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I’m heading to Singapore this coming Monday for the Snow Patrol concert (woohoo!), and thus there was a need to finally renew my international passport that’s expiring next month (the fact that you can’t use it anymore 6 months before expiration date is dumb)

So I went on just to check what I need to get it done, and that’s when I discover that you can actually do it online. Which is quite baffling since we’re supposed to be a 3rd world country and our government services were mostly still operating with 80s mindset – “system down! besok mari!”

passport renewal
a bit of photo editing skills go a long way to save monehh

Anyway, all you got to do is put in your IC and passport number, the system will then pull up all the information from your previous record, and you can edit them if there were errors. Then the process is simple:

  • check to make sure information is correct
  • upload passport photo
  • pay via online banking/credit card
  • choose the immigration office you want to collect your brand new passport from
  • collect after 2 hours

And it was really as simple as that. My faith in Wawasan 2020 is back! Now if every department is half as efficient as these guys…

Pro tip: I just asked my colleague to snap a photo of me using my phone, and then with some pixie dust and magical moves via GIMP I made my shirt dark (a requirement), the background blue (another requirement), and then crop the photo into their preferred dimension.

Pro tip 2: Remember to bring the printed receipt and your old passport and IC to collect the new one. I forgot the receipt the first time so had to go there twice, the 2.1 hour was a lie.