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Being a Malaysian, one should embrace every facet of the Malaysian culture, and that naturally includes food. It is hence quite surprising to me that many of us can name more Japanese dishes than traditional Malay dishes.

Welcome to 1Malaysia, and today we are going to Sup Kaww! The very name of the restaurant is a combination of Malay and Hokkien words that simply spells “thick soup”.

restaurant Sup Kaww at kelana jaya
restaurant Sup Kaww at kelana jaya

The restaurant is situated opposite the side entrance of Kelana Jaya Giant hypermarket, directly behind the Shell that is by the 6-8pm weekday parking lot – LDP.

While not spotting any doors, there’s a big al fresco dining area as well as roof covered tables for your choosing.

petai udang (bitter bean with prawns)
petai udang (bitter bean with prawns)

The menu here is pretty comprehensive, there are various types of Malay soup (including sup tropedo if you like), vegetable, squid, beef, chicken, and seafood prepared in different methods – masak merah (red sauce), paprik, kunyit, and so on. There’s also nasi ayam (chicken rice) and a few other types of soup noodle too.

For the two of us, I ordered a petai udang (bitter bean with prawns), daging masak merah (beef with red sauce), sup tulang (beef bone soup), and a couple telur dadar (Malay style omelete).

danging masak merah, sup tulang, telur dadar
danging masak merah, sup tulang, telur dadar

Like most traditional Malay dishes, the prawns in petai udang wasn’t peeled, but it was otherwise a dish with a kick. Being a petai lover, I’d probably ask for extra petai (and them not being split) the next time.

Daging merah was a combination of sweet and spiciness that goes well with white rice.

Haze and KY at Sup Kaww!
Haze and KY at Sup Kaww!

The sup tulang though, was really kaww! Very thick and flavourful, and is almost a meal by itself. Telur dadar, well, was just telur dadar, nothing out of the ordinary.

The other dishes I’ve tried there were all pretty good too, but I wouldn’t recommend their tomyam (try the one tomyam at ming tien instead).

Selamat  berjamu selera!

map to Sup Kaww at Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Restaurant Sup Kaww!
Lot 3630, SS7/8,
Kelana Jaya 47301, Selangor

GPS: 3.10497, 101.59786
Tel: 019-384 8421