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Like many guys, I have a thing for time pieces. Sitting in my closet are several gateway-drug sort of watches in the form of an Orange Monster, my first mechanical watch, a Citizen ProMaster Eco-Drive Nighthawk, a Casio G-Shock Riseman, and a Suunto D6 I use for diving.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to the launch of 2012 Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante Material & Complication by Bell & Ross, one of my favorite luxury watch brands ever since I first set my eyes on a BR-01.

Bell & Ross Material & Complications
Bell & Ross Material and Complications

The event took place at Estate, the Intermark KL on 26th July, with the set up of the romantic post-war era of 1950s Shanghai. The ambiance is a throw back to the time of luxurious elegance, timeless sophistication and ethereal beauty.

Bell & Ross also featured a photo exhibition by the celebrated local photographer Vincent Paul Yong who captured a series of photos with the Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante via an exclusive collaboration with Bell & Ross.

photo exhibition by Vincent Paul Yong
photo exhibition by Vincent Paul Yong

Vincent Paul Yong, better known by VPYP, has been a leading photographer in Malaysia, having photographed the likes of British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith, pop singer Mizz Nina, and Brazilian model Lucas Mascarini. The photos were presented at this event prior to them being available to any print media. They were of course, work of art.

Mr. Tong Chee Wei (GM, FJ Benjamin Luxury Timepieces) & Mr. SK Teh (GM Cortina Watch)
Mr Tong Chee Wei (GM FJ Benjamin Luxury Timepieces), Mr SK Teh (GM Cortina Watch)

The two companies, FJ Benjamin Luxury Timepieces and Cortina Watch joined forces to celebrate Bell & Ross’ quest for creating a large complication with original display in the form of Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante.

The night was kicked off by speeches from General Manager of FJ Benjamin Luxury Timepieces, Mr. Tong Chee Wai, and the GM of Cortina Watch, Mr. SK Teh, and followed by a recorded presentation and words from President of Bell & Ross, Carlos-A Rosillo.

model with Bell & Ross BR Grand Minuteur Tourbillon
model with Bell & Ross BR Grand Minuteur Tourbillon

The models then brought out the watches for guests to examine.

The complications come in two forms – “digital” complication is an unusual display of the digits for hours in a large window at 12 o’clock position, with the hour hand replaced by a rotating disc that jumps instantly when the hour changes.

the new Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold
the new Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold

Power reserve indicator then, is located at the 6 o’clock position. Since the mechanism triggering the “jump” in the hours requires power, it is thus important that remaining power is easily examined, to ensure a smooth function of the movement.

Bell & Ross presents Materials & Complications
Bell & Ross presents Materials & Complications

The two complications are dressed in pink gold or platinum, the ultimate high quality material that brings nobility to the timepieces. This is where the “material” in material & complications come into play.

The platinum version also features a second window for the power reserve indicator with opaline grey and silvered dial in 18k gold while the pink gold version has an opaline pearl dial. Both versions are 42 mm in diameter.

Reta & KY, Cindy, Nicholas with the models
Reta & KY, Cindy, Nicholas with the models

The watches showcase Bell & Ross’s expertise in watch-making, they are elegant and brilliantly combine the complexity of mechanical movement with simplicity of a new time reading system.

The WW1 Heure Sautante Collection will be very exclusive, Bell & Ross will produce only 50 pieces for pink gold and 25 pieces for platinum version. They are priced at RM 83,300 and RM 123,300 respectively.

Shanghai based jazz singer Jasmine Chen serenades to guests
Shanghai based jazz singer Jasmine Chen serenades to guests

We were also entertained by the Shanghai based jazz singer Jasmine Chen while being served champagne, single malt whisky, and finger foods from Estate. Making the night a memorable one.

Vintage WW1 Heure Sautance with Power Reserve
Vintage WW1 Heure Sautance with Power Reserve

Technical Specifications:

WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold

  • Movement: jumping hour, automatic winding movement. Blue-steel screws, circular-grained mainplate, oscilating weight and bridges decorated with “Cotes de Geneve”
  • Case: 42 mm, Satin-brushed 18k pink gold. Sapphire caseback
  • Functions: Hours indicator (windows at 12 o’clock), minutes (central hand) and power reserve (at 6 o’clock)
  • Dial: opaline pearl
  • Crystal: anti-reflective sapphire
  • Water resistance: 100 meters
  • Strap: alligator
  • Buckle: 18k pink gold

WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold and Platinum
WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold and Platinum

WW1 Heure Sautante Platinum

  • Movement: jumping hour, automatic winding movement. Blue-steel screws, circular-grained mainplate, oscilating weight and bridges decorated with “Cotes de Geneve”
  • Case: 42 mm, Satin-brushed steel. Sapphire caseback
  • Functions: Hours indicator (windows at 12 o’clock), minutes (central hand) and power reserve (at 6 o’clock)
  • Dial: opaline grey and silvered dial in 18k gold hand-applied guiloche decoration
  • Crystal: anti-reflective sapphire
  • Water resistance: 100 meters
  • Strap: alligator
  • Buckle: platinum

Chinese New Year ang pow came early this year for me. It arrived in a form of a lamp post that my car so cheerily embraced with most passion and enthusiasm late last night. The post ended up leaning at 70 degree imitating the more famous tower somewhere in Italy. I’m not sure if TTDI will become a tourist destination anytime soon though.

