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Ikan bakar, or grilled fish, is one of those quintessential Malaysian cuisine that isn’t often talk about. Today, lets look at three different places in Klang Valley is worth a visit if you have a stomach for this classic dish in the afternoon.

Do remember to order a big glass of ice cold drink to go with, cos it’s going to get hot.

Mat Teh ikan bakar at Dato' Keramat
Mat Teh Ikan Bakar, Dato’ Keramat

One of my favorite ikan bakar places is the little stall by the name of Mat Teh Ikan Bakar by Dato’ Keramat market, right across the Putra LRT station by the same name.

The stall gets pretty busy over lunch time, and with somewhat limited seats, it is imperative to get there early.

Mat Teh Ikan Bakar at Dato' Keramat
Mat Teh Ikan Bakar at Dato’ Keramat

The most popular fishes here are stingray and ikan kembung. The stingray runs from RM 14-16 per piece, but is big enough for sharing. What I also particularly love about this place is the good selection of ulam (raw vegetable) to go with the grilled fish.

Tips: order their mango juice.

Mat Teh Ikan Bakar
Dato’ Keramat Wet Market
Opposite Dato’ Keramat LRT
Jalan Dato’ Keramat
GPS3.166079, 101.730992
Tel016-336 2123

Ikan Bakar Warong Fauziah near KLCC
Ikan Bakar Warong Fauziah near KLCC

Within walking distance of iconic KLCC, there’s a little hidden warong that many visitors or even tenants of this great building do not realize exists. Warong Fauziah is tucked behind Lembaga Getah and offers tasty authentic grilled fish alongside with a good variety of other dishes to go with steamed rice.

Stringray, cat fish, and ikan kembung are available here.

Warong Kak Fauziah,
behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia
Jalan Ampang, KL
GPS3.160088, 101.711941

ikan bakar at Restaurant Rose 911
Restaurant Rose 911, Negeri Sembilan cuisine

Thirdly, for a version of ikan bakar slightly different from the ordinary,  check out Restaurant Rose 911 at Kampung Pandan.

While the fish is grilled with banana leaves like other versions, sambal is added to the fish prior to grilling, infusing the aroma of chilli right from the get go. This is perfect for those who loves it spicy.

Restaurant Rose 911 also serves authentic Negeri Sembilan cuisine with dishes that are laden with plenty of coconut milk and tumeric.

Restoran Kak Rose 911
No. 25, Jalan Satu
Kampung Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.143901, 101.737293
Tel03-9281 2996

At workplace, I am a bit of a freelancer when it comes to lunches. Most people have a group of colleagues or friends they always lunch with, but I sort of wander around a little bit, hanging out with different groups of colleagues and friends. Partly to socialize with more, and mainly to appease my appetite of having wide variety of different lunch options since most groups usually to go to the same places repeatedly.

Restoran Salero Negori, at Jalan Gurney, KL
Restoran Salero Negori, at Jalan Gurney, KL

A couple weeks ago I joined a group of Malay colleagues on a bit of a lunch excursion to this place suggested by our friendly Indonesian expat by the name of Pak Alwi to this restaurant located at Dato’ Keramat by the name of Restoran Salero Negori.

The name is pretty self explanatory – a restaurant that serves Negeri Sembilan delights. My only previous such experience was to Restoran Rose 911 at Kampung Pandan.

plenty of different dishes to choose from
plenty of different dishes to choose from

Restoran Salero Negori is located in a converted bungalow house along Jalan Gurney (not to be confused with Persiaran Gurney which is in Penang).

As with many Malay restaurants, the set up is pretty similar to “chap fan” or nasi kandar style. Most food are already prepared, and you just point and pick what you want. The benefit is that you don’t ever need to wait more than 5 minutes before food is served.

duck egg, fried brinjal, smoked beef curry, vegetable, chicken, squid
duck egg, fried brinjal, smoked beef curry, vegetable, chicken, squid

For lunch, we ordered up qiute a big feast for the six of us. There’s boiled duck egg, smoked beef curry, paku pakis, deep fried chicken with rempah, curry squid, curry chicken, and more.

I find the beef pretty interesting, a bit of a smokey taste that goes well with the spicy curry. The rempah from fried chicken was addictive, but my favorite turned out to be the brinjal, covered with sambal and fried to almost crispy texture while still retaining the sweetness.

Over all, it was a very good lunch, plenty of kick, and maybe a bit too much lemak, but that’s what Negeri Sembilan food is all about.

it was a great afternoon lunch session
it was a great afternoon lunch session

We spent about RM 24-25 per person for this meal including drinks. Cheap? No. Satisfying? Oh Yes! Will go there again.

map to Restoran Salero Negori

Restoran Salero Negori
Jalan Gurney
Dato’ Keramat
Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.167662, 101.720818