Lunch and dinner menu differs, with more choices over lunch and only 5 combination dishes served at night. However, there seems to be a separate menu in Japanese that might offer other choices, or that could be just a sake menu. The clientele at Tenka Daiichi Ramen for dinner consists of almost entirely Japanese expats.

japanese ramen with charsiu
Ramen with char siu

I almost never failed to order their char siu ramen whenever I’m there. A couple pieces of glistering rolled pork shoulder (not roasted like Chinese style though) swimming in the subtle but sweet tasting soup and that soft but firm noodle. You can also order them with a side of gyoza too.

Other items they serve include cold tofu, pork patty, grilled fish, and a few different types of ramen. Expect to spend around RM 10 for lunch and perhaps over RM 20 for dinner here.

Tenka Daiichi Ramen (behind 7-11)
Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

3.158728, 101.714473

There’s always been one and only important mission whenever I am in Penang – to eat as much as possible. So in between late lunch and dinner, I slotted in another meal.

My initial plan was to find the famous mee sotong at Esplanade, but it was already closed by 5 p.m. Feeling a bit adventurous, I parked my car near Jalan Kapitan Keling in the older part of Penang town and got on my foot to search for something to eat.

Update 30/3/2017: it’s reported by a reader that this stall is no longer in operation

kedai makan fok kee, penang
kedai makanan Fok Kee, and old school kopitiam

Quite a few old school kopitiams are already closed by this time of the day since this area is not known to be famous for tourists when it comes to food, then I walked by Fok Kee kopitiam and saw that they have this interesting item by the name of Taiwan Fish Maw noodle, I just had to try it.

I had absolutely no clue how this was going to turn out.

fish maw noodle with pork
pork skin, liver, tofu, and minced meat too

I sat down, order a bowl of fish maw noodle and a glass of nutmeg juice (I don’t know if you can find this outside penang, grated nutmeg and sour plum, I love it!).

The chef went to work, and a few minutes later I was presented by this big bowl of “noodle” that, frankly, looked a bit weird. But thank goodness the taste was actually quite delicious, if not just a bit different from your usual hawker food.

fish maw noodle and nutmeg juice
fish maw noodle and nutmeg juice, yums!

The “noodle” is actually made from fish paste (like those you get at steamboats) shaped into long strands then deep fried. Soup is half way between loh mee and clear soup in terms of consistency, and the served with vegetable, tofu, minced pork, liver, and pork skin.

The combination was actually quite good, and goes especially well with pickled chili padi. I wouldn’t say this is a must-have if you’re heading to Penang for vacation, but it  was definitely worth the RM 3 or RM 3.50 that I had to pay, have your char kueh teow, laksa, and other must-haves first, and if you want to try something different, this wouldn’t be a bad choice.

map to fook kee restaurant, Penang

Kedai Makan Fok Kee
Jalan Kaptian Keling,
10200 Penang

GPS: 5.417741, 100.338333

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Out of the 4 people that live in my house, 3 are now using Blackberry, just one more to be convinced. Best thing is, we’re all under Celcom/Xpax packages, the same network that is known for to be most reliable among the big telcos in the country.

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It’s quite amazing how I completely missed writing about this place despite having been eating here since seemingly forever. The lala and noodles at Mei Yun restaurant in Taman Paramount needs no introduction to many of the dwellers at PJ, having been in operation for well over a decade and still using traditional charcoal fire to cook all their dishes.

Lala at Mei Yun, taman paramount
charcoal powered

Just before heading to the soft launch of Bondai Grill & Pub at the Curve a couple weekends ago, the gang (my ex housemates) and I decided to have a quick dinner. Since we were at the area and lala was in my mind, this place came as a natural choice.

Lala at Mei Yun, taman paramount
lala, more lala, and noodles

For the five of us, we ordered two types of lala. The kam heong (spicy), and siong thong (soup), as well as hokkien mee and wat tan hor (flat noodle with egg) in portions for two person.

It didn’t take long for the siong tong lala to come, and boy the portion was huge. I reckon there must be over a hundred pretty decent size clams in the pot. The soup was pretty subtle and the lala retains it’s natural taste. It was pretty nice as the lala were rather fresh.

Lala at Mei Yun, taman paramount
a bunch of old timers

The kam heong lala, while not as good as the one served up at Alisan SS4, still did the seafood justice. Slightly spicy and a bit stronger tasting than the previous type. Again, the portion was pretty big.

The two types of noodles we had were equally good. Hokkien mee comes with just enough pork lard to give it a proper taste, while wat tan hor was smooth and flavorful, with egg yolks providing that extra color and savory sensation.

map to Mei Yun restaurant, taman paramount
mei yun restaurant is located at taman paramount

The best part was, for five person, that entire dinner only costs RM 42. The shop operates from dinner till late.

Jalan 20/7,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.110242, 101.627129