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I got mugged

July 2, 2010 137 Comments

Last Wednesday night, Haze and I slept too early and woke up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. So we did what we usually do, walked to Ming Tien for supper.

She had a bowl of tomyam, while I had some porridge from the soy duck stall. By the time we are done feeding ourselves, it was already almost 3 in the morning. We started walking back.

mugged map

We turned the corner to behind the LRT station, and all of a sudden 2 motorbikes with 3 guys who was waiting at the small lane stopped right next to us, and two of them got off the bike. One came up to me while the other targeted Haze.

The smart thing to do then was to run back to where we came from, towards the mamak restaurant where there was a lot of people, but at the corner of my eye when I saw the other guy trying to lay hands on Haze, I started throwing punches to the guy facing me, an Indian guy who was probably around 5’10”.

The ensuing action was a bit of a blur, but I was pushed/fell down to the drain next to the road. The drain was about 4 feet deep, which gave the robber a clear advantage, he gave me a world cup free kick that landed straight on my face.

At the same time Haze threw her bag to the other guy and started running, a resident from the house closest to the incident started yelling. When I saw that I got off the drain and ran towards Haze, and at the time I think the robbers made a move and got off with their bikes instead of  continuing to pursuit us.

We got back home, took the car, and drove around the neighbourhood trying to see if we can find the robbers again before heading to the police station to file report. If I had meet the same 2 bikes when driving, I would have knocked them down there and then.

I got mugged

Haze lost her bag with some money, an iPhone, a camera, and a Macbook power brick that totalled up to quite a bit of money. The robbers didn’t get anything from me, but I was left with several injuries on my body and I finally know how a boxer feel like after a major fight with a swollen eye.

After the police report we went to Hospital UM and I was treated by a very friendly Burmese doctor. The superficial wounds should heal within a few days, and who knows I might end up with double eye lids.

At least we are both safe, I guess there won’t be any walking to Ming Tien in wee hours. Need to act better when face with situations like this next time.