Toyota MR2 Accident
the night I couldn’t decide to go left nor right

So I was heading from Damansara Utama to pick up Mellissa at TTDI plaza around 2 am last night, happily driving in a leisure speed (everyone’s leisure speed differs). There was a yellow and black kelisa in front of me at the last traffic light before the fateful junction. We stopped for red, and when it was green, I didn’t pass the little CLK, I wasn’t fast.

And suddenly I saw Brunsfield, the indication of the left turn. I tried to turn but the intersection came up too soon, left, no no, right, ahhh brake! brake! brake! crap… BAM!

Tried turning this into a dream so I can just wake up and wipe off the cold sweat. Failed.

I was alert and alright, called Mellissa and then walked out of the car. There were quite a few people who gathered around the side of the road already. Most of them were amazed that I walked away from the scene unscathed. My habit of wearing the 4 point harness at all time saved me.

About 5 minutes after the incident, I suddenly felt like passing out. I had to hold on to the road signs, and actually sat down for a while, only to regain my composure about 10 minutes later.

Toyota MR2 Accident
one for the blog!

Police came pretty soon though, and did the usual checking my driver’s license and IC procedures. Mellissa called Nicholas who arrived shortly. Before they towed the car, I just decided to take some pictures, and one of the policemen actually suggested I should have a picture with the car and he volunteered to be the camera man too, but the picture above was taken by Nicholas as the police decided perhaps Nicholas is a better cameraman.

We took some stuff from the car just before they towed it. Nicholas then fetched us to the police station where I filed a report. The car was towed to the station and photos were taken by this policeman who was supremely proud of the Sony digital camera he was in charged of. We then headed to mamak before Nicholas sent us home.

It was over 5am when I reached home, sore shoulders but otherwise unharmed. Thank you Nicholas for helping out when I needed most. I owe you one.

I am a very lucky man, for more reasons than just being able to walk away from this wreck unharmed.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Thanks to the infamous Robb of Nuffnang, I was invited as the “featured blogger” on a sharing session at Italiannese, Mid Valley Gardens. Previous featured bloggers include fehmes people like Cheesie and Cindy , so I guess this blog must be doing pretty decent huh?

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Timothy Tiah
, Nicholas Chay, Robb Chew, Pinky Tham, Firdauz

So I arrived at Italiannese, Mid Valley Gardens just in time on the faithful 12th of Oct to find a boat load of people who are already getting friendly with each other, and warming up their camera flashes too.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Yee Hou, Sidney (bigboysoven), Rojaks, Superwilson, Simon Seow

The usual suspects from Nuffnang were there. Robb, who engineered the whole event, the boss Tim, Nicholas, Pinky, Firdauz, Chingy, and Yee Hou too. Other friends like Sidny, Rojaks, Simon Seow, Debra & Victoria Foong also attended the event.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Justin Chin
, Bryan Lim, Chee Seng, Chee Hong, Ruionkoh

There are other familiar faces I have met during the Nuffnang’s pajama party and the more recent Haloween party who made their way to the sharing session too. It was in all, over two dozen of us filling up an entire section in the rather nicely decorated restaurant.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
, Anne Marie, Curryegg, KC, Karena Cheow

We went through a round of rather informal self introduction (and I found out some of them are practically half my age @.@), followed by a short speech from yours truly which mainly touches a little bit about this whole food blogging business and a lot more about the constant question I get about my weight (or the lack of it)

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Jou Yin, Josephine, Debra Fong, Victoria Fong, Yi May

Just as we were almost done with the talking session, the servers started to bring in the food, which is just brilliant timing wise.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Carlifornia shrimp salad, mini cheesy pizza, quattro platter

We got started off with the quattro platter that includes deep fried risotto balls, fried calamari rings, stuffed mushrooms, and zucchini fritte. Calamari has always been one of my favorites and the one served up here certainly did not disappoint.

The California shrimp salad was a fresh departure from the usual Caesar or garden salad. However, my favorite has got to be the mini cheesy pizza, very thin, crispy, and flavorful.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Sicilian pizza, bread with olive oil & vineger, lamb shank

The Sicilian pizza is some what an acquired taste, soft texture with a heavy mixture of cheese and tomato flavor in a somewhat unfamiliar territory. I wouldn’t say I like it. The lamb shank though, is pretty flavorful and well cooked to a soft and tender texture, I just wish there were slightly more sauce to go with it.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
bowls of pasta, chocholate and hazelnut cake

The main attraction of the day was of course, the pasta bowls. I think Italiannese’s idea is a pretty good one, with the smallish servings of the individual bowls you get to taste more varieties.

The pasts themselves were pretty good. My favorite would be the angel hair aglio olio with shrimp. There were even lasagna too.

