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Every year on the first of June, lies a day that many of us don’t realize happening, but undoubtedly more of us should – the World Milk Day.

The date was set by United Nations of Food and Agricultural Organization in recognition of milk being an important nutritional food source for everyone.

So for those of you who just had a glass of milk today, HAPPY WORLD MILK DAY!

To those who hasn’t, go get a glass. 😀

reggie lee world milk day cartoon
last year’s world milk day cartoon by Reggie Lee

I think the guy who first said “man look at the cow, I’m gonna milk her and drink her milk!” though came out weird, must deserve the highest credit for bringing humanity to where we are today in terms of nutritions. Fortunately, we now live in the day and age where we don’t have to milk our own cows just to enjoy a glass of milk. They are readily available.

dutch lady products

For me, these Dutch Lady ready to drink milk that you can find pretty much at every grocery stores and many convenient shops will be a much wiser choice. Freshly pasteurized, chilled, and ready to drink. Other than pure milk, there are flavored versions too.

And remember the voting for new Dutch Lady flavor that I mentioned on previous posts just a few weeks back? The one with the four mascots and four flavors of milk.

Sweet Corn will be the newest Dutch Lady milk flavor

Well, the verdict is out. At the World Milk Day celebration held at 1 Utama on 29th May, the winning flavor was revealed to be Sweet Corn.

In the last 3 weeks or so, there were over 200,000 votes casted (or 232,066 ot be exact!) That was an awesome respond and a testament of the milk drinking culture here in our own country. Sweet corn managed an astounding 76,000 over votes.

I personally voted for red beans, did all I could to convince more people to vote for it but unfortunately it fell short just a bit. I mean, if I already came up with the good old “ais kacang” song.. what more could I do right?

Judging at the total votes of around 33% that sweet corn managed, I think the race must have been pretty close. I like my apom and ais kacang to have sweet corn in them, so why not with milk too? So congratulations to Jagung!

Sweet corn flavor will be available as a limited edition UHT flavour in the market from mid-July onwards at all super and hypermarkets, I can’t wait to try it out!

But if you’re on KL, JB, Penang, or Kuantan today (1st June, 2011), do check out Dutch Lady’s World Milk Day celebration schedule and get a chance to try out the new flavor too! Check out the schedule below!

world milk day tour

To know more and to always be the first one to get to know more information about the goodness of milk, join the Dutch Lady Malaysia facebook page too. Lets drink more, do more! 😀

ais kacang, ais, ais kacang
bila cuaca panas merasa dahaga
singgah di gerai ais kacang di minta
susu dan jagung
kacang dan lengkong
air gula berwarna
campur semua, enak rasanya
kegemaran kita semua

This is the childhood song that is most memorable to me, and I’ll explain later, but first, remember the post I penned on this blog last week about four mascots spotted at Bukit Bintang?

Now we know what it is all about, the four mascots actually represents four flavors of milk. A reader guessed ice cream, pretty close, since ice cream’s main ingredient is milk anyway.

They four of them represents Dutch Lady red bean, moo melon, caramel toffee, and sweet corn.

vote for your favorite flavor
vote for your favorite flavor

From now until the 28th of May, 2011, you’ll be able to vote for your favorite flavor on the Dutch Lady Milk Election page on facebook.

Just like any elections, there is a big stake here – the flavor with highest vote will be the newest addition to Dutch Lady Malaysia’s UHT milk range.

vote for your favorite flavor

Every flavor also has its own supporter too. The talented Ziana Zain supporting Red Bean. We have Faizal Tahir the singer-song writer behind Sweet Corn. Our very own super model Amber Chia with Moo Melon, and Football twins national starters Aidil and Zaquan (hey we won the Tiger cup!) pulling their collective weights for Caramel Toffee flavor.

voted for world milk day flavor

Of course now you know which is my favorite flavor based on the ais kacang song in the beginning of this post. Red beans of course! It is not really just a nostalgic flavor for me, but one that I really love to have in my ice cream, dessert, kuih, and if possible, milk.

So I’ve casted my vote for red bean,and I urge you to vote too! Undi laaaa untuk Malaysia so we can make this a reality! Red bean milk will be fantastic.

The steps are simple, to ensure fairness, there’s only 1 vote per person but you are allowed to change your vote up until 28th of May, 2011. Go to the facebook page to do it ya!

world milk day voting

While you’re there, click “Like” for the page too. If we achieve 200,000 likes, Dutch Lady will donate 20,000 milk packs to charity. Now who says your click doesn’t count?

I couldn’t really find the old ais kacang song on youtube but here’s the MTV created in support for Dutch Lady Red Bean milk, pretty catchy ya?