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Kampung Cempaka isn’t a particularly popular place for anyone other than its residence to be at. It is one of the oldest Chinese “kampung” at PJ, and a place more known for it’s ah beng gangsters and confusing zigzagging roads.

Not coincidentally, it is also a place with hidden old school Chinese hawker foods that has so far been mostly withstood the foreign invasion (aka Myanmar workers acting as cooks)

pork tripe soup and mixed pork soup, kopitiam with no name
pork tripe soup and mixed pork soup, kopitiam with no name

The only reason I am somewhat familiar with Kampung Cempaka was due to the fact that I stayed there for a few months with my aunt during my college days. That was in the late 90s when Dataran Prima and Aman Suria were literally jungles, the house we were in is actually now the roundabout.

On a recent trip to the area in search for the Kg. Cempaka prawn mee (sold out by the time we got there), we stumbled upon this little kopitiam at the corner without names and decided to give it a try.

coagulated pork blood, this is my calling *slurp*
coagulated pork blood, this is my calling *slurp*

Fortune favors the bold, as we stepped in, I saw this stall that sells pork tripe soup & mixed pork soup. Jackpot! So we ordered one of each.

The mixed pork soup (RM 5.50) came with plenty of goodies – pork ball, intestine, tripe, 3-layer meat, and of course, the all important coagulated pork blood in peppery soup topped with some scallion. It was delicious, I went again a week or so later.

sometimes we have cendawan tagging along
sometimes we have cendawan tagging along

The pork trip soup (RM 7 or so) was slightly unconventional with the inclusion of sliced carrot. I liked the carrot that gives the soup a bit of a sweeter taste on top of the peppery flavor, but Haze doesn’t think it is very appropriate. There were pretty good amount of yummy pork tripes though.

We’ve been here twice, and I think I’m gonna explore a bit more at the other kopitiams within Kampung Cempaka soon.

map of kampung cempaka's mixed pork soup

Jalan PJU 1/6,
Kampung Cempaka, Petaling Jaya
47301 Selangor

GPS: 3.117350, 101.599009