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Remember the last few posts about the signs? I found a few more while walking near Pavilion KL, this one’s on a lamp post right at the walk way on Jalan Pinang.

kolony sign near Pavilion KL

But the sign is secret no more, it represents a society that is growing in every hour, and by the time of this writing it stands at 1,369,988 people, this is the number of people in the KOLONY.

So what is this Kolony? And how do I get on?

Kolony, represented by ))K((, i s an SMS based social network that does not tie you down to the computer or discriminate between people who uses smart phone with data access and those with conventional phones.

Kolony web sign at

In fact, Kolony will work just as well on the 10 year old Nokia as it will on the last Sony Ericsson Arc, cos there is no data network needed. All you need is any phone with SMS capability and have a Xpax, U.O.X., S.O.X., or any Celcom line.

To get started, just send KOLONY <nickname> to 25333, and after that you can socialize on Kolony via several ways:

  • DING – Ding your buddies and leave them a message to cheer them up. Send KDING <fren’s nickname> <message> to 25333
  • BOMM – Have an update to share? BOMM it away to all your FRENs! Send KBOMM <message> to 25333
  • FREN – FREN for life? Make as many as you can in Kolony! Send KFREN <fren’s nickname> to 25333
  • POPP – Get to comment on what your buddies say! Send KPOPP <fren’s nickname> <comment> to 25333

For more cool activities on the Kolony, send KHELP to 25333 for a full list of keywords, you can also go on for references too.

old nokia vs sony ericsson arc

To go into Kolony, you will need KOINZ to perform the activities described above.

And to get KOINZ, all you need to do is by making calls on the new Xpax plans. Every single call earn you free koinz that you can use.

  • 1st – 5th calls make in a day = free 10 KOINZ per call
  • 6th and more call in a day = free 20 KOINZ per call
  • the free koinz will be awarded the next day
  • alternatively, you can purchase KOINZ at RM 0.30 for 10 koinz, RM 1.50 for 50 koinz, or RM 3 for 100 koinz

Xpax Promotion - Kolony

Above is the new Xpax plan that gives you awesome low rates as well as the free koinz mentioned above. Calls are now only 28 sen for 10 mins to Celcom network or 5 mins to other networks. SMS to Celcom network’s only 1 sen while 5 sen to others.

Have you join the over million strong Kolony yet?!