Nuffnang Sharing Sesssion at Italiannese
Chingy is here, I did not manage to capture an individual pic

We concluded the dinner with some hazlenut cake before everyone went off to our separate ways. It was a pretty good session and it was nice meeting you guys!

I went to Yellow Cab Pizza on one of the Friday lunch sessions with the bunch of noobs from Nuffnang a few weeks ago. The second time we went there as a group was also Su Ann’s second last day in Malaysia before heading to the States, so for whatever it’s worth, I dedicate this post to Lim Su Ann (or lil miss Late who just got her first bank account last month, congrats!)

Yellow Cab Pizza
Su Ann and Suet Li posing with the yellow bikes

Yellow Cab Pizza is a relatively new restaurant that actually concentrates more on delivery business than dine in. Seating area in the restaurant is rather small, and to accommodate all of us (Su Ann, Tim, Firdauz, Robb, Suet Li, Barry, Nicholas, Tock) they had to open a whole new section upstairs. We get to be all noisy and rowdy without having to get stared from anyone, best.

Yellow Cab Pizza
wholesome pizzas, slurps slurps

For the bunch of us, I think we ordered 3 x 14″ pizzas. A NY classic, Manhattan Meat Lover, and a Cheese. The place is a bit lacking in choices of drinks, only serving soft drink in cans or mineral water with disposable plastic cup. Then again, they never pretend to have a proper restaurant set up.

The pizzas were really great though, thin crust with very little to spare as far as topping goes. Very wholesome, cheesy, and just plain delicious. We devoured all 3 boxes rather quickly and made the mistake of ordering 3 x 18″ pizzas the second time we were there and ended up having to tapao some back to the office.

Yellow Cab Pizza
we always get to sit at the empty hall upstairs

At Yellow Cab they have 2 categories of pizzas, “classic” goes for around RM 20 for 10″, RM 30-40 for 14″, and RM 47-67 for the huge 18″s (oh wait they have a website and you can even order online: click here). “specialty” goes for a bit more than those. If it sounds a bit more than pizza huts and dominos, it is because they are better, with more toppings and probably uses better ingredients. The lunch costs each of us around RM 14-16 with drinks. Still very worth it I’d say.

Yellow Cab Pizza
yellow cab pizza is actually very close to Nuffnang KL office

Intersection of Jalan Raja Abdullah
and Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
Kuala Lumpur (next to the Dang Wangi LRT pedestrian bridge)

Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157625, 101.701217
Tel: 03-2694 2003

It was a particularly eventful two week period prior to the start of this month. There were three events I attended, the Nokia N-Gage launch and Happy winner announcement invited by PR extraordinaire David Lian and the Hennessy Artistry at Aloha from Nuffnang thanks to Nicholas.

Nokia N-Gage launch
notice the N96? Jason, Suan, Kim, and Wenqi was there too

The Nokia N-Gage launch fell on the 22nd at Cafe Libre. We were introduced with the Nokia N-Gage gaming platform with their latest games, and I got a free full fledge game for my N82 from the good people at Nokia!

Mobile gaming has actually came a very long way, the graphics on my phone is just as good as the first generation PlayStation console, and you can even hook it on TV to play. As connectivity is everything on a mobile phone, many games also support multi-player gaming via N-Gage arena. You can compare score, play with each other, read reviews and ratings on new games, buy games online, and even chatting up with fellow gamers.

The game that I chose (we were given one free game) was the Space Impact Kappa Base, I remember playing the very same title on Sheryl’s old Nokia monochrome phone some 5-6 years ago when we were staying in Northern Virginia. The graphic is so awesome now and I found myself rather addicted to it. Newspaper is now optional in toilet. Check it out, awesome stuff.

Happy Event at North Point
Yeay Kim and I won the newspaper dancing game! (pics from Louis Photography)

Last Tuesday was the Happy Moment winner announcement event at Isthmus (their chicken wing was very good!), Mid Valley North Point. The participants from the top Happy blog entries and Happy videos were presence. I was very impressed with the top 2 videos shown, the organizer was torn between the two and ended up giving two first prize instead. See them here.

Of course, every Happy event comes with fun & games. I won myself some Jusco voucher again. Me and Kim also participated in this standing on newspaper dancing contest thingy and won it thanks to our awesome fit body that are also space efficient. The prize was some Body Shop merchandise that I could actually use as well. Nice!

Henessy Artistry at Aloha
Aloooohaaaa, party people! (pics from Jack)

Last Saturday’s Hennessy Artistry at Aloha was one of the better clubbing nights I can remember. Free booze all night long (not that I can drink at all), plenty of friends in the VIP area. Nuffnang had 3 tables with a few dozen people at the event, it was awesome.

People on photo:
1: Nicholas, KY, Eiling
2: Rachel, KY, Nicholas, Dree
3: Yap Thomas, KY, Nadia
4: KY & Rachel

The drinks were good, and music pretty decent, but above all, of course, is the company. There were some old buddies like shiang, dree, and new friends whom I’ve met less than a couple times, like chocolate lady Eiling and sister, the lanky Yap Thomas, the party girl Nadia, the drunkard Stephanie Kok, and more. It was fun!

I’m tired.