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A short while ago when I posted an Insta story update of Aik Prawn mee, a follower suggested  Johnny’s Prawn Mee as a place any prawn mee fan should check out. As a proper fan of prawn mee, I did just that the first chance I had.

Update 2020: Johnny’s is now at Subang Bestari “Yat Yat Khan” kopitiam. Pleae refer to address below

Johnny's Prawn Mee at Fullhouse Cafe, Taman Subang Murni
Johnny’s Prawn Mee at Fullhouse Cafe, Taman Subang Murni

Johnny’s is located at Fullhouse Cafe at Taman Subang Murni. If you haven’t heard of this place, well, it is because it’s located somewhere between Shah Alam, Sungai Buloh, and Subang Airport,  or aka – nowhere any sane person would go without a solid reason.

Johnny’s Prawn Mee offers three classic Penang hawker dishes – prawn mee, loh mee, and kueh teow soup. Over the past two visits, I tried two of my favorites – loh mee and prawn mee, in that order.

Loh mee because it is very difficult to find a good version of Penang loh mee in Klang Valley, with the only one I am aware of at Choon Prawn Mee in Seapark.

proper Penang style loh mee, Johny's
proper Penang style loh mee, Johny’s

The loh mee at Johnny’s comes with all the proper ingredients you’d expect, and a broth that is thick and flavorful. There’s prawns, hard boiled egg, pork slices, and garlic. You can also asks for extra ingredients if you so wish. I went with some pork intestine and was glad that I did.

RM 10 later and I was very, very satisfied. Best Penang loh mee I’ve had outside the island.

A few days later on an off day, I went again for the prawn mee, and ordered the version with extra prawns.

I must admit that I regretted ordering the extras a bit – there were simply way too much prawns! RM 15 for this bowl and I counted over a dozen pretty good size prawns. I’ve never thought it was possible to have too much prawn in prawn mee until now…

Johnny's Prawn Mee, with extra prawns
Johnny’s Prawn Mee, with extra prawns

Overall the prawn mee, like the loh mee I had before, did not disappoint. The broth had the unmistakable prawn shell sweetness to it, and there’s everything you’d expect – pork slices, prawns, kangkung, bean sprouts. If I had to nitpick, perhaps the only area of improvement here would be the chili paste, it was okay, but it could be slightly more fragrant perhaps.

Anyway, I’ll be back to Johnny’s for sure. Maybe to try the kuih teow soup next?

map to fullhouse cafe, Taman Subang Murni

Fullhouse Cafe
27-1 & 29, 1, Jalan Zuhrah BH U5/BH,
Taman Subang Murni,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS3.162310, 101.544326

Tel: 011-2319 0288

Yau Yat Khan
1, Jalan Bulan BL U5/BL,
Bandar Pinggiran Subang,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
GPS: 3.165238, 101.547289
Tel: 011-2319 0288

KY’s 2014 Top Eats

December 31, 2014 16 Comments

In a blink of an eye and suddenly we’re staring at 2015. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to try a lot of new (to me) food places, here are some of the selected few that I really enjoyed, they are listed in a few categories:

KY's 2014 best halal food

Halal Food:

Lets start with a few halal places. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo for their ayam penyet and grilled chicken to go with those awesome sambal. We also stumbled upon Cendol Bakar (the guy’s name, not how they burn the ice..) at Kuala Selangor. Grilled fish fans should check out the old school Mat Teh ikan bakar stall at Dato’ Keramat too. Then there’s messy burger at Bobby’s, and thanks to a Malay colleague, I was also introduced to A Hassan’s Ayam Goreng Kampung as perhaps the best food stall on a highway rest stop.

KY's 2014 best non halal food

Non Halal Restaurants:

In this category, lets start off with steamboat that has huge Alaskan Crab and Geoduck at The Pot, Kuchai Lama. For those who love yakitori, Maruhi Sakaba is a place to check out. Hua Xing became one of our regular places for dinner, and if you love bitter gourd Hokkien Mee, there isn’t a better place to go. Ma Maison’s Tonkatsu at 1 Utama is now my favorite tonkatsu place (not that there’s many), and thanks to a native Klang girl, I am now a fan of Ah Her bak kut teh (even though they’re very stingy with soup)

KY's 2014 best street foods in Klang Valley

Hawker stalls:

I went to dozens of new hawker stalls, but these are the few that I kept going back – the new kuih teow soup place at Mingtien that serves coagulated blood, Peter’s pork noodle at Brickfields (been there for ages), if you love fried chicken rice, there’s on at Segambut with very nice chili sauce, and who can say no to nasi lemak when it comes with pork skin curry? Check them out!

KY's 2014 fine dining

Nicer Restaurants:

A couple food reviews in nicer restaurants came to mind in this category, the lobster affair at The Restaurant, and those parma ham & delicious pizzas at Midi 57 at Bangsar. I’ve also made a habit of going to Ten Japanese for their lunch sets, to the dismay of my wallet balance.

KY's 2014 out of Klang Valley best eats

Out of Klang Valley:

I went out of state a few times in 2014, and there were a few places worth checking out if you happen to be there. Fu Man restaurant at Tanjung Malim for those pork dishes and tofu. Siam Road CKT in Penang if you don’t mind the wait time, and awesome kuih teow soup at the Anson Road wet market in Penang if you love chicken skin and savory soup. If you head to Genting/Bukit Tinggi, Loong Sing is a worthy place to stop over for lunch too. I was also introduced to KK’s version of pork noodle at Jia Xiang Sang Yuk Mian, good stuff!

Lets hope there’s more in 2015! Happy New Year!