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For all the fast food chains out there, KFC remains one of my favorites through the test of time. In fact, I always remember one of my first KFC experiences back in one of their signature outlets near Penang Plaza on the island up north. The steaming hot chicken with crispy skin that I grew up with, and to this day, I still have to get my KFC fix every now and then.

KFC at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
KFC at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

It is also safe to say that I have tried almost all the different dishes KFC Malaysia has come up with, and when I was approached to talk about the latest Masak Merah Rice Wrap, I see no reason not to.

Rice wrap is something that KFC introduced to the market not too long ago, it has steadily been gaining popularity due to being easy to consume, and positively wholesome.

KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap
KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap

So I ordered myself the new KFC Masak Merah Rice Wrap to give it a try.

The wrap is certainly Jumbo in size, and comes with Zinger Chicken fillet strips, Colonel rice, vegetables including cucumber, onion, and tomato all packed in a toasted tortilla wrap. The chicken is boneless.

It was actually good, I can definitely still feel the crispiness of the chicken strips as I munched into the wrap. The masak merah sauce was actually quite spicy and provided a nice kick to the meal. It was as they advertised – wholesomely satisfying.

I can definitely see this as a great option especially when you’re on the move.

masak merah flavour and sauce gives it  a spicy kick
masak merah flavour and sauce gives it  a spicy kick

The combo meal cost RM 8.90 and comes with a regular fries, and soft drinks. The wrap itself is priced at RM 6.90 ala carte.

Check out the video on the Masak Merah Rice Wrap above, pretty entertaining and I think fully captured the day-to-day life of many working folks – our busy life style but at the same time not forgetting the traditional taste that we grow up with.

For more information, head to

Sometimes a taste comes up that is so unique and different you just can’t describe it.

When asked “What does it exactly taste like?”, there’s a need to incorporate action as much as words to convey precisely what this strange chemical interactions between the food, spices, and your saliva in your tongue and your palate brings about. A sensation unlike other you have experienced.

And this is what KFC Crazy Crunch is all about, here’s Ruben’s take on the new taste:

I .. don’t know what to think of that. I guess it’s .. indescribable.

Here’s a response made by Shaheizy Sam on FB:

So I guess there’s only one way to find out!

My colleague Sheng and I were at Pertama Complex yesterday to check out some riding gears, so we thought KFC would be the best option for lunch there. I was telling him about Zinger Double Down that I was fond with (low carb diet?) and prepared to order that for my meal.

That’s where I found out that it’s already off the menu, to be replaced by probably the first non-fried chicken dish from KFC – the paper wrapped chicken that they called Golden Wrapped Chicken.

probably the first non-fried KFC chicken dish?
probably the first non-batter fried KFC chicken dish?

There are two sets to choose from, one with a side of bun and mash, the other with butter rice. I picked the latter, who eats ‘ji bao kai’ (纸包鸡) with mash potato anyway?

The set goes for RM 12.50 including tax, and gets you a quarter chicken, the above mentioned sides, and a large soft drink. I asked for drumstick piece (aka dark meat).

tasted better than I expected, I liked it
tasted better than I expected, I liked it

To be honest, I liked it! The chicken was well marinated and carries a strong hint of black pepper and a trace of mushroom flavor, the bed of corn gives it a note of subtle sweetness as well. The butter rice was very similar to chicken rice, but softer in texture.

I don’t know how long this dish is going to be at KFC but I hope they are going to keep it for the long haul, it provides alternative to their usual batter fried chicken that can be quite ‘heaty’.

For your info, the most famous paper wrapped chicken in Klang Valley is at Restaurant Leong Ya, Balakong.

KFC is always one of my favorite places to be. I remember back in the days when I was a boy, my late dad would bring the family to KFC once a month or so as a treat. It was always a very anticipated event.

A little bit of memory quiz for those who listens to Light & Easy FM (aka old!), do you still remember that KFC was once a sit-down restaurant? Ahh.. the memories.

KFC outlet at Suria KLCC
KFC outlet at Suria KLCC

To this day, I must get my KFC fix at least a couple times a month over lunch. Thus it came as no surprise that I”m always interested when KFC introduces new product on the market.

And this time around I think KFC has hit the bulls eye. I believe the new KFC Chicken Chop is going to be a winner.

KFC chicken chop, with sweet corn, potato wedges, and mushroom sauce
KFC chicken chop, with sweet corn, potato wedges, and mushroom sauce

9 out of 10 times at KFC, I order the Original Recipe snack plate with drumstick and thigh. So what could be better than that?

The original recipe drumstick & thigh chicken ….. BONELESS! This is just sheer genius, which made me wonder why they haven’t taught thought of this before.

boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!
boness OR chicken thigh & drumstick, mushroom sauce, yums!

The KFC chicken chop also comes with sweet corn (again, without the corn stem!) and potato wedges on the sides. To top it off, there’s the mushroom sauce too, with chunks of button mushroom in it.

Best of all, this wholesome meal with a Mountain Dew is only priced at RM 9.90. That’s cheaper than some hawker stalls already if you factor in drinks, and you won’t get the clean environment and air conditioning at kopitiam that’s for sure.

finger lickin' good!
finger lickin’ good!

The KFC chicken shop is served with fork & knife too, but nothing’s stopping you from eating without utensils so that you can have that finger lickin’ good experience!

OK, writing this has been tough on my stomach, I think I’m gonna have this for lunch today!

I gotta admit that I didn’t know about KFC having breakfast menu prior to this advertorial engagement. Needless to say I was actually quite curious about it as KFC has always been one of my favorite fast food chains. In fact, I believe KFC was the first air conditioned restaurant I’ve dined in outside of any wedding dinners attended as a little boy.

This article is supposed to talk about the KFC Happy Morning contest, but since this is primarily a food blog, lets do a food review first!

KFC breakfast menu
KFC, that’s where I want to be!

So I went to one of the biggest KFC outlets in town, the 350th restaurant at Jalan Universiti one quiet morning to try it out. At 24-hr outlet like this one, breakfast menu runs from 4am to 11am, others are 8-11am. Check the full list of KFC outlets serving the breakfast menu here.

Since I was out on a mission to do a taste test, I ordered up quite a feast. A sausage platter, a.m. twister, a.m. riser (burger), nasi lemak, chicken porridge, and an orange juice for good measure. When I said “eating here”, it was safe to say that the cashier lady was in a bit of a shock.

KFC sausage platter,  a.m. Riser, a.m. twister
sausage platter, a.m. Riser, a.m. twister

The sausage platter came with two chicken sausages, the bun that also comes with any KFC snack plate, hash brown, and scrambled egg. Though presentation was not exactly gourmet, the sausages actually tasted pretty good. I suspect they are from the same good quality Ayamas sausages since they are under the same roof. I like the scrambled egg too.

A.m. Riser is a breakfast size burger with a original recipe chicken patty on top of scrambled egg sandwiched in between the sesame seed buns. The taste is pretty close to colonel burger, but with the extra flavor of scrambled egg.

A.m. Twister is a pita wrap with pieces of original chicken, tomato, and some sauce that tasted similar to mayonnaise/tartar. The tomato makes it kinda refreshing and it was actually better than I had expected.

KFC nasi lemak, chicken porridge
nasi lemak enak, KFC chicken porridge

The KFC chicken porridge actually tasted pretty good too, I like the fact that it comes with crunchy deep fried anchovies. To me, extra pepper is a must, and I kinda wish they serve this on all hours tho.

Nasi Lemak Enak comes with fragrant rice, half a hard boiled egg, three slices of cucumber, and sambal with anchovies. You can also add a piece of fried chicken for good measure, but since I already ordered so much, I didn’t. The sambal was a little too salty and not spicy enough to my liking, I think this dish is still in need of some refinement.

The full breakfast menu and pricing can be found here.

happy mornings contest

OK now lets get on to the serious stuff!

There’s a contest in conjunction with KFC Breakfast Meals, and it is a very simple 3 step to participate.

  1. take a photo of you or with a group of more than 2 people with any KFC Breakfast Meal(s)
  2. Submit your entry on the website or MMS your name, NRIC, and photo to
  3. Collect points to win. Individual photo – 10 pts, Group photo – 20 points. Collect as many points as possible to win!

Of course, you can submit multiple entries, but make sure they aren’t duplicates of just taken from different angles.

Grand Prize is a cool MacBook Pro, and there are 8 iPhones as weekly prizes!

Check out for more info