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Back when I was growing up in Penang, we used to refer to kids who aren’t particularly bright as “huan chu”, which actually translate to potato in Hokkien. Well, luckily that reference does not transcend across different languages for today I am going to attempt to look like Mister Potato himself!


Lets not digress, this advertorial is about Mister Potato’s “No Compromise Game”, and what I am sharing here includes some of the tips you might find useful when playing the actual flash game on

The flash game consist of 8 different levels that are related in some ways how a packet of 160g  Potato Crisps is created (by the way my favorite flavors are Hot & Spicy and of course, Original).


Mister Potato is made from quality imported potatoes from the best, and healthiest Atlantic, Dakota Pearl and Hermes Potatoes, so appropriately the first level of the game is related to picking and choosing good potato from the source. Good potato goes to the good basket, those with poor quality goes to the bad basket, simple? You gotta do it fast though.

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