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I’m finally officially an organ donor here in Malaysia.

I was a registered organ donor while in the States, and over there all you had to do is checking a box while applying driver’s license. I wish the procedure is as simple over here but they are improving.

I urge you to be an organ donor as well, all you have to do is head to the National Transplant Resource Center and register online. It takes only a few minutes, and could help change someone’s life forever.

organ donor card

You’ll get an official donor’s card via mail, and keeping this card in your wallet all the time ensures that time-critical organs can be harvested without delay should anything happen the donor.

I’m told that donor’s bodies will be treated with utmost respect, and that a separate panel will have to ensure that nothing further can be done to help the person before the status is changed to an organ donor. The fear of “they’ll give up and use my body as spare parts instead” is pretty much unfounded.

So, do the right thing and be an organ donor today!

p/s: I first read this on Deep’s blog entry, thanks!