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This post is a little bit late, considering Christmas is actually sorta.. well, over, but better late than never, right?

A couple weeks ago I was invited to probably the biggest Merry Guinness event at Double Tree by Hilton in KL, featuring the winner of MasterChef Australia season 2 – Adam Liaw. Guinness & good food? I can’t resist, even though it meant that I had to braved the KL traffic on a weekday to get to this place.

Merry Guinness with chef Adam Liaw
Merry Guinness with chef Adam Liaw, Kelly Siew at lower right

A kitchen was set up in the main banquet hall, with chef Adam Liaw demonstrating how many of the Guinness infused dishes served for the night is created. While we waited for the dishes to get ready, unlimited rounds of Guinness were being served.

Good life yah?

oysters, chicken and egg terrine, squid, lamb shank pie, graved lax
oysters, chicken and egg terrine, squid, lamb shank pie, gravad lax

As for the food, we were actually served over a dozen different dishes over the course of the night, and yes, I was stuffed at the end of the night. Here’s the menu in two parts:

Chef Adam’s Inspired Menu

  • Farmhouse chicken and egg terrine with Guinness mustard
  • Oyster with Guinness cream
  • Crispy squid with chili Guinness salt
  • Open Guinness lamb shank and mushroom pie with champ with watercress salad
  • Guinness butter roasted chicken
  • Guinness BBQ wings apple slaw
  • Guinness and fruit Christmas pudding
  • Sweet Guinness damper with blackberry maple compote

Guinness butter roasted chicken, Christmas vegetable
Guinness butter roasted chicken, Christmas vegetable

The second part of the menu, Christmas Feast:

  • Gravad lax with dill honey mustard
  • Roast pumpkin soup with julienne smoked duck
  • Roast turkey roulade with chestnut stuffing, giblet and cranberry sauce
  • Christmas vegetables
  • Christmas pudding with vanilla sauce
  • Christmas minced pies
  • Black forest pudding with cream cheese frosting

roast pumpkin soup with julienne smoked duck, Christmas pudding, BBQ wings
roast pumpkin soup with julienne smoked duck,
Christmas pudding, BBQ wings

Many of the dishes were excellent, I particularly think that the sauce for gravad lax and oysters were executed to perfection. Chicken and egg terrine were interesting but tasted slightly foreign to me, and the wings & buttered chicken would perhaps be that much better if served warm (the room was too cold I guess, and they didn’t really serve it with heated plates).

The squid too was perfect as finger food to go with Guinness, but ultimately there were really just way too much food for my stomach that I actually skipped desserts.

desserts & drinks, Nigel, Michael, Wilson, and yours truly
desserts & drinks, Nigel, Michael, Wilson, and yours truly mucking around

This was another rather awesome event by Guinness, and it is a shame that we can’t order some of these creations by chef Adam Liaw anywhere in the country. Perhaps some pub owners will take note and incorporate some of the ideas into their menu (oysters & the gravad lax please!)

And by the way, hope you had a great xmas and Happy New Year!

Whenever we are at an event that dragged into late night with #porkgang, Kim would always get hungry and suggests “I’m feeling like Teow Chew porridge, lets go to pudu now!”

That was precisely what we did after attending the hugely entertaining Nokia’s Year End Party, primarily due to the availability of helium filled balloons and awesome company.

old school Teow Chew porridge at Pudu, KL

Kedai Makanan Teochew at Pudu is located just behind Berjaya Times Square, parking at late night is usually not a problem, and during day time there there’s the open air paid car park just opposite the shop.

At night, we usually choose a table outside where it’s usually quite a bit cooling.

3 in 8 dishes you see here are made of pork

The selection of dishes at this place is as wide as anywhere. You can find anything from the standard luncheon meat, Chinese lap cheong, assortment of vegetables, fried fish, salted egg, to even pork intestine cooked in soya sauce.

In this instance, we left the ordering job to Kim, and you can see just how much she ordered for the five of us. We had 9 dishes altogether, pork’s ear, daze with black bean, lady fingers, two types of salted vegetable, fermented tofu, pork, and double order of intestine.

Kimberly, Gareth, Nigel Yap, Haze, KY

Like many late night eateries around Pudu area that is popular with the after clubbing crowd, the way your bill is calculated is often sort of a mystery. I believe ours came to over RM 10 per person that night, while not exactly cheap for porridge, the convenience and taste was more than worth it (especially since it was Nigel who paid for this meal, Thanks!)

Restaurant Teochew Porridge
270&272 Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, 55100, Malaysia‎

GPS: 3.140701, 101.71005
Tel: 03-2148 3452‎

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After SeeTho brought us to the fantastic duck noodle place for our first meal at Krabi, I thought it’d be pretty difficult to follow up with an equally impressive dinner, but I guessed wrong. We spent some wet time at a hot spring waterfall and walked around Krabi town (more on those in upcoming posts) in the evening, then we were brought to this curious little place that looks more like a garden/forest reserve, which incidentally also serves as the entrance to Ruenmai Thai Restaurant.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
beautiful garden setting

The restaurant is also a garden, with huge trees, small streams, little nicely decorated huts, and plenty of plants and flowers everywhere. Hidden among the vegetation were statues and antique objects, very nicely done. We were seated on one of the slightly elevated platforms right in the middle of the garden.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
chicken with cashew nuts, ulam, and mango salad

Food was served by the friendly waitresses while we were busy snapping pictures of the beautiful place (and the food too, of course).

Appetizer was the classic mango salad with generous amount of lightly grilled cashew nuts. Then there’s also the Thai style ulam (salad) with cencaluk (preserved shrimp sauce). These two dishes definitely got our saliva flowing.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
wild leave vegetable, siakap fish, clear tomyam soup

The main dishes were deep fried siakap fish (baramundi) with sweet and spicy Thai sauce and plenty of cilantro on top. The fish was very fresh and the sauce went well with fragrant steamed rice. There’s also stir fried chicken with onion, spring onion, and cashew nuts.

Of course, there is the rather delicious clear tomyam soup (similar with normal tomyam sans chili oil) laden with all sorts of seafood. However, the one dish that captured my attention was the stir fried “wild leave” that tasted very different from any other vegetable dishes. The leaves were slightly tougher to chew but carries a pretty unique ‘raw’ and authentic taste which I really like. You should try it if you have the chance.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
Kim & myself, Nicole, Kel Li, Nigel

It was a really good Thai meal that ended with some mangosteen as dessert. SeeTho had it all planned out nicely, we got there just before sunset but half way during dinner, the sun retired for the day and the whole place was lit up with incandescent bulbs giving it a different and more romantic feel.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand

A more high end place, definitely costs a bit more than the duck noodle. Then again, it would be probably be half of what you’re expected to spend for an equivalent meal in Malaysia.

GPS: 8.07725, 98.90829
Tel: +6607 563 1797
Tel: 07 563 1797