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If you’ve read my previous posts about Transitions Signature lens glasses, you’d already be quite familiar with the technology behind it. The lens that changes from clear to darker tint with the presence of UV light with the help of Chromea7 technology.

So, how am I using this in everyday life?

Transitions lenses clear up when going into tunnel
Transitions lenses clear up when going into tunnel

Lets start with driving.

I have a mild case of astigmatism so driving with a pair of prescription glasses is something I usually do. Since my car is not tinted at all, what I like about Transitions® Signature™ lenses here is that I can always just drive into the Smart Tunnel with just one pair of glasses. When I’m in the tunnel, the lenses are clear. When I’m out of the tunnel, my lenses are tinted. Simple as that. No more switching between a pair of regular sunglasses and clear glasses.

in hair saloon and alfresco dining

in hair salon and alfresco dining

The lenses also work very well both indoor and outdoor. Since it’s activated by UV light, the lenses are always very clear indoors. The above pictures illustrate the differences between me in a hair salon (with my hair dresser hiding behind) and having a glass of watermelon juice by the walkway after the haircut. The slight tint is due to the cloudy day with some UV presence. Yes, there’s UV light even on a cloudy day!

me with Chaly, the bike that's older than most of you!

me with Chaly, the bike that’s older than most of you!

Riding my old school Honda Chaly is another great application for the glasses. Regardless with the visor up or down (my visor is not tinted at all), the lenses work predictably in the way the tint changes. Again, when it’s bright in the day, the lenses become dark, and when you ride in the night, the lenses turn clear. You don’t have to use different glasses for day and night riding.

Transitions lenses work great for mountain biking as well
Transitions lenses work great for mountain biking as well

One of my many hobbies is mountain bike riding.

For those who ride, eye protection is also something very important (other than helmet, gloves, knee pads etc) as there are tree branches, debris, and other stuff that may get into your eyes in the trail. Transitions® Signature™ glasses work great in this situation not only as a form of protection, but also adapting to the various lighting conditions in mountain bike trails. Very often along a mountain bike trail, there are many twists and turns like a stretch of shaded path covered by with trees and open-air slopes that are exposed to the sun. So within a short 10 meter span, the lighting can change from bright to dark then bright again. My Transitions® Signature™ Lenses are smart enough to adapt quickly and automatically to the mid tint when I’m riding under the trees and change to a dark tint when I’m riding in the open.

Well, you could say that Transitions® lenses work great in pretty much everyday situations, now if there’s a swimming or diving goggle that has this technology..

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Believe it or not, and I didn’t initially, that the whole exercise 3 times a week advice is actually a very doable routine for anyone. I wasn’t a particularly active person in high school (other than joining the dragon boat team for a couple years) nor in my 20s, but in the past few years, I’ve taken up recreational sports with quite some vigor.

my sports equipment
some of my sporting equipments, ignore the two kitteh

My typical week starts with badminton on Monday night, then either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening futsal session, follow by my regular Thursday night futsal (on going for the last 4-5 years), and another perhaps another futsal on Saturday and sometimes a Sunday badminton session too.

If any of these sessions are canceled, I sometimes substitute it with cycling. Something that I enjoy a bit more than running since it’s easier on the knees and I get to travel a bit further and be able to carry water.

Hence the four pairs of shoes in the picture – badminton, running/cycling, futsal turf, futsal hardcourt. Ignore the two nosy kittens.

I document my exercise routine on Endomondo (add me if you’re on it!)

Tiger Balm warm and cold plaster, ointment
Tiger Balm warm and cool plaster, ointment

With all these exercise sessions, I am no stranger to muscle ache and (sometimes) joint pain, and when it comes to this, there’s one trustable name that we are familiar with – Tiger Balm. In fact, when I opened the package of the new Tiger Balm Plaster, Haze immediately recognize the smell.

While we are more familiar with the traditional Tiger Balm ointment, the are now two types of Tiger Balm plasters available in the market – one warm, and another cool relief.

hydrogel pack with stretchable material and additional adhesive
Tiger Balm hydrogel plaster with stretchable material and additional adhesive

The warm plaster is mostly used for effective relief for chronic pain such as arthritis and rheumatism, while the cool plaster is catered for the relief of acute pain such as muscle ache, sprain, and backache.

After another session of badminton, my often sprained left ankle was acting up a little bit, perfect opportunity to try the new Tiger Balm cool plaster.

the cool plaster feels pretty good on my often sprained left ankle
the cool plaster feels pretty good on my often sprained left ankle

packet comes with 2 hydrogel pack and 2 adhesive plaster made with stretchable material. Though the instructions printed on the adhesive sheet stated 9 steps, it was actually quite a lot easier to apply:

  • remove adhesive back
  • place hydrogel on top
  • remove hydrogel plastic
  • remove additional adhesive
  • apply on muscle/joint

just follow the instructions!
just follow the instructions printed in every packet

The plaster felt pretty good on my ankle, it is stretchable and does not impede movement, and additionally it does allow air to flow through too plus its comfortable to wear. The cool feeling came on some 5-10 minutes after application and really does provide good relief from the joint pain that was bothering me a bit.

Each pack of Tiger Balm Plaster contains 2 units, large pack goes for RM 6.80 while the smaller one is priced at RM 5.20. You can find them at all key chain pharmacies such as Guardian or Watson and nearby pharmacies.

I’m gonna keep some in my sports bag 😀