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This is the one and only Lamborghini Aventador in that came out of the factory in blue glauco, a one off mixture of blue and green that has a subtle hint of Tiffany’s signature avantador blue glauco

The car belongs to Robbie Dickson, an exotic car collector who certainly has a taste for exotic color.

lamborghini avantador blue glauco
Pictures by Marcel Lech Photography.

Drift Gateaway at Port Dickson

I attended the Sync Optima Drift Gateaway at Port Dickson last Sunday. It was a two day event on the 3rd and 4th of December. However, I only attended the sunday session as a spectator. The previous owner of my car, who had participated in drift events with the MR2, was also at the event. This time as a spectator since he is currently lack of a drift car, I doubt I’m giving the car the continuation anytime soon.

I reached the venue, Extreme Park at Palm Resort City, Port Dickson, at around after lunch hour after navigating my way to PD for the first time. As I get down the car I could already hear the screeching sound of tyres against the mortar muffling the engine noise in the background.

Drift Gateaway at Port Dickson

There were a few dozen cars in the event consisting of mainly old school toyotas (KE70) and nissans, and a some newer models such as nissan 180sx, 240sx, skyline, silvia, and mazda mx5. These cars power through the rear wheel, or in the case of the skyline, all wheels. This is of course, essential for drifting.

The course is designed for go-karts racing, so naturally it is pretty short and tight. There were some pretty good drivers showing their sideway mad skills. However, as there were around half a dozen cars on the track at one time, a single car spinning out meant the whole track needed to be stopped, and that was pretty frequent. The Pajero had to tow cars out of the ditch quite a few times.

Drift Gateaway at Port Dickson

Other than drifting, there were a few show cars at the event. Including a Lamborghini, a Ferrari 348, and a BMW 3 series with lotsa CF panels.

We left at around 4pm to avoid the insane ‘back to KL’ Sunday traffic on the highway. Can’t wait for the next Autocross.

Will try to post up some videos next.

Drift Gateaway at Port Dickson