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Thank you Li Shian for making me the first to appear on the “Temu Blogger” section of Kosmo newspaper today. This is the first time I got an entire page in a newspaper, a great start to 2009 I’d say!

KY on Kosmo Newspaper
KYspeaks in Kosmo newspaper

I was actually on Kosmo some 2 years ago in an article featuring the koi pond, but not about this blog. Other beaming worthy moments include the article on NST with N82, a mention in Star Metro, and a few appearances in magazines such as TELL (blogged by suanie here), and KLUE (check out horny’s post).

I must be the luckiest person with a blog around here.

petrol refill on NPE
NPE Petrol refueling exercise

Or so I thought, until this morning when I was driving to work and the car decided to run out of fuel at NPE without letting me know (fuel gauge apparently died). Some of you might remember that this has happened to me before.

The NPE highway petrol now carries a different meaning to me. Thank you Mr. Arul for helping me out on the refueling exercise I hope never to repeat.

KY on New Straits TimeIt’s been a while I bought newspaper, but I couldn’t help myself but to get yesterday’s version of New Sunday Times. Unlike the “celebrity bloggers” who appear on printed media every other week, this is something a bit rarer for me. If you haven’t check it out, here goes!

KY on newspaper

Here is the link to the full article online, you can also click on the image on the right for a screen captured version. This article is in conjunction with my involvement in the Nokia Nseries Soul of the Night project.

To be fair, I was on Kosmo newspaper a couple years back with an interview about my koi pond, and another article on NST that has something to do with the now defunct monsterblog project. Oh, not to forget a mention on Star Metro about an article regarding the local hawker scene.

Keep them coming, keep them coming. =D

Changing Hawker SceneKimberly the cun was the cover girl on the Star’s RAGE yesterday. Coincidentally, yours truly was mentioned in the Metro section of the paper the same day in a very good article titled “The changing hawker scene“.

True, Kim has the whole page to her, and I have 3 paragraphs. But hey, I’m keeping the paper cut out nonetheless. (the difference is, Kim has gathered more than 6 copies, I’m keeping only 1, narcissism isn’t necessary)

The article talks about the impact of foreign workers in the local hawker scene, and here are my bites, quoted verbatim from the paper:

Blogger Kar Yeong, or better known as KY, who has gained recognitions among netizens for reviewing a huge array of food and restaurants in his blog, is among those who prefers food stalls manned by locals.

“Foreigners grew up in their home country and aren’t as accustomed to the local taste, so naturally the flavours might be a bit out of tune when compared to what we like,” he said.

To be fair, according to KY, there are foreign stalls selling tasty non-local food such as the gyoza prepared by the Shanghainese cook at the Ming Tien food court in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

Thumbnail of the article on the left, click here for the full screen shot (just in case the permanent link at is removed)

I want to thank the writer Xin Yi for including me in her research. 🙂

This is the first time I appear in the newspaper (with my name on it and spelled correctly, too.) If you happen to have a copy of Kosmo dated 23/2/2006, turn to Rencana Utama page 19, now!

Koi Pond - KY Interviewed by Kosmo Newspaper
cool or not?

The article talks about Koi and I was one of the keepers interviewed. One of the reasons yours truely was chosen is the fact that most Koi keepers are not exactly young. I guess I gave them a fresher face, as I quote this gem

“Kecantikan ikan koi membuatkan ramai insan yang terpesona dan ingin memeliharanya sebagai hobi. Salah seorangnya ialah anak muda, Teoh Kar Yeong.”


“The beauty of Koi fish captures the heart of many and makes them want to keep koi as hobby. One of them is the young man, T### K## Y####.”

Interesting isn’t it? There was no link to this blog, however, my best guess is that some of the entries posted might not be very halal for the target audience of Kosmo, a Malay newspaper. Now if only we had started the whole rowing thing before the reporters left..