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It’s been something like a year since I did a movie review on this blog, there’s no particular reason for this slack but here’s a movie that I thought deserve one – Prometheus (2012).

Prometheus 2012

The movie is sort of a prequel to the Alien series that many of us grew up watching, and in a way, an integral part of our childhood’s formation years. Prometheus is directed by the same Ridley Scott that made those classics the original Alien and Blade Runner.

I watched this movie in TGV’s IMAX screen at Sunway Pyramid, and it utterly blew my mind away – the IMAX theater that is. It was crisp, clear, and sounded superb. Not entirely unlike switching from a 21″ old tube TV to the latest 55″ high definition LCD panel with a beefed up sound system to boot.

So much so that I want to watch every movie that’s release on TGV IMAX from now on, and I am not getting paid to write this. :D

TGV IMAX completely ruined my “normal” movie experience.

Prometheus screenshot

Anyway back to the movie that scored a (I think) very overrated 7.8/10 at IMDB.

The storyline:

A team of scientists travels through the universe on the spaceship “Prometheus” on a voyage to investigate Alien life forms. The team of scientists becomes stranded on an Alien world, and as they struggle to survive it becomes clear that the horrors they experience are not just a threat to themselves, but to all of mankind.

The movie has really excellent visuals with some scenes rival that of Avatar, pretty good pace, with rather decent acting (Michael Fassbender was excellent), and on top of that, you have Charlize Theron, that is always a bonus.

However, what I thought made it very disappointing are the things left unexplained and many that never make any sense. I know it’s essentially a sci-fi and you should be able to get away with many things, but consistency is key to any good story.

From here onwards it’s all spoilers, and read only if you have watched or are planning to watch.

Now here’s a list of problems I have with the movies:

  • How could biologists violate all the health code there is? Taking off the face mask = risking potential alien virus/bacterial infection
  • The same guy (Fifield) who deployed the navigational bots is the same guy who gets lost afterwards…
  • The same paranoid guy (Milburn) somehow wanted to play with alien snake
  • What are those black goo that kept flowing out of the vase?
  • What is David’s motive in “poisoning” Charlie?
  • A far superior civilization, the Engineers, didn’t even want to talk and just starts killing everyone in sight, that doesn’t seem very smart
  • Charlize Theron’s character was smart enough to lead a space expedition, but couldn’t figure out running side way will save her life
  • That almost Star Wars “father” line was utterly unnecessary
  • How did the face hugger grew to be the size of Kraken in the medical pot without food?
  • Why would the Engineer head to human’s escape pod when they have many other space ships of their own? If he wanted to kill all human on the planet first he’d have done it before the first attempt to fly off anyway.

OK I’ll stop here.

It’s been a while since this blog featured a movie review, with the last one being Inception some 10 months ago. I guess there just wasn’t a movie I like enough to be writing a review since then.. until I managed to catch Source Code a few days ago.

Source Code movie poster

The movie currently score a pretty good 7.9/10 on IMDB, pretty good for a relatively low budget scifi. This movie sort of took Jake Gyllenhaal back to his Donnie Darko roots after the semi disaster that was Prince of Persia, Like Donnie Darko, this is another sci-fi film that has something to do with alternate history/universe theme. Something that the geek in me love seeing on big screen.

This is the second full featured film from Duncan Jone, the other being Moon, which was another sci-fi film with an even lower budget, but a must-watch if you’re a fan of hard scifi instead of space soap opera.

This review is going to have some spoilers/discussions, so for those who hasn’t watch the film, go watch it now!

source code train scene
the co-star is pretty cute!

Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in a train and found himself looking at a “stranger” female who clearly knows him, and when he went to the toilet, the person in the mirror wasn’t himself.

He attempt to get to know what happens, but 8 minutes later, the train to Chicago blew up, killing everyone on board…… and he woke up in a bunker strapped on a chair with a woman name Goodwin on the screen trying to explain to him what happened.

Apparently Colter Stevens was in the Source Code, a program that puts him into someone’s mind over the last 8 minutes of his life. In this case, 8 minutes in the train that got blown, his job was to find the bomber.

The plot is covered on wikipedia, so I guess I shall not repeat the story.

source code experiment room scene

While started out a little slow, the pace of the movie worked out pretty well at the end. I love the premies of the story even though it was as almost as far fetched as space aliens hanging out with human breathing the same atmosphere and being able to have hybrid children.

The one part that I wish to be different is perhaps the way the film ends. I think it would carry a little bit more of an impact if the movie ended at the freezing frame where everyone was laughing on the train listening to Russel Peters with Stevens and the girl kissing.

While the ending in the movie works well on the many world interpretation quantum mechanics postulate, it left a bit too sweet a taste and a bit too Hollywood for me.

This is a must watch movie for all geeks, and while you’re at it, get a copy of Moon and watch that too!

NBA playoffs 2011

For those of you who are following the NBA, the playoffs are finally here!

First round Eastern Conference would be Indiana vs Chicago, Philadelphia vs Miami, Atlanta vs Orlando, New York vs Boston, and Western Conference match ups are Memphis vs San Antonio, New Orleans vs Los Angeles Lakers, Portland vs Dallas, Dallas vs Oklahoma City.

I am gonna admit that I like the Miami Heat and want them to do well. I watched Lebron James live in Washington DC while he was  in a high school all stars games. The second round match up could be Miami vs Boston, and that’s gonna be mighty delicious!

I think Miami or Chicago’s gonna come out from the East, and Lakers might represent the West again, though I hope OKC or San Antonio (might be too old) can spoil it.

The problem with basketball games is that often time it is only interesting at in the last half an hour or so, and that American time zone isn’t very compatible with the one we’re in either, so Astro B.yond PVR to the rescue!

I’m gonna record all the games and make sure I don’t miss the important moments!

You don’t get to know 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

This is the movie we’ve all been waiting for, unless you don’t have a facebook account, that is. Since you’re reading this piece, here’s a chance to get your hands on the tickets! Read on.

Update: screening date has been changed, see below!

the social network (facebook movie)


On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history… but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications.

Do check out Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook profile, this is one guy who doesn’t need to sing “I wanna be a billionaire… ”

Screening details:

Date: 1 Nov (Mon) 22nd Nov (Mon)
Time: 9 pm
Venue: GSC Mid Valley
Ticket collection: 8 pm till 9 pm

The official release date in Malaysia is 11 Nov, so you get to watch this a full 10 days ahead. The movie’s also currently rated 8.5/10 in imdb!

I’m gonna keep this simple, all you need to do is click the facebook “like” button on this post and at the same time comment “I want a ticket to this movie because..“. Bonus point if you tweet this post too :P

Do it now! I have 18 tickets to give away and they’re moving quick. Be sure to put in your valid email address in the comment.

Good news everyone!

Today we’re going to give away free tickets, oh yes, movie tickets to one of the most anticipated animated movie this year – Up.

I don’t know about you, but I love pretty much every single pixar movie there is, from the first Toy Story, A Bug’s Life to Ratatouille and WALL-E. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, same can’t be said with any other movie studio or director (Christopher Nolan not withstanding)

Disney Pixar Up poster
Up up & away!

I expect Up, the 10th movie from Pixar, will again be one of the better movies of the year. My most trusted movie critic Eyeris already watched it and confirmed that Up is awesome, read his review here.

To get your hands on the premier movie tickets, all you have to do is to comment on this post and end it with “up up and away!”, the first 20 person gets a pair of tickets. Be creative or risk being ridiculed :D

Details of this Nuffnang movie premier:

  • When: 9:30pm 11th August, 2009
  • Where: Cathay Cineplex Damansara
  • Collection Time: 8:30 to 9:15pm, screening day

The movie’s going to be awesome! Please thank Robb for making the tickets available.

Almost 1.5 years ago, I had an encounter with Chipster, actually, lots of Chipsters! Perhaps the following picture might explain a lot more than I could. However, I was not-very-narrowly beaten by another guy who walked away with the MacBook in the competition! Hmph

Chipster contest
yes, there’s alot of Chipsters here

At the same time, I wrote another entry titled Lord of Chipsters for the same contest in a different category. It was a comic style story that was pirated inspired by JRR Tolkien’s famous trilogy. Well, I didn’t win that one either, but here’s another picture for you.

Lord of Chipsters
Hohoho lord of Chipsters!

But as they say, third time is the charm, so this time around I am really keeping my fingers crossed with the latest Chipster contest I joined. Chipster SuperStar Contest!

First of all, lets look at the prizes:

  • Grand Prize: MacBook Air x 1
  • First Prize (x3): iPod Touch
  • Consolaton Prize (x16): iPod Nano

Furthermore, the grand prize and first prize winners will be featured in the finale movie on TV3, that’s national TV by the way! Winners will be determined by number of votes, so please please go to the website and cast your vote. If you think mine is pretty good, VOTE FOR ME please.

Chipster SuperStar
Chipster SuperStar’s very awesome movie making interface

Unlike most other contests involving creations of TVC/movies, Chipster has really made it very simple to participate. The interface is so good I must say I am very very impressed (speaking from a guy with IT background).

All you have to do is upload pictures of yourself and your friends and crop them with the supplied online tool to create your casts. Next you choose the story you want your cast to appear in (4 to choose from), add in the actors from your cast list, and then come up with the dialogues in comic style, and you are done with the TVC.

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes, very sleek, very efficient!

The only thing left to do is to click the submit button when you’re done, and key in the Unique Code you can find in every bag of Promotional Chipster Superstar Contest Pack. Here’s my Matrix inspired TVC (well since I just went to the hair saloon). Check it out!

The contest runs from 13th April – 8th June, and the voting period starts from tomorrow, 9-19 June. Time to vote, make it happen!

p/s: ok maybe there *might* be some better videos out there, do check them out and cast your votes.