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Following our sumptuous dinner at Lucky Loke with the garlic fish and asam prawn, we decided to head for some dessert that we deserved, especially since Kim wasn’t with us. We decided to head to Food Foundry at Seksyen 17 for some Mille Crepe.

Mille Crepe at Food Foundry
how do you resist something like this?

For the uninitiated, Mille Crepe is a French dessert, basically made by many layers of very thin cooked pancake. There are some custards and other flavorings in between the layers, usually presented in slices, kinda like Cheesecake. Mille literally means a thousand, but in this case, there were 20 layers of crepe that made up this dessert.

Despite just having had a heavy meal, we ordered 3 pieces of this wholesome stuff, Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, and Strawberry & Cream.

Mille Crepe at Food Foundry
this one’s for you, Kim.

Of the three flavors, my favorite was plain old Vanilla, the texture of 20 layers of crepe with the taste of fresh custard and the vanilla flavor, very luxurious. It’s easily one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, and put Cheesecakes on a completely different scale altogether. With Mille Crepe, you don’t get the annoying “stick to the roof of your mouth” feeling as you would with the latter. The Chocolate Orange was very good too, as with the Strawberry & Cream flavors, but I thought they could have slightly stronger Strawberry taste to it though. We finished everything rather quickly while almost bursting our guts in the process.

The dessert costs RM8 to RM9 per piece, but it was seriously good and any dessert lovers should not call themselves dessert lovers if they haven’t give this a try. It was a pity Kim had to miss it.

Food Foundry at Petaling Jaya
Food Foundry is located at Seksyen 17

This restaurant is located at the same block as 6 to 10 grill, other than Mille Crepe, they serve some western style as well as local cuisine and desserts.

BG-8 Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, 46300
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.123520, 101.634870
Tel: 03-7955 3885

If you have been following this blog, you will suspect that I am mostly a meat person, since this is the first vegetarian food posts, of the 142 done thus far. Truth of the matter is not that I don’t love my vegetables, but rather I have always maintain that we should get our greens served as what they are, not disguised as some fake chicken, fish, or meat… and then I was somehow convinced by this joker to go to Kuan Yin restaurant.

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
mat salleh loving the char siu

As the name of the restaurant suggests, this place serves Chinese vegetarian food. Not only all the food are prepared with non meat ingredients, neither garlic nor onion are used, this is to satisfy the “rules” of the “religious” vegetarian practiced in this country.

However, if you look at the menu, you will find many titles of meat dishes. All of these dishes are, of course, made from non meat ingredients. Funny isn’t it? How can anyone claim to be a vegetarian but eats dishes that tastes exactly like meat? (my main reason of not visiting vegetarian restaurants)

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
there is no meat here

For dinner, the four of us ordered a fried vegetable with clear sauce, “mutton” curry, Thai style “chicken”, “Char Siu” with mantou, and a radish soup (free).

To my surprise, the food were actually good. The chicken was a bit “fake”, but tasted decent nonetheless. The mutton curry tasted like very tender mutton, and the curry sauce was great, I had no idea how they can prepare it without using onion and garlic but still maintain the aroma and taste of curry that we are accustomed to.

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
ahhh, the imitation char siu… slurps

The best dish of the day though, was the Char Siu with mantao. They were in fact, better than most the REAL char siu I have tasted in my life. I will go back there just to have this particular dish.

The bill came to be slightly less than RM 20 per person. Pretty good value considering how much other places charge for similar dishes.

Kuan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, PJ Seksyen 17
so now you know how to get to seksyen 17

I would not recommend a religious vegetarian to have fake meat and chicken as I think that is principally wrong, but this is an excellent place to bring your Muslim friends to have a taste of Chinese food.

1084 Jalan 17/29
Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
46400 Selangor

GPS: 3.129230, 101.635353
Tel: 03-7957 4528

After having heavy meals for the past few days, we decided to have something lighter on Saturday night, Mee Sua Tow (鱼翅面线糊) at Restaurant Teow Chew Meng (潮州铭小食馆) at PJ SS2. Even though the restaurant is quite close to where I stay, I never noticed it’s existence as the location is just slightly out of the view, behind the row of shops that faces the Mobil gas station by the road that connects Seapark to SS2.

Mee Sua Tow at Restaurant Teow Chew Meng, SS2
Mee Sua Tow, topped with some fakeplan sharks fin

The ambience of this place is rather pleasing. Just clean and quiet environment, the quietness probably due to the MIDI music that is being played softly. No rowdiness usually associated with Chinese restaurants.

We ordered Mee Sua Tow for four, two plates of three flavored oyster (sweet, sour, and spicy), steamed lettuce, steamed octopus with rojak sauce, and some Toew Chew yam paste for dessert.

Mee Sua Tow at Restaurant Teow Chew Meng, SS2
Mee Sua Tow, Vege, Oyster, and Octopus

We didn’t need to wait long for the food to arrive, the Mee Sua Tow was served just a few minutes after we placed our order. Topped with some (I assume fake) sharks fin, the main dish comes with plenty of shrimp, imitation crab, fish maw, and bamboo clam in the thick mee sua (rice vermicelli) soup. It actually tasted like sharks fin soup, and best served the same way, with some vinegar. The portion wasn’t too big, and it was very delicious.

Mee Sua Tow at Restaurant Teow Chew Meng, SS2
Kelvin always looking so joyous

The other dishes we ordered were all pretty good, and the three flavored oyster even more so. It was like having oyster omlete without all the hassle of having to pick through the egg and starch. We ultimately had to order another serving to satisfy the cravings. The steamed octopus is a common dish in Penang but done pretty well here as well.

ST and Kelvin skipped the dessert, but kerol and I went for the ultra sinful Teow Chew yam paste. Basically made of yam with lard and topped with ginko nuts. It was very rich and sweet, and the lard.. ah.. go try it.

map to SS2, Restaurant Teow Chew Meng
The same row as Lobsterman

A portion of mee sua tow is RM10, with all the other extras and drinks we had to part with around RM 25 per person. A good value for what we had and I’ll surely go there again.

Restaurant Teow Chew Meng opens from 10am to 10pm, closed on Monday.

33, Jalan SS2/30
47300 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.113563, 101.621132
Tel: 03-7877 9298

Other branches in PJ:
9, Jalan SS14/1, 47500 Subang Jaya
54, Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Manjalara, 52200 Kepong

Branches in Penang:
Chai Leng Park, Prai (012-438 5288)
Pulau Tikus, Penang (012-411 0988)
8-Row, Georgetown (04-228 8675)
Sunway Tunas, Bayan Baru (04-646 6675)

It was at the beginning, a plan to head to the famous Pantai Seafood at Kayu Ara. However, when we got there the whole place was all booked up, Kelvin the food expert then suggested that we go to this fairly unknown Restaurant City Star instead. Trusting the guy and his taste, especially after we went for the Kampung Atap curry fish head lunch, we agreed right away.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
the gwai lou loves his food

Comprising of two standard shop houses, the restaurant isn’t exactly very impressive on its size nor its interior decoration. Just a basic and clean setting with half the restaurant air-conditioned (non-smoking area). One thing I like about City Sun Star though, is the way they attach pictures on most of their menu item, giving the patrons an easier time ordering from the extensive selection of dishes. But since Kelvin was with us, we let the expert do the job.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
crab, prawn, fish, vege – we got it all covered

For the seven of us, we ordered 5 dishes. Crab fried with salted egg (咸蛋蟹), Thai style “mar yau” fish (马友泰式), Marmite prawn, tofu, and “four in a kind” vege (四大天王).

The selection was spot on, the crab was really good, firm and meaty, obviously very fresh. I found myself unable to stop licking the salted egg yolk off the shells. The Marmite prawn came de-shelled except the tail, but since it was deep fried, we just chew and ate the whole thing. The tail became crispy and actually tasted very nice, providing a contrasting texture.

City Star Seafood Restaurant at PJ near Dataran Prima
tofu was pretty good, we cleared all the plates eventually

The Thai style fish was deep fried with Thai sauce and lotsa garnish, reminding me of the Thai style chicken I had at PJ Old Town. I also especially like the combination in the vege dish, there were long bean, okra, petai, and kacang botol (winged bean), fried with sambal and some onion. Last but not least, the tofu did not dissapoint either.

Map to Dataran Prima, City Star Seafood
this is how you get to City Star at Taman Bukit Mayang Emas

The bill came to RM 177.14, with the biggest item being the 3 big crab costing RM 70 and the other dishes and drinks making up the rest. It was defintately worth it, for only about RM 25 per person to have such quality and well prepared food.

No 8-10, Jalan BM1/2,
Taman Bukit Mayang Emas,
47301 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.124849, 101.595780
Tel: 03-7806-2168