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Little known fact about me – I went through 12 years of Chinese education in a SRJK(C) and SMJK(C) education, which basically means that I am actually able to converse and read/write in Mandarin pretty well. 我不是香蕉人。

I actually read through the whole 金庸武侠小说 (kung fu novel series), watch Hochiak, and listen to MY FM in addition to all the other “English language centric” activities I engage in. 真的是人不可貌像,对不对?呵呵。

I was at MY FM 10th Anniversary party at Genting in 2008!

In fact, I actually attended the MY FM 10th Anniversary Celebration back at Genting back in 2008, that was some party indeed.

Before I digress… today’s purpose is to tell you about the MY FM 超级万人迷 game. A game with proper cash prize up to RM 100,000! So how do you get your hands on this you might ask?


Here are the mechanics: (中文提示请尝考超级万人迷网站)

  1. After listening to MY FM to the tips regarding the location and features of 超级万人迷. Find the person on 7-9 am, 12-2 pm, 4-6 pm, and 8 – 10 pm on site
  2. Every morning from 7-9 am, there will be more tips announced
  3. Find the location of 超级万人迷
  4. If you think you got the right person, approach immediately and ask if he/she is MY FM 超级万人迷!
  5. Bonus – If you managed to find the correct person while carrying the Generasi Hebat tie, you stand to win 3x the prize!

非常简单,今天就开使多听 MY FM,找到了万人迷和赢了奖金千万别忘了我哦!

It’s that simple! Check out my phailed attempt in landing myself RM 100,000 in this video. Haih… better luck next time I guess! MY FM is gonna be my #1 radio station until I get that prize, gahhh